21 Best Wholesale Fashion Clothing Suppliers in Europe

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“Life is not perfect but your outfit could be.”

Europe is the center of fashion clothing. This is a rightful reputation. You can find everything here, from the traditional to the most trendy. Markets in Europe have the most up-to-date fashion trends.

This article will help you find distributors who sell clothes online in Europe. This article lists the top European clothing wholesalers, which includes the UK, France and Germany as well as Spain, Italy, Spain and Poland.

Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in UK

These are the top three most popular UK online fashion wholesalers.

1 Missi Clothing:

Missi Clothing is in business since 2004. Their showroom is located in Manchester. This website is for fashion boutique owners and wholesalers around the world. They also produce a few clothes under their brand.


* A special category for celebrity style and clothing that is plus-size

* All products that are available online can also be found in the showroom

* Same-day shipping available if ordered before 14:00


* Min order is 300 pieces for each style

* Items sold in six-packs

Sign in to see the prices

* Delivery charge of PS10 or free delivery for orders over PS400

Orders over PS500 qualify for free delivery within the EU.

Recommend for:

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This site is highly recommended for celebrity-style clothing at an affordable price.

2 Q Clothing:

Q Clothing, the UK’s largest wholesale clothing company, is a leading UK retailer of wholesale clothing for children, men, and women. It has been in operation for over 50 years. You can also find a variety of accessories and shoes on their website. You will find products on this website at a lower price than other fashion websites.


* A special category for plus-size ladies’ clothes

* Prices as low at PS2

* Shipping Fast

Items covered by a 14-day return policy


* For orders under PS150 shipping costs PS10 plus VAT

* Orders above PS150 qualify for free shipping

Recommend for:

This portal is highly recommended due to its low prices and large selection of products for plus-sizes.

3) Parisian:

Parisian is a top online wholesaler of women’s clothing and has been in business since 2002. They supply wholesalers and retailers alike. All apparels on this platform are original designs made in the UK.


* Celebrities styles and high-street fashion styles

* Pre-Order Section Exclusive

* Fast-track delivery to the UK and other countries

* Order before 14:00 to receive same-day shipping

* No minimum order requirement


* Available in packs of 6-9 pieces

* Orders placed after 14:00 on Friday will be shipped on Monday

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Orders above PS400 qualify for free shipping to the UK

Orders above EUR500 qualify for free shipping to Europe

Recommend for:

Parisian is highly recommended for its unique products, fast delivery, and pre-order section.

Germany’s Top Wholesale Clothing Distributors

Below are the top three online clothing distributors in Germany.

1 Ever Pretty:

Ever Pretty, a German online fashion portal, has been around for 12 years. This website sells high-quality designer dresses at affordable prices. Website with clearly categorized sections.


* Clients can have custom-made dress lines

* There are different sections for drop shipping, new arrivals and the color of each year.

Drop shipping is available

* You can order small quantities with a low minimum order quantity (MOQ).

* Mix and Match Orders


* Shipping charges are not included

* The minimum cart value should not exceed $300

* Drop shipping at a discounted price

Recommend for:

There are so many western gowns to choose from.

2) Inter-Grosshandel:

Inter-Grosshandel GmbH, one of Germany’s largest online wholesale clothing portals, is a major player in this market. Since 2005, this website supplies high-quality, branded wholesale clothing, accessories and shoes. The website has more than 100 brands represented and 700,000. It also has an international reach reaching more than 80 countries.


* This website sells only original and branded products

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* Available in small quantities and bulk lots

* Clothing categorized by seasons

* Pick-up option available from the warehouse


* Shipping charges are not included

* Prices are only visible after signing in

Recommended for:

This website is a top contender for brand-name clothing at an affordable price.

3 World of Wear:

World of Wear is another top online portal in Germany. This site sells branded clothing and ships to all European countries. This website offers high-quality clothing for women, men, and children. You will also find a selection of accessories and shoes from branded companies on this website.


* The seasons are used to classify collections

* Downloadable online catalogs

* Only original clothing is distributed

* Products available from 80 clothing producers

* You can place more than one order


* Shipping charges are not included

* No prices displayed

Recommend for:

This site is recommended for original and branded products at wholesale prices.

France’s Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

These are the top two fashion websites in France.

1 Fashion Center:

Fashion Center is a top wholesale supplier in France and Europe. It is the largest mall in Paris.


* All brand products

* A special category for wholesalers

* The date that a product was first listed is shown

* Filter as per the country of manufacture

* Delivery within 24 hours in France

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* No prices displayed unless you sign-in

* Shipping costs are calculated based on weight and tax

Recommend for:

This fashion portal offers a wide range of brands and is highly recommended.

2) Catwalk:

Catwalk is a French fashion website. This website also has a fashion blog.


* Plus-size dresses

* Celebrity style gowns

* Prices as low as PS1 for dresses

* Same-day shipping available if ordered before 13:00 GMT


Orders above PS250 qualify for free delivery

* Next-day Delivery at PS10

* Orders placed on Friday after 13:00 GMT are dispatched Monday

Recommend for:

This website has the best selection of dresses at the lowest prices.

Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers In Italy

Below are the most popular Italian wholesale fashion websites.

1) B2B Griffati:

B2B Griffati, a B2B marketplace for wholesalers in Italy, is the largest. This site is best known for selling accessories and clothing for children, men, and women. It also has one of Europe’s best drop shipping services. It has over 10 major retailers and more than 150,000 registered sellers around the world.


All-year discounts up to 80%

* Online catalogs available


* Prices are not visible unless you sign in

* No shipping charges in Italy for orders below EUR300

Orders above EUR300 qualify for free shipping to other European countries within 3-5 days

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* Returns and exchanges are not allowed if the defect is found within 10 days.

Recommend for:

* This website is worth a look for its dropshipping features and brand availability.

2) Brandsdistribution:

This Italian-based online fashion platform sells high-quality clothing, footwear, bags and accessories through a business to business model. Dropshipping is also available on this website. Brandsdistribution sells direct and doesn’t include intermediaries. This significantly reduces the cost of selling and allows sellers to offer more competitive prices. You can follow the blog of this website.


* All original Italian products

* More than 120 fashion brands, and approximately 500,000 branded products for women and men

Dropshipping: Special Category

* No minimum order quantity

* Multilingual catalogs are available


* Discounted prices unavailable

Recommend for:

This website is a favorite option because of its brand-name products and large product selection.

Spain’s Top Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

Below are the most trusted online clothing suppliers from Spain.

1) Albano’s:

Albano’s Fashion E-Commerce Website is one of Spain’s most popular. This company is a leader in fashion wholesale, and has been around for 35 years. All products are made in Europe.


* A special category for the holiday season and sale

* Delivery dates are listed in the product details

* No minimum order quantity

* Shipping starting at EUR1.000

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* Prices are not shown unless you sign up

* Shipping costs based on weight

* 15kg (1-19 units) at EUR25

Recommend for:

This website is highly recommended for its quality products, availability from various brands, and low shipping costs.

2) H.H.G:

H.H.G has been in Spain since 1985. They have two collections per year on their website: the spring and autumn collections.


* A special category to highlight the best accessories and sellers

* Exclusive category for XXL clothing

* Downloadable catalogue available

Products Discounts of 20%-50%

* Orders are shipped within 48-72 hours after payment confirmation

Orders above EUR600 qualify for a 5% discount

Orders above EUR1200EUR qualify for a 10% discount


Orders above EUR600 qualify for free shipping

* Prices are not shown

Recommend for:

This fashion portal sells wholesale clothes and offers discounts for plus-size buyers.

Best Wholesale Clothing Distributors In Poland

Below are details about two of the most popular Polish fashion websites.

1) STOCKPolska:

This wholesaler is the largest in Poland. Their website offers a wide range of branded clothing. The website is available in almost 30 countries. It has been around since 2005. STOCKPolska offers a variety of products with appealing offers. It also contains brand tags to show its originality.


* Originality and pricing

* Over 500,000 clothes stored in the warehouse

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* Prices shown only to registered members

Recommend for:

This site is highly recommended for its wide variety of brands.

2) YourNewStyle:

YourNewStyle has a Polish outlet. Their website offers a variety of fashion products, including accessories, shoes, and handbags. They import products from foreign countries and sell them wholesale.


Dropshipping available

* Return policy within 14 days

* Delivery within seven days

* No minimum order requirement

* Dropshipping and Pre-Ordering Special Categories


* Prices are not visible unless you register

Dropshipping and normal shipping have weight-based charges

Recommend for:

This Polish online store offers dropshipping and a wide range of clothing.