12 Best UK Wholesale Candles Suppliers and Manufacturers

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Here are 11 top wholesale candle suppliers in the UK. Also, you can find everything you need when starting a candle wholesale business.

Let’s first get to know the wholesale candle suppliers.

Wholesale Candle Suppliers in UK

Luxulyan Valley Candles

Luxury and Valley is the best place to buy bulk wholesale candles. They are well-known for selling a wide range of candles including basic candles, fancy candles and wholesale pillar candles.

Luxulyan Valley Candles is the maker of Cornwall’s most loved luxury scented candles. There are many candles they offer and each one is made with a premium vegetable wax blend. You will be pleased to know that the candles are safe for the environment as well as your health.

Luxulyan candles are vegan and have never been tested on animals, according to the website. Each scented candle comes wrapped in a luxurious white box with a black ribbon and gift-wrapped.

Candle King

Candle King is your home! They are the UK’s leading wholesale candle supplier and represent wholesale candles at their best. They offer high-quality candles at low prices. They supply candles to restaurants, bars and pubs as well as wedding venues.

All orders over PS50 qualify for free shipping and delivery to the UK Mainland, excluding VAT (excluding Northern Ireland, islands, and “Scottish Highlands”) For more information on shipping and delivery to the UK, visit their delivery page.

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Credit card accounts can be used to pay for orders. To open an account and obtain a credit application form, you will need to contact them. They use only the highest quality candles and are made in Europe.

Covent Garden Candles

Covent Garden Candles is a supplier of wholesale candles in glass jars. They also produce candles holders and paraffin lamp oil and oil lamps for the hospitality, event and gift market Industries over the past three decades.

This company is a leading supplier of wholesale catering candles in the UK. They offer top quality products at competitive prices, sourced from the finest European manufacturers.

They provide prompt delivery (national delivery service within 2 working days), reliable services, and consistent quality delivery. The company offers free shipping for orders above PS50 (exclusions VAT).

Eapollow Wholesale

Apollo Wholesale is a leader in the UK wholesale market and is one of the first points to call for new Amazon and eBay sellers as well as local businesses. They offer over 20,000+ wholesale products in the UK, including Make-up, Body Care and Giftware.

Apollowholesale.co.uk has been in operation since 1989 and has since grown into the UK and international trusted supplier, distributor and online wholesaler of candle products. They also accept European Union bank transfers as one of their payment options, along with Credit Cards.

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They serve independent market traders, sole traders online, and independent multi-store retailers from all over the globe. You can also visit their showroom at 25 Barr Street in Hockley, Birmingham (B19 3EH), West Midlands, UK.


Candle-Shack makes and supplies all types of candles and accessories, including wick. All those who want to manufacture and supply candles and accessories around the globe can get free training online.

There are many payment options available, including traditional Credit Cards, PayPal and Maestro. You can browse their website to see all the amazing offers that are available to you in order for you start trading candles.

The Wholesaler

The wholesaler, as the name implies, is the home of a wide range of products. It is still one of the largest wholesale suppliers of many types of products in the UK. Their website is simple to use so you don’t need to do much searching before you find them. You will find all of the wholesale products on the homepage.

The Wholesaler stands out for its ability to deliver basic candles, fancy candles and pillar candles. The Wholesaler offers free shipping and delivery. However, there are terms and conditions that you will need to be aware of.

You can pay with MasterCard, Visa Card, Bank Transfer or PayPal.

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Candle Warehouse

Candle Warehouse Ltd, a leading UK wholesale supplier of large pillar candles, dinner candle, and accessories, is a top-rated supplier at affordable prices. There are distribution centers all over the North West England and Republic of Ireland.

Candle Warehouse Ltd offers a beautiful website that showcases a wide range of inexpensive candle products, including pillar candles, tea lights and fancy candles. They are experts in candle supply and manufacturing.

As one of the UK’s most trusted Candle distributors and wholesalers, they have over 15 years of experience. Candle Warehouse guarantees the delivery of high quality candles and unparalleled customer service.

Their product line includes over 5,000 different candle products, including candle holders for scented candles and large pillar candles that offer the ultimate in candlelight. They accept all credit cards (Visa Card and Master Card), Visa Debit Card, Maestro, PayPal, as well as Visa Debit Card and Maestro.

The Melt Co

Melt offers a variety of products, including luxury skincare products, reed diffusers, and scented candles.

Since 2000, Melt has been stocking scented candles as well as reed diffusers. They are situated in rural areas in the heart the Ribble Valley. They are now a supplier of luxury home fragrances and also offer organic skincare and perfumery products.

There are over 30 wonderful scents available. All products come beautifully packaged so they make the perfect gift.

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 Wholesalers of Spark Gifts

SparkGift Wholesale is a one-stop trade site that sells all types of gift items, including candles, at low wholesale prices. With over 3000 products, they are one of the largest UK wholesale gift trade suppliers.

Orders over PS200 qualify for free delivery to the UK (excl. VAT). All orders to the UK Mainland Addresses are eligible for next-day delivery. No minimum order is required and delivery costs are just PS6.95 for orders below PS200. Mix and match more than 20 brands and order only in carton quantities.

They have brands such as Leonardo, Juliana and Rex International. You can buy singles or large quantities at great prices, and you will also receive friendly and efficient customer service that includes multiple payment options.

London Candles

Free delivery is offered by The London Candle Company for orders over 50 Pounds including VAT. There are many candle products available, including fancy candles, Scented candles and floating candles. They only sell candles of the best quality. They only deal with certified manufacturers so you can be sure that the candles you order are of the highest quality.

Bulk candles are available at very affordable prices. Their tea lights are able to burn for up to 8 hours. Their candles are also long-lasting, resistant to drips, and made to the highest standards. They serve catering and hospitality establishments as well as the general public.

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What Countries are in High Demand for Candles In Europe?

This is the question that will be asked one-in-a million times because it addresses the main concerns of many wholesalers and suppliers who export candles to Europe. According to records, Europeans spent a lot on candles imports between 2011 and 2015. They increased from EUR1.2 billion up to EUR1.5 billion. 18% of these imports come from Europe’s developing nations. Here’s a list of the top European countries with candle export opportunities.

1. Germany

The highest European candle importation record is held by Germany. The highest value in Germany is EUR439 Million.

2. United Kingdom

Great Britain ranks second with candle imports at EUR206 million.

3. Netherlands

The Netherlands comes in third place in this order, with exporters making as much as EUR106 from candles exported to the country.

With EUR345 million in 2015, Germany was Europe’s largest candle importer. The United Kingdom came second with EUR292million, while the Netherlands had EUR143million. Together, the trio accounts for 53% of all European candle imports.

Which is better: Wholesale white label candles vs. private label candles?

Both options are excellent. However, I can assure you that wholesale private label candles work better. It’s simple. This private label option allows you to attract exciting brands throughout Europe. Your chances of creating your brand are high and you can increase your profit margins.

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Tips for Exporting Candles to Europe

1. Digital Opportunities: Make the most of them

The digital world has changed a lot of things regarding international business and trans-border transactions. This includes communication and commerce. You can export your candles to Europe by simply using the internet for all transactions.

2. Participate in international Trade Fairs

You can exhibit your candles products by attending international trade fairs. Many of these International Trade Fairs are held at your home, giving you ample opportunity to promote your products and attract foreign buyers.

3. Employ the services of Export Promotion Agencies (EPC).

You should also try to find as many contacts as possible at an international level. These councils and export promotion agencies are available in many countries. They can assist with proper marketing of the trade. They can also help you find buyers for the product.

4. Appoint an agent

You may not always be able to reach your target countries in Europe so make use of the services offered by products agents, country reps, and brands ambassadors. Exporter orders can be obtained through the mentioned agent(s). These agents provide all the necessary services, including logistical details and information.

Last words

Wholesale candles are a great business opportunity. This is a very lucrative business. To stock your e-store in attractive, long-lasting candles of all types, you need to find and review the top wholesale candle suppliers in the UK.