12 Office Furniture Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers

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This guide will cover everything you need to know regarding wholesale office furniture, including some of the most well-respected suppliers in China, USA, and UK.

You need to consider several factors when purchasing office furniture. Your employees will appreciate a place they can work in. There are many wholesale furniture suppliers for office furniture. Different people have different needs. There are many potential customers if you start a wholesale furniture business.

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You must remember that your products should be affordable and that they are of high quality. We will be discussing some tips to help you start your business selling office furniture or other wholesale products online at a reasonable price.

Pro Tips for Wholesale Office Furniture

There are a few things you should keep in mind when selling office furniture. This will allow your business to be successful in the marketplace. You should spend enough time researching furniture that will be stylish, comfortable, and modern. If you want your business to grow quickly, it is important to sell quality.

You must first look for comfort in furniture. The ergonomic version of a chair is the best because it offers advanced comfort features.

* Design is important as everyone wants modern, stylish furniture with a professional appearance. You should always choose the design that will appeal to the most people.

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* Material is also important because buyers will search furniture by its material. You must ensure that the material you sell is durable.

* It is important to sell office furniture at a price that is affordable in order to reach many customers. You will make more profit if you buy furniture wholesale.

Global office furniture demand is expected to grow at 6.7% annually by 2024 and reach USD 87.6 billion. The global office furniture market represents 12% of the total world furniture demand. 80% of the global furniture consumption takes place in the top ten markets, which include the US, China and Japan, Germany, India. APAC is expected to be the leading region for global office furniture demand — the region will be a top candidate for business expansion in order to connect with the best commercial furniture makers in the world by 2020.

This fact sheet will help B2B sellers and buyers to understand the details of the global office furniture market.

  • Find out who the top 10 furniture manufacturers for offices in 2020.
  • Which regions are the leaders in this market? Top importers, top exporters, top customer segments.
  • What are the challenges and opportunities for the global office furniture market in the future?
  • What are the top trends in office furniture for 2020?
  • Get a global picture of the size of the office furniture market
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BizVibe has already helped the top 10 international office furniture manufacturers connect. BizVibe is here to help you.

  • By 2024, the global office furniture market will have reached USD 87.6 billion.
  • Global office furniture sales are expected to increase at 6.7% CAGR by 2024.
  • Modular office furniture is driving the growth.
  • Global GDP growth is the primary reason for growth.
  • APAC is expected to hold a dominant share of 45.4% of the value of the office furniture market by 2024.
  • Last year, the US office furniture market was worth USD 10.4 billion.

The Top 12 Office Furniture Manufacturers Worldwide


Steelcase has been around over 100 years. Steelcase, an American commercial furniture manufacturer, was founded in Grand Rapids (Michigan) in 1912. Steelcase is ranked number 10 on our 2020 list of top 10 office furniture manufacturers. This is because it continues to be the largest office furniture manufacturer worldwide with facilities and operations that span the globe, from the Americas to Europe and the Middle East to Asia and Africa.

Steelcase is a specialist in office furniture and office furniture designed for tech companies. Steelcase has more than 12,600 employees and operates in more than 80 countries. Steelcase is a well-known company for creating and manufacturing furniture, furniture systems and architectural products. They also produce wall surfaces and ergonomic and technology tools that can be used in workspaces, education and health care. They sell their products online through 800 dealers.

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Steelcase Inc. has 3 major brands.

Steelcase has 12650 employees.

Steelcase Revenue: US$ 3.1 Billion

Herman Miller

Herman Miller is a top-rated commercial manufacturer, having won numerous awards. Their innovative products and user-friendly designs are well-known. American furniture manufacturer Herman Miller was founded in Zeeland in Michigan in 1915. Herman Miller, still based in Zeeland is well-known for its signature products, such as the Equa chair and Aeron chairs, Noguchi tables, Marshmallow sofa, Marshmallow couch, and the Eames Lounge chair.

Herman Miller is ranked 2 and in BizVibe’s top 10 office furniture makers worldwide.

Herman Miller Revenue: US$ 2.1 billion

Urban Office

Urban Office, which was founded in 2005 in the UK, is relatively young in comparison to Steelcase and Herman Miller. Urban Office is well-known for its modern office furniture and products. Urban Office is leading the charge for modular furniture manufacturers to change the industry’s way of doing business and designing its products.

Urban Office offers a wide range of products including acoustics products and desks as well as seating products and storage. Many are customizable and modular, which allows for privacy and helps to create an office environment that is comfortable and suitable for everyone.


Haworth is ranked 4 as the 10th in BizVibe’s top 10 office furniture makers worldwide. Haworth, a privately owned and family-operated company, is based in Holland and was founded in Michigan. Haworth has over 650 dealers around the globe, making it one of the most prominent commercial furniture manufacturers worldwide.

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Haworth is another modular furniture manufacturer that can be added to the growing list.

Haworth’s product range includes:

  • Reside DeskingImprov Chair
  • Lim lighting
  • Power Base
  • TecCrete

Haworth has 7,500 employees

Revenue at Haworth US$ 2.04 Billion


The 5th is the 10th largest global office furniture manufacturer with revenue of US$ 2.20 Billion in 2016. HNI Corporation was established in Muscatine (Iowa) 76 years ago. Its headquarters are still there.

HNI Corporation Office Furniture List

HNI Corporation has many company brands, including:

  • HON Company
  • Allsteel
  • Gunlocke
  • Maxon
  • HBF
  • HBF Textiles
  • OFM, Inc
  • Lamex
  • HNI India

HNI Corporation has 9,400 employees

Revenue at HNI Corporation –US$ 2.20 Billion


La-Z-Boy, a North American staple, is well-known for its comfy upholstered recliners and sofas. La-Z-Boy was founded in 1927, and is headquartered in Monroe (Michigan). It currently ranks 6 as the 10th largest manufacturer of office furniture in the world.

La-Z-Boy’s reputation for operating multiple company units is evident. The company is broken into three reportable operating segments: La-Z-Boy’s Upholstery Group and the Casegoods Group.

La-Z-Boy has 8,950 employees

Revenue at La-Z-Boy US$1.52 Billion

Knoll Inc

Knoll, founded by Hans and Florence Knoll in New York City in 1938, is one of the most prominent manufacturers of office furniture in the world. The company’s headquarters is located in East Greenville in Pennsylvania. It also has commercial manufacturing locations in North America (East Greenville Grand Rapids Muskegon and Toronto), and in Italy (Foligno, Graffignana).

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Knoll has worked with many notable designers, including:

  • David Adjaye
  • Anni Albers
  • Franco Albini
  • Don Albinson
  • Davis Allen
  • Emilio Ambasz
  • Raul de Armas

A world-famous manufacturer of office furniture, Knoll is one of the most prominent. Knoll is ranked 7 in BizVibe’s top 10 office furniture producers worldwide.

Global Furniture Group

Global Furniture Group was established in 1966. It is well-known for producing high quality office furniture at reasonable prices.

Global Furniture Group is well-known for its global network of vertically integrated manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors that bring our products to markets around the globe. Some of the most popular products are seating products, tables, filing and storage products.


Kimball is 9 the number 9 of the most prominent commercial furniture producers in the world. Kimball was established in Chicago in 1857. It started as a piano dealer, but eventually shifted its focus to office furniture.

Kimball is made up of three furniture brands: Kimball National and Kimball Hospitality.

Numbers of employees at Timball: 3000


Humanscale rounds out our top 10 list of office furniture manufacturers worldwide at number 10. Humanscale’s minimalist approach and belief that less is more is what sets them apart from other manufacturers is what makes them stand out. Humanscale products are featured in many movies and tv shows. They are known for their ergonomic design appeal.

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BizVibe lists these 10 top office furniture manufacturers worldwide as of 2020. These companies are advancing the industry in terms of design, affordability and customizability. They also help to shape the market for other office furniture companies.

Furniture Wholesalers :

Furniture Wholesalers is a trusted website where most business owners purchase their products. This website mainly sells office desk, office chair and office table. They offer a wide range of products and ensure that they only sell high quality products. The comparison chart is a great option if you are unsure of what product to buy.

You will save lots if you buy bulk quantities of the prices here. Flexible payment options are also available. You can also have the product delivered to other parts of the world. You can choose your preferred manufacturer to sort the products.

Kit Out My Office:

Kit Out My Office offers you 500 storage options and 700 types of office desks. This is the place to go if you want a wide variety.

This website makes it easy to purchase products. You will get huge discounts if you place large orders. There will also be a dedicated support team who will help you whenever you need. You can even choose a delivery date for the product. The website offers a wide selection and you can make sure that you understand the return and shipping policies. This website offers furniture that is stylish and modern.

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Alibaba.com is a well-known and trusted wholesale site. The site has a huge selection of office supplies, which amounts to close to 3 lacs. There are many types of chairs available, including a lift chair and swivel chairs. You can choose your favorite fabric, such as genuine leather or synthetic. Only purchase products from ISO-certified suppliers.

Modern furniture can be very engaging, and the company also ships the product all over the globe. Flexible payment options and shipping options are available. There are suppliers from all corners of the globe, which makes it possible to offer a wide range of products. You can also get bulk discounts if you order bulk.

Wholesale Offices :

This is the website to trust if you are looking to sell office furniture with a premium look. You can find a wide range of office furniture on wholesale websites.

This company has 25 years of experience and sells furniture with new technologies. They can also help with design consulting, custom finishing, and installation. Before placing an order, make sure to read their policies.

Nation Wide Office furniture :

Nationwide Office Furniture is a wholesale website that focuses on offering a wide range of products and prices. You can find a variety of office desks, office seating, conference tables, and more at this wholesale website. They have been helping businesses grow for many years and they understand what their clients need.

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You can find furniture that is modern, stylish and contemporary. Before placing an order, make sure to read through all of their policies. Flexible payment options are also available. You can also get the product delivered to other parts of the world by calling their toll-free number.

Where can I buy office furniture wholesale in the UK

Most websites will ship to the UK. If you are looking for a great variety, affordability and flexibility then you can opt for https://www.kitoutmyoffice.com/pages/bulk-order-office-furniture-online and https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/office-chairs-wholesale.html.

You can choose from a variety of products and they have helped many small businesses grow. These two websites can help you get new customers by allowing you to collaborate. If they are able to purchase bulk, one can also take advantage of the bulk discount.

Do you know of any Canadian wholesale Office Furniture suppliers?

There are many websites that can help you find office furniture in Canada. If you want to get the best offers and best products then you can get your office furniture from https://www.kitoutmyoffice.com/pages/bulk-order-office-furniture-online and https://www.furniturewholesalers.com/.

They offer a wide range of office furniture to suit different customer needs. They offer flexible shipping options and payment options.

Where can I buy office furniture wholesale in Australia?

Australia is the least accessible country for websites. Most of them won’t ship to Australia. So you need a website that will deliver to all the location and which is why you can trust https://www.wholesaleoffices.com/ and https://www.nationwideofficefurniture.com/.

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To find out the delivery time, make sure to read their shipping policies. You will find a wide range of office furniture at their site. They also offer a variety of fabric options.

Where can I buy office furniture wholesale in India?

There are many websites you can trust if you’re looking to buy office furniture wholesale in India. Two of the most reputed websites that will deliver in India are https://www.alibaba.com/showroom/office-chairs-wholesale.html and https://www.furniturewholesalers.com/.

You will find great products at an affordable price. They also offer flexible shipping and payment options. You can also enjoy bulk discounts if you buy bulk products.


These are the websites that are trusted and reputable. Before you choose any website, make sure to read the policies. You are selling office furniture, so ensure that your first customer converts into your permanent customers. This is possible only if you can sell quality and variety together.

Modern office furniture must be stylish, modern and incorporate all of the latest technologies. You will find a variety of products on all the sites mentioned. It is important to verify that the products you are purchasing are authentic and certified before you make a purchase. You should always opt for bulk discounts as it will allow you to expand your business quickly and increase your profit margin.