7 High Fashion Wholesale Clothing Distributors UK

Do you love fashion? Are you looking for wholesale clothing in the UK?

This article will share the top fashion wholesale UK distributors with you and answer any questions. I’ll also be answering your wholesale and boutique clothing needs.

What is the UK fashion wholesale market like?

According to forecasts, the fashion wholesale UK market will grow by 55.3%% over the next five-years, representing 34.2% of total market. This is an increase from 13.5% in 2012.

As the third fastest-growing sector, clothing is expected to outperform total retail sales growth between 2017-2022.

Consumers’ concern for their appearance, desire to be treated well and interest in fashion trends will drive growth.

Distributors of fashion wholesale in the UK

These are the top 8 fashion wholesale UK suppliers that we recommend for women’s fashion wholesale UK and men’s fashion wholesale UK.


It is a luxury Italian fashion wholesale UK which exemplifies the everlasting and new Italian artistic talent. Rosamosario’s primary business is Italian specialty and lingerie. This makes it one of the most highly rated Italian fashion wholesale UK. They combine the finest materials with an appreciation for quality, purity, and elegance. They are a unique brand that combines sophistication and craftsmanship, making them one the best Italian fashion wholesale.

Fashion square:

They have a wide range of plus-size fashion wholesale clothing, including clothes in various sizes to suit different occasions. They are also the UK’s largest fashion wholesaler and offer one of the best fashion wholesale services. You can also buy your pieces in smaller groups with them. They are a top-rated plus-size fashion wholesaler.

Influence fashion

Influence fashion is the right choice if you’re looking for unique, eye-catching designs. The collections are available in both men and women fashion wholesale UK. Influence fashion allows you to add unique styles to your collection.

They are constantly looking for the latest inspirations to update their wholesale clothing range, which makes them one of UK’s best wholesale fashion companies and a unique wholesale supplier of women’s fashion.


Fashion First is a top fashion wholesale UK site for young fashion wholesale, boutique fashion wholesale UK and wholesale women’s clothing. They are the largest online boutique fashion wholesale UK store.

Since 30 years, they have been successfully operating in the wholesale textile sector.

These offerings are appealing to online and retail shops, which gives them an advantage over other wholesalers.

Missi clothes:

Do you want Fashion wholesale UK from the top UK clothing wholesalers? Missi clothing is the best. Missi London clothing is available for retailers and chain stores.

The wide variety of styles available means that there are many options for clothes for everyone.

Missi is an online UK apparel wholesale UK that specializes in wholesale party wears, plus-size fashion wholesale, boutique clothing wholesale for women, and boutique fashion wholesale UK.

J5 fashion:

Are you looking for wholesale clothing at affordable prices? J5 fashion is the best place to go if you are looking for something different in fashion. After seeing their beautiful and addictive clothes, you will agree with them. They are a top-rated wholesale boutique fashion UK.

Children wholesale :

If you are looking for the best wholesale young fashion UK, then I recommend wholesale kids. Quality is not guaranteed in this industry. Their customer service is excellent, making them one the top young fashion wholesalers. It takes about 1-2 days for your order to arrive once it is processed.

They offer young fashion wholesale UK. You will not regret it if you patronize them.

Tips for boutique fashion wholesale UK

It can be difficult to open a boutique fashion wholesale business. Your appeal, location, and traffic will all impact your success.

These are some tips on boutique fashion wholesale.


A business plan is required before opening a boutique fashion wholesale. Most lenders require it. Your business plan should outline how much money you will need and how you will operate your boutique fashion wholesale business to repay the loan.

You may need collateral if you open a boutique and require a small business loan. Lenders may allow you to adjust your loan amount once you have a track record of sales.


Your boutique fashion wholesale space is crucial to your success. You will need enough space to store the shelves and racks necessary to display your items. You can also arrange enough space for people to move freely between the displays.

To accommodate boutique inventory, you may require space ranging from 2,000 to 7 000 square feet. Wholesale is a high-risk business. Instead of purchasing a store, lease space.


It is crucial to choose a niche market for your boutique wholesale fashion. Entrepreneur magazine states that successful wholesale clothing companies specialize in a specific type of apparel.

Ideas can be for women and men, young fashion wholesale UK. Baby clothes, occasion dresses, or sport apparel. You can keep up-to-date with the latest clothing trends by following fashion blogs, reading trade publications, and attending buyer events.


You can create excitement by opening a boutique shop. Advertise in local newspapers, magazines, and radio. Send a press release to local media describing your boutique wholesale fashion store, and what it offers that is unique from other shops.

You can plan a grand event that includes sales, food and beverages, as well as entertainment.

Where can I buy wholesale clothing?

It is not easy to buy wholesale clothing. However, if you are looking for wholesale clothing online, I recommend chinabrands. With almost a decade of experience as a small business specialist in wholesale clothing, I can give the necessary information.

Chinabrands is the best place to purchase wholesale clothing.

Where can I find high-quality fashion clothing in bulk for my online store?

It is very easy. All you need is a high-quality fashion wholesaler. There are many fashion wholesale websites around the world. These include the USA, INDIA and CHINA. Chinabrand is the best I can recommend. They are simply the best.

Do you have any information on UK wholesale boutique suppliers?

Each wholesaler has its own website. Click on any of the links to find out more about their products, pricing, and shipping details.