8 Best Korean Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Suppliers

What was your first impression of South Korea? K-pop music? Fashion clothing that is trendy? Or skin care products and makeup? South Korea is renowned for its beauty products and fashion clothing. Their unique fashion culture has influenced global trends. Korean jewelry has a large market share if you are familiar with jewelry.

In developed countries of the United States and Europe, small accessories emerged. It later moved to East Asia because of its high production costs. The production base was initially transferred to Japan. It gradually developed the popular style of Japanese jewelry. South Korea then followed suit with Korean-style jewelry.

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Korean jewellery is centered on jewelry design. Their jewelry design is modern, minimalist, simple, geometric, neutral, simple and straightforward.

The long history of the jewelry market

The popularity of Korean fashion has led to South Korea’s fashionable clothing industry, which in turn has driven the growth of the jewelry industry. Seoul Namdaemun Market is a great example of Korean-style jewelry. This market in Korea, which has a history dating back to 600 years, is now a major international distributor for giant jewelry.

Korean dramas used to promote jewelry culture

K-Dramas have become increasingly popular, and Korean jewellery culture has been welcomed into many countries. Young people are increasingly attracted to the korean drama earrings and necklaces, bracelets, and headdresses worn by actors and actresses in the plays.

Korean jewelry is a fast fashion item, featuring unique designs and rich styles. It is elegant, sweet, and very creative. This has attracted much attention.

Korean jewelry is also different from silver and gold jewelry. It is usually made from copper and aluminum alloy, and can be complemented with artificial pearls, acrylic beads and leather. Accessory are inexpensive and popular for fashionable lifestyles.

The competitive advantages of the green industry

The Korean jewellery industry is strict about controlling the environment of raw materials and adheres to the development direction “green jewelry”, “eco-friendly jewelry” as well as brand-name construction. The jewelry’s design and materials must be original and innovative.

Korean jewelry designer brand


1064Studio, a Korean independent brand of designers, is full of elements in neutral colors and architectural lines. Named after the melting point of the metal, 1064 degrees. The brand is minimalistic, but it has intricate design and details. It has a cold surface, but it is full of mystery. Design is a combination of nature, architecture, ceramics, shadow optics and other materials.

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Seoul-based brand of original design jewelry. Designer’s inspiration is the Vintage style of 1990s. Every piece of jewelry will be made with the finest materials in order to enhance the feeling of nobility.


SOUHAIT is a Korean brand of jewelry. In French, SOUHAIT is “wish”. Its unique design has personality. Many Souhait designs are built on thick lines that are matched with metal, spar, sterling silver, or other metals. This is the refreshing image of Souhait jewelry.

Where can you buy wholesale Korean fashion jewelry online


Nihaojewelry is a professional wholesaler of jewelry and has over 30,000+ pieces for sale online. This includes small and fine Korean jewelry. You can find a variety of designer Korean earrings, Korean necklaces and Korean rings on this website. There are many materials available, including acrylic, resin, alloy, and imitation pearls. You can find jewelry accessories for casual, formal, and office styles.

Nihaojewelry’s advantages include its low unit price, quick delivery, and no minimum order requirement.


TradeKorea’s goal is to be the most trusted online platform for Korean traders and buyers from overseas. It offers a wide range of products similar to China’s Alibaba. It also includes Korean wholesalers of jewelry. It does not allow online ordering such as Nihaojewelry and each supplier has its own MOQ requirements.


Similar to Nihaojewelry in China, Asujewelry is an e-commerce site that sells accessories and jewelry for B2C. It offers a wide range of Korean jewellery. Accessory products for more than 200 countries.


Aliexpress and Alibaba are both websites that belong to the Ali Group. Alibaba is a global wholesale platform that allows companies of all sizes to trade on the market. The bulk goods are generally wholesaled and the minimum order quantities is slightly higher. Aliexpress is a platform that allows small and medium businesses to trade globally, mostly retail and wholesale. You can shop online for Korean-style accessories in jewelry and place orders on both platforms.

There are many B2B platforms that offer wholesale Korean fashion jewelry, including Dhgate and lightinthebox.

Last words

Korean fashion is diverse. There are many designs and colors to choose from when it comes to Korean jewelry, rings, and necklaces. You can find the wholesaler or website that best suits your needs. Nearly all the websites listed above support global distribution.