Dropshipping Companies for Festive and Party Decoration Supplies

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List of Party Supplies Dropshippers in the USA and UK

I’ll share with you in this post the best party supplies dropship suppliers in USA and UK. You’ll also find the tips and tricks in the service industry for dropshipping groups.

In the first part, you will see certain advantages of dropship party supplies.

In the second part, I will include a list of dropshippers in the USA and UK for party supplies.

In the last part, shippers drop off to find the best party supplies.

So, let’s start.

Why Should we Dropship Party Supplies?

There’s, no doubt, massive demand in the market for party supplies right now. It is estimated that the US supply market alone boasts an annual return of more than five billion dollars, with a yearly growth rate of four per cent.

There are many reasons for dropship party online supplies, but the main one is due to its significant consumer demand.

With a wide variety of inventories such as holiday decoration items and other party souvenirs, this industry is rapidly expanding. As long as those celebration times still exist, you are confident that you will always be in business and that you will be making strong sales.

In addition, starting a dropship party, online supplies can be very profitable because finding in most stores is not easy. Because of this collection of party items being scarce, a reseller would buy them in bulk at a lower price and then sell them at a wide profit margin.

Here are some advantages to benefit online from dropship group deliveries:

  • First, if you drop party supplies, you will be able to make regular sales because customers will always buy party gifts.
  • Second, party supplies are things that you can conveniently store and still sell for a long time since they are non-perishable goods.
  • Third, you can decide to concentrate on a specific niche and always find interested buyers who will see the products as their direct need.

Party Provides dropship suppliers in the United States

American Carnival Mart

As the name suggests, American Carnival Mart has a wide range of carnival items, festivals, all kinds of activities, and picnics. Apart from the fact that their products are of top quality, American Carnival Mart sells at very cheap prices just to accommodate everyone in the spirit of the season.

Their minimum shipping fee is $25, as they will be shipping in significant parts of the world except for Africa.


  • Their costs can’t beat
  • We dropship into most parts of the world
  • Services to use Website


  • Their shipping strategy cannot be beneficial to all purchasers because of the extra charges they impose on low orders.

Oriental Trading

The Oriental Trading Company makes the world fun with their style of supplying products and services for parties. It is seen as the largest retailer in the United States, with its range of more than forty thousand impressive goods, including event pieces.

Oriental Trading extends its size by offering massive 70 per cent discounts on Clearance sales, Costume sales and Halloween sales.


  • Oriental Trading Company concentrates on environmentally friendly products
  • He is a leading source of Party papers
  • They offer huge discounts for the price


  • Their Website is tough to navigate

Bulk Party Supplies

This company is known for offering attractive discounts on bulky items for parties. Most resellers patronize them to gain an extensive after-sales profit margin. Www.bulkpartysupplies.com is more concerned with giving discounts on decoration kits.


  • Committed to helping events thrive


  • Improve Customer Service

Wholesale Party Supplies

This party manufacturer is known for embedding trendy designs to their goods. Wholesale Party Supplies, being an American company, do well to provide party ideas and give clients the ability to choose from five hundred available themes.

Besides the party inspiration they provide, www.wholesalepartyideas.com also offers a massive 30 per cent discount on all party supplies and customers within the U.S. get free delivery when placing orders above $50-nine.


  • They offer attractive discounts mainly for party goods
  • They tailor their products to their needs


  • Customers have complained of delivery delays.

Party Provides dropship suppliers to the UK

Novelties Direct

This company is one of the UK’s top party suppliers of dropships. With their many years of experience, www.noveltiesdirect.co.uk always has a wide range of party products in stock that fits your taste.

One striking feature about them is the wholesale discount they offer. If you order a commodity over thirty pounds, you qualify for free delivery.


  • Custom-built goods available
  • They offer mostly promotional products
  • Price discounts available at wholesale rates


  • They place free delivery conditions

House Party

If you are looking for wholesalers for party supplies, you have the perfect answer in House Party. They have an extensive collection of the popular event and party items that suit any kind of party or holiday celebration. Many of their products come from famous brands delivering high-quality goods at even lower prices.

House Party provides free delivery after placing an order for 24 hours, delivering more than forty -nine dollars for the ordered goods. The company also ensures that after you’ve registered to enter the platform, you can place an order online.


  • They supply public branded goods.
  • Fast distribution to purchasers


  • Just like Novelties Guide, they put free distribution conditions

Delights Direct

Delight Direct, as one of the best party supplies dropship suppliers, turns into a memorable fun experience any holiday celebration or special event. They are instrumental in shipping ordered goods across many parts of Europe, aside from the fun aspect.

Delights Direct shipping policy states that goods purchased valued above one hundred pounds within the United Kingdom can be delivered free of charge while providing to other parts of Europe costs 5 Euros.


  • Prompt Customer Service
  • Free Trial period available


  • Compared with other manufacturers their goods are not very cheap
  • Their shipping plans only favour the Europeans.

Go International

This dropship business, apart from other myriads of products it supplies, is a stop shop for various party items and other souvenirs.

Go International puts most of its products on promotion, just to give each buyer the chance to save more with their price discount offer.


  • Applying for membership gives you more access to the top suppliers
  • Their customer support team is courteous and professional
  • Convenient to use the site


The party pieces are very costly

Party Box Wholesale

Party box enjoys special features such as a wide variety of party products, an easy-to-use website and a huge discount offer. This move has genuinely endeavored to visit the minds of its customers for more shopping.

Party Box Wholesale provides the option of either shopping online or purchasing from its physical office.


Convenient to use the site


No cash on provision service

How to Find Dropshippers The Best Party Supplies?

To find the best supplies to the party dropshippers, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Research

The main objective of conducting the research is to find about 2 to 3 dropship suppliers offering the supplies that you wish to sell to the party. You will also need to consider the delivery times of the supplier, their shipping methods, service potential and other important aspects when carrying out your research.

  • Google Research
  • Yellow Pages Study
  • Dropship research forums
  • Study at trade fairs
  • Contact Possible Providers

Please contact the 2 to 3 suppliers you selected in phase 1 above. Your goal should be to create a business relationship with the suppliers when you contact them. Contact details for suppliers can be found on their websites.

  • Samples to order

Samples of the ordering party deliveries will help you determine:

  • Service quality.
  • Shipping times.
  • The Package.
  • Product Quality.

By ordering samples, you should get answers to any questions you may have about suppliers.

  • Purchase from your contest

If you know that a competitor who works with the same party supplies dropship suppliers as you do, order them from him. This will allow you to understand if the dropship provider provides custom labeling services.

Also, you can understand how the manufacturer packages goods. Ordering from your rivals who don’t use the same dropship provider as you can help you decide the type of service you need to offer to rank according to them.

  • Commit to supplying vendors on the right

Before committing to dropship suppliers, make sure the suppliers suit your clients. Converse with suppliers to know how they are doing business. Be sure you won’t regret having chosen to deal with the suppliers.

You must avoid bad reviews and ratings from suppliers. Bad testimonials indicate a company and goods of low quality.

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