12 Wholesale Supplier Websites for UK Festival Season

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We are excited for the festival season, and we have plans to make it a success. To be able to brag to our friends about the amazing deal we got, it is a good idea to research the UK wholesale suppliers before you go on your shopping spree.

Best Wholesaler sites & Suppliers in the UK

Let’s talk about the UK wholesale websites that are available for various categories such as jewelry, home decor and clothing. During festival season, one will usually only shop in these areas.


Wayfair is a great place to shop for furniture, home decor, and accessories. Wayfair is the UK’s largest online wholesale website. Wayfair has a range of brands including Waifair and Joss & Main as well as Modern, Birchlne, Perigold, Modern, Birchlne, and Modern. Although there are nearly 10 million products to choose from, the site was designed to make it easy for users to locate the right product with minimal effort. Wayfair will help you live the Wayfair motto of “Everyone should be able live in a home they love.”


Furniturefusion offers interior solutions that can be used in restaurants, homes, offices and hotels. They are able to cater to individual and wholesale needs. Furniturefusion allows you to be part of the design team, and help create your vision. They strive to make UK homes and offices better.


For any holiday buying, shoes are a favorite item. Freemoda is an online store that sells wholesale women’s shoes. There are thousands of models available to suit every need. You can choose to order a half-pack (6 pairs) or a full package (12 pairs), which will cover different sizes, shapes, colors and colors. Either your courier can deliver the parcel or you may use Freemoda’s delivery services. They typically deliver anywhere in Europe within 48 to 96 hours.


Kidderminster Footwear was established in 1865 and is today one of the largest wholesale suppliers of high-quality shoes in the UK. They supply almost all the major stores in the UK and around the world. To be able to ship orders quickly throughout Europe and the world, they have a large dispatch centre in Kidderminster. The Kidderminster shoes reflect the latest fashion trends and cover all requirements for shoes, sandals, slippers, and shoes for men, women, and children.

Best Buy Shoes (BBS), which has been in business for over 11 years, is Europe’s largest footwear company. They supply wholesalers and retail stores in nearly 50 countries. The genuine leather collection is very popular. Their website allows you to choose the right shoe for your age and gender. There are many options for footwear, including casual, formal, partywear, and sports. Order online and have your order delivered within 24-48 hours.


Tradeero is a top wholesale platform that caters to fashion and jewelry needs for businesses across Europe and the UK. You can sell your products directly to buyers by being a seller on Tradeero. Sites can process clients’ orders and handle payments. Tradeero allows buyers to verify their identity during registration to view the full range of sellers. It handles all aspects of the selling process, including taking orders and collecting payment.


CLP Britain was established in 1998 and is well-known among European apparel wholesalers for its competitive pricing and wide range of products. CLP Britain delivers products via over 1000+ distribution points, which are located in every part of Europe. They can be visited at any of their warehouses or you can order directly from them. You can also register your company online and order your products using the catalogs. They are updated each week with the latest fashion products.


City Goddess London is a well-known name among London fashion lovers. They offer a variety of fashionable apparel styles. There is a full range of apparel for all ages and genders. There are many options available for clothing that can be used for special occasions such as weddings, festivals, and formal wear. Citygoddess is the best place to shop online if you prefer to do so. You will find everything you need, from the easy selection to the payment and delivery to your door. If you are looking to start a retail business, you can either buy for yourself or get quantity discounts.


Shonn Brothers is a wholesale company and operates from a large warehouse located in central Manchester, UK. They have been selling household items, toys, kitchenware, cleaning products, fancy decorations, and other household items for 50 years. They supply retail stores, schools and charities as well as offices. They supply all over Europe. Their range is constantly updated and you can visit their Manchester store or order from their website.


Harrisonsdirect has been in business almost 100 years and have a solid reputation as a wholesale supplier for retail outlets, malls and large companies. They offer a wide range of toys and gifts. They also sell home decor, toiletries and stationery. They can deliver within 48 hours to any European country. Visit their physical store to check out the beauty and health ranges. It is the best in the UK.


Straits was founded in 1981. They are based in Accrington (Lancashire, UK). They offer a wide range of gift and home decor items. They supply retail chains, shops, as well as other businesses such schools/ colleges shops, etc. They can be found all over Europe and the globe. After browsing the extensive selection of traditional and contemporary items, you can order online at very affordable rates. Straits regularly updates their product line to keep up with current trends. This means that you will never run out of business when ordering wholesale. You can get delivery within 48 hours from Straits anywhere in Europe.


Treniq is a popular choice for stylists, builders, interior decorators, and other retail buyers due to its unique selection of furniture, lighting, and home decor. They can deliver anywhere in Europe and the world. Their website allows you to view the digital catalogues for each product range. You can also interact with international sellers via their platform. You can negotiate the deal for the lowest price and not have to pay commissions.


Oceanicjewellers was founded in 1977 and is a well-respected name in the design and supply of fashion jewellery to wholesale buyers and businesses. Their products are made primarily in China, according to British and EU standards. They sell online as well as through physical shops in the UK and other EU countries. They typically ship items within a day after receiving an order and deliver the goods in 2-3 days anywhere in Europe.


AsuJewelry offers almost 40000 new pieces of jewelry in 30 categories on their website. They have a manufacturing base in China, and they supply all over the UK and Europe. Their wholesaler website sells product at a very affordable rate compared to other online options. This greatly increases the margins of retailers, malls, shops, and other shops that buy from Asujewelry. They regularly map the trends in jewelry country-wise and update the product range as needed.

Which wholesale suppliers are best for UK retailers?

Some of the established and respected wholesale suppliers for retailers in the UK are Chinabrands, Straits Trading, Treniq, Harrisonsdirect, Shonnbrotherswholesalers, Tradeero, and Wholesaleplus. You can find a complete selection of products at yhave online store.

Which are the top UK clothing wholesale sites?

Tradeero and Clpbritain are the best wholesale sites in UK. All of them showcase the latest trends in all product categories, including those for children, teens, and adults. They can also be used to attend various occasions such as weddings, college annual functions, formal attire, casual clothing, etc.

Where can I locate wholesale suppliers in the UK that do not require a minimum order?

Websites such as Chinabrands or Straits can be used to order products for retail shops, schools, colleges, and other businesses. There is no minimum order required. You can get discounts for larger orders, which can help improve margins, especially if you order through Chinabrands.