12 Top Wholesale Suppliers for Ice Cream Accessories

This article lists 10 top wholesale icecream & accessories suppliers. It also contains useful tips on how to make money in the ice cream business.

A list of wholesale suppliers of ice cream

Regional distributors, Inc.

In 1994, regional distributor Inc was founded and has been a leading distributor of ice cream and food services. It was founded on the simple goal of providing customers with convenience and value from a single source.

The company embraces the most recent technologies and distribution systems, which have allowed them to grow seamlessly while still providing the best service possible for their customers.

Regional distributor Inc was able to gain trust from customers by providing quality products and services. This partnership has enabled them to become a valued partner to over 2500 customers.

It is a NYS certified women-owned business that delivers quality products from more than 150 top suppliers. They have created exceptional customer service experiences by using their collective knowledge to make product and program recommendations to help the business grow.

Sweetheart Ice Creams.

Sweetheart homemade Ice Creams has been serving the ever-growing demand of customers across the UK for over 25 years. We source the finest ingredients from around the globe and are proud to be the UK’s most well-known ice cream company.

Ice Cream National Alliance has awarded this company multiple awards. Their desserts, including the acclaimed strawberry, have also been praised. Sweetheart Ice Cream can make any type of ice cream or dessert you need.

The company offers premium Ice Cream, Italian Gelato and Luxury Deserts. They also offer ice cream accessories and personalized thank you chocolates.

Hancocks Cash and Carry

The company was founded in 1962 to import wholesaling confectionery from Britain. The company quickly grew, and in 1969 it opened its second Sheffield shop. The wholesale of confectionery to small and large businesses.

Hancock’s Cash and Carry has over 5000 branded labels and about 20 products at each of its locations, which span from Dundee through Portsmouth. It is well-known for its extensive range of value, brand and own label confectionery. This has been the company’s key driver.

Katom Restaurant Supply Inc

Katom was founded in 1998 in a garage. Katom has become one of the most important suppliers of restaurant equipment over time. It now has more physical and virtual shelves. They source their products from top manufacturers such as Manitowoc Ice and Dyson Air blade, Rubbermaid, True Refrigeration, and Rubbermaid.

Katom is the leader in wholesale ice cream and foodservice equipment supplies. Katom provides excellent customer service through superior technology and efficient operations. They also empower their employees.

A well-established website allows customers to place orders, access all the information they need, inquire about products and view the pricing systems for different products.

Lehmans for Simpler Living

Nothing tastes sweeter, smoother, or more delicious than homemade ice cream straight from the freezer. Making homemade ice cream is not only delicious, but also fun.

Lehman’s Ice Cream Supplies can help you make delicious ice-cream at home. There are many sizes and styles available to fit every ice cream lover, including electric and hand-cranked ice cream machines, as well as 20-quart freezers. There are also supplies of ice-cream mixes, rock salt spoons and spades. You can access hundreds of useful products on their website, including items for planting, preserving and off-grid living.

Wafer Loves Ice Cream

It was founded in 1989 as a family-owned business that manufactured and supplied ice cream and wafer products. However, it has grown over the years and now includes all aspects of the icecream industry. Although the original plant was semi-automatic and operated manually, it grew in size over time.

The company began to specialize in ice accessories for ice-cream retailers and manufacturers over the years. The company supplies everything you need to make soft-serve ice cream, from plastic serving sundries to flavors and ingredients.

They have been able stand out as the largest supplier of icecream, ice cream accessories, and their product quality has improved. There are many waffle varieties available to UK.

Webstaurant Store

Webstaurant can help you replenish your ice cream supplies, or get a new freezer for you business. All of their ice cream consumables, disposable items, and equipment are manufactured by the best foodservice manufacturing companies.

You can be sure that you’re investing in reliable, functional products. The shop has all the products customers need to keep them coming back to it. They also have the best selection of ice cream shop supplies at very affordable prices.

Solerco Products Ltd

Solerco provides a wide range of flowers and ingredients for ice cream, sorbet and other products to customers in Southern Ireland and the UK. They are the exclusive importer of Meucci natural Italian flavor ice cream flavors, as well as many other items related to the production and serving of icecream.

The company has built a solid reputation through providing excellent service and high-quality products from the ice cream industry. They pride themselves on being friendly, efficient, and reliable to their customers.

They are a well-respected supplying company and have agents all over the country who can advise you on the products available in your area. However, if you need a different flavor or product they will be happy to discuss it with you.

Marvos Foods & Distributor Inc

Marvos Foods is the right choice if you are looking for a wholesale ice cream supplier or ice cream accessories. Marvos offers a variety of ice-cream products, including cones, syrups and dips, as well as cups. Containers and many other items.

Marvos Foods and Distributors strives to exceed customer expectations and do everything in their power to satisfy them.

These company websites allow customers to view the various ice cream varieties, their prices, and the quality of the products. You will find featured products on their websites such as pretzcones or chocolate cookecones or chocolate chip cookecones.

Printed Cups UK

Good quality cups are essential for food safety and food hygiene. The company produces ice cream cups in high resolution and can personalize them by adding images. This will ensure that your business receives high-quality paper cups.

Paper cups can be ordered from 1000 units. This allows customers to order large or small quantities depending on their requirements. The paper ice cream cups can be made of heavyweight paper with PE exterior and interior options. This provides the best protection against condensation and frost.

These cups are great for holding ice cream and ice cream snacks. Because of the large area for printing, paper cups are a great way to promote your brand. You can choose from 6 sizes to find the perfect cup for you.

Tips for Making Money in Your Ice Cream & Accessories Wholesale Business

Larger Stock

Ice cream is a favorite product of the consumer. They love to store it in their freezers to enjoy later. Your ice cream shop’s sales and profits will be increased if you sell large quantities of ice creams, such as a gallon or a pint.

Offering Out Samples

Free samples are something that people will always accept. They will rush to get the free sample and then go crazy for it. After sampling the deliciousness of the ice cream, many customers can’t resist buying it.

Choose Your Spot

If you are looking to open an ice cream shop, you need to find a location where people will be drawn to it. This could include restaurants, the local pack, and areas that have beaches. These areas are full of pedestrian activity, which makes them ideal for expanding the market and also increasing competition.


You will need to have some information about your customers if you own an ice cream shop. This includes what they want and how much they are willing to spend on it. These details will help you determine your overall strategy.

Discounts and Deals

Discounts will attract more customers to your shop. Discounts on certain flavors or the amount of icecream a child buys will increase your customers’ willingness to purchase from you. This will lead to a significant increase in sales and customer loyalty.

Top 10 Ice Creams and Ice Cream Accessories Most Popular

Ice Cream Brands

  • Klondike
  • Deryer’s/Edy’s
  • Ben and Jerry Phish Food
  • Antonio Federici pistacchio
  • Corenetto
  • Breyers

Ice cream Accessories

  • Ice cream makers
  • Ice cream scoops
  • Ice cream stalking sticks
  • Cones and Wafers
  • Ice cream freezer

Last Word

You must first understand the basics of ice cream making before you start a business. To provide a unique product, you must aim to produce high quality icecream by using only the finest ingredients and ice cream equipment. These are the things that will help you build your brand, be different and outcompete other competitors.