How to Sell Digital Products and Downloads on Shopify?

Are You Searching for an Easy Way to Sell Digital Products on Shopify? Whether online services, downloadable files or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital products can make for an effective eCommerce business model.

Shopify App Store offers many useful apps that will automate and simplify the process, so you can focus on marketing and selling digital products to generate sales.

Downloadable Digital Asses

Digital products can be an ecommerce merchant’s dream come true; no physical materials are needed and immediate delivery can occur. Plus, no inventory issues arise and infinite variations of reproduction (depending on your product) exist! However, selling digital goods has its own set of challenges; but success lies within its realms!

Shopify has made selling digital products online simple. Their ecommerce software equips you with everything needed to launch a digital product store, while its templates make customizing websites and adding unique branding easy. By carefully planning and marketing your ecommerce business, Shopify makes selling digital goods effortless.

Start Your Ecommerce Business From Scratch | Want To Turn Existing Products Into Digital Downloads >> If you’re just getting started in ecommerce or want to offer physical products as digital downloads, Shopify’s digital download apps offer an easy solution. These apps allow you to easily bundle digital files with physical products by locating each product within your ecommerce dashboard, clicking More Actions > Add Digital File, and uploading your digital files.

Once you’ve installed and uploaded digital files using Digital Downloads app, it is time to set up the download process for customers. To do this, navigate to your Admin panel and find Products section – when clicking each product’s “Digital Downloads” button will take you directly to a page where you can set how a customer receives their download link (either immediately or at a specified date and time), as well as how often they can download product(s).

Once your download process is set up, creating product pages to showcase its details as well as any additional information may be a simple matter of creating product pages that highlight them and any additional details about them that may be of use to visitors – for instance if selling photo or music files it can help boost conversions by showing potential buyers exactly what they will receive in terms of images or music files.


Digital products offer an easy and cost-effective way to sell products online without incurring manufacturing, shipping and logistics expenses. Plus they’re simple to manage – no extra production time necessary! But selling digital goods requires the appropriate ecommerce platform and tools in order to be successful online business venture.

Shopify provides an ideal platform for digital content distribution businesses of any kind – be it digital downloads, courses and services subscriptions or subscription-based digital media subscriptions. Its flexible pricing structure, licensing options and distribution methods enable you to find products that best suit both your products and customers.

Start off your Shopify store right by enrolling in either a free trial or purchasing the plan that best meets your needs. Select a theme that captures the style and tone of your brand; ensure it allows for customizable color schemes and fonts, has responsive layouts so your site looks good across devices, and has features such as customizable font sizes or responsive layouts to ensure optimal viewing experiences for customers.

Add a digital downloads app to your store so you can easily generate links for files you are selling. Use either the free Shopify Digital Downloads app, or search on the Shopify App Store for similar apps that offer similar functionality.

Once your digital product is uploaded to your store, launch an email campaign notifying customers about its availability for sale. In addition, begin promoting it via social channels and other marketing avenues – it’s essential to reach the appropriate demographic so as to increase conversion rates and ensure high conversion rates.

If you need assistance selling digital products on Shopify, don’t hesitate to contact WebLime’s expert ecommerce solutions specialists for help. We can guide the process of setting up your digital store with all of the appropriate functionality so your business thrives and succeeds. Additionally, our team can set up payment processing integrations so that your focus remains solely on sales growth and revenue expansion. We look forward to hearing from you! We welcome any feedback! We look forward to speaking with you!

Easy Digital Products

Ecommerce markets provide an exciting space for selling digital products. Unlike physical products, digital ones can be sold an unlimited number of times without incurring production costs such as raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, shipping or storage fees – creating higher profit margins overall. It should be noted, however, that creating digital products doesn’t eliminate the need for marketing and sales efforts to drive traffic towards them.

Shopify makes it simple and straightforward for entrepreneurs and creators to start selling digital products online. The platform provides web templates suited for different business types and sizes as well as apps to manage and sell digital products online.

To create digital products, start by opening a Shopify account and then choosing the template that meets your business needs. Next, customize your website with logos and content tailored specifically for you business. When your site is complete, add your product(s) to the catalog and begin selling! Additionally, social media and SEO may drive additional visitors directly to your digital storefront.

Once you have a product idea in mind, it’s vital that it be validated through market testing with potential customers. This will enable you to identify any potential issues and improve the product accordingly. It is also wise to begin slowly so as to learn from mistakes made along the way and further refine it over time.

To upload digital files to a product, first click on the More actions link next to its title, and then on ‘Add digital file. This will open a window where you can select file location and set download limits before pressing Save to complete the process.

Once you’ve uploaded digital files to a product, you can add its download link directly onto its product page. To do this, navigate to its page and scroll down to its Shipping section before deselecting ‘This is a physical product’ checkbox in Shipping before clicking Save to update product info.

Shopify App Store

Digital products offer a great way to start an eCommerce business without having to incur costs for raw materials, manufacturing or shipping inventory. Instead, your focus can remain on producing content of value for customers while on Shopify there are various ways of selling digital products such as eBooks, music albums, videos, software downloads or printable files in addition to subscription services and membership memberships.

Once you’ve decided what type of product or service to sell, create a store on Shopify in order to facilitate sales. Don’t forget to mark that digital products will be part of your offering when creating your store!

When creating your store, select a theme that reflects both your brand and products. A responsive theme is also key to ensure access on mobile devices; an eye-catching professional-looking design will boost conversions further. Use social media and paid ads to market digital products directly to targeted audiences – this way reaching potential customers who may not yet know of your website!

To create digital products on your Shopify store, login and click Products. Select Add new product to create a listing for the item; fill in product title, description, SKU number. In the next step, deselect “This product requires shipping” so Shopify knows it’s digital not physical before clicking Save.

Now it is time to upload the digital files for your product. To do this, return to your Shopify Admin and click More actions on the product you just created before selecting Digital Downloads under Apps.

Here, you’ll be able to select and modify download settings (such as restricting number of downloads or setting manual fulfillment) for your product.

Once your digital product is uploaded, share its link with your audience and encourage followers to purchase it and take advantage of all its features. In addition, send email newsletters announcing its status to subscribers; this will keep it at the forefront of customers’ minds until its release date arrives.