12 Top Wholesale MAC Cosmetics Suppliers US and UK

This article will provide detailed information about wholesale suppliers of MAC cosmetics. You may also need to know some FAQs about wholesaling MAC Cosmetics.

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Here’s a list with wholesale suppliers for MAC cosmetics.

1. Maccosmeticsoutletonline.com

Mac Cosmetic Outlet Online is your best choice for cheap mac makeup in America. You can find BB creams, moisturizers, facial masks, and hair treatments here. However, Crane and Peach offer great wholesale deals.

Mac Cosmetic Outlet Online is based in the USA and sources its products directly from genuine manufacturers to ensure the highest quality products reach their customers.

Wholesale customers can expect to receive very competitive rates and will be willing to accept different minimum order quantities (MOQs). They can also provide rates that are customized to meet customers’ increasing needs. They do not publish price lists on their website. This is to protect their B2B customers.

2. Cheapmacmakeupuk.com

Cheap Mac Makeup Wholesale UK is an online shop that sells mainly Mac Cosmetics. You will find the most recent brand Make-Up products such as foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, and foundation.

They are known for their low wholesale prices. Customers who spend more than $120 USD can get fast shipping and free shipping. Dropshipping is offered by this website. It guarantees fast, safe, and secure delivery.

They offer free shipping to all parts of the world. Their website features a variety of products and updates, as well as new arrivals. They also offer amazing customer support via various means, including an online chat system.

3. Usawholesalemakeup.com

USAWholesaleMakeup, a US company, remains the most prominent name in wholesale mac cosmetics. They’ve been in the cosmetics industry for over three decades. They have a lot of experience and strong trust.

USA Wholesale distributes more than 10 brands of cosmetics, beauty supplies and makeup. The company offers a wide range of products, including manufacturer overstock and shelf-pull liquidation. The company also offers a mixed makeup lot that includes a range of original brand cosmetics at the most affordable price.

USA Wholesale ships to all countries on the continent. International shipping is possible with a quotation.

4. Crushcosmetics.com.au

Crush Cosmetics was created to offer top-quality international cosmetic brands. It also offers affordable mac makeup in Australia. They are constantly adding new brands and shipping to more than 35 countries. They provide the best customer service in Australia and around the world.

Order processing usually takes between 1 and 2 working days. Orders can be shipped anywhere in Australia for $8. Ground shipping is free for orders over $80 in Australia. Express shipping is also available. They offer Express shipping.

5. Alibaba.com

Alibaba is a well-known Chinese wholesale marketplace. They offer top brands and direct imports from genuine manufacturers. There are more than 2,390+ maccosmetics products in stock. 51% are racks, 11% are bottles and 1% are mixing equipment. There are many options for mac cosmetics wholesale such as wood, acrylic, paper and paper. You have the option to choose between free samples and paid samples.

Alibaba has over 2,336 mac wholesale suppliers in Asia. Most of these are located in Asia. Alibaba’s top supplying countries are China (Mainland), Hong Kong and Taiwan. Their supplying capacities of mac cosmetics is 96%, 1% and 1%, respectively.

You can also shop with Alibaba knowing that your products are safe and high quality. Selecting from certified suppliers can guarantee product safety, such as 410 with Other certification, 352 ISO9001 certification, and 146 ISO14001 certification. You can order mac cosmetics online from China with Alibaba.

6. Cosmeticholic.com

Cosmeticholic.com is a cosmetic wholesaler and supplier. They offer high-quality products at affordable prices. They carry a variety of cosmetic brands. They’ve been in the cosmetic industry for over a decade and offer a wide range of products to customers both in-store and online.

They stock the latest trends and customers can contact them to order any product they do not see on their website. They provide top-quality customer service and fast, efficient processing of customer calls.

7. Shure-cosmetics.co.uk

Shure Wholesale Cosmetics, based in London, supplies wholesale cosmetics and fragrances to customers both within the UK and abroad. They have been in mail-order for many years. The website allows customers to order wholesale cosmetics. The website offers a large selection of high-quality products that will satisfy the requirements of many wholesale customers.

You can also find branded products at an affordable and easy price. They offer excellent customer service and fast delivery. They have large stock and can negotiate the best prices to ensure customers get great value for money.

8. Sephora.sg

Sephora is a top-rated beauty-retail brand in Singapore. Sephora stocks a wide variety of brands, including many well-known and newer ones, in a wide variety of product categories, such as skincare, perfume, and hair care. This includes Sephora’s private label.

You will find a high-quality customer service, which includes an interactive shopping environment and expert customer support. Sephora has approximately 1,900 stores worldwide and a headquarters in France. There are also over 200 stores in the Asia Pacific region including China, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, and many more.

Sephora’s retail network is operated on an independent basis. It does not grant rights to any third parties to operate its store concept or use the Sephora trademark.

9. Maccosmetics.com.my

All orders above RM200 qualify for free shipping and free samples They are well-known for selling mac makeup kits wholesale. They don’t display product prices on their website.

All orders for M*A*C Cosmetics are shipped and delivered Monday through Saturday. Major public holidays are not included. All orders must be authorized. Only authorized orders can be processed and shipped. They offer standard delivery options, but only deliver within Malaysia.

MAC has a simple Return Policy that allows customers to return any item in their original condition within 14 days of delivery. M.A.C must be notified within seven working days of the item being returned.

Is it possible to buy Mac cosmetics from India?

You can purchase original Mac cosmetics from India. There are a few websites that sell genuine Mac cosmetics in India.

1. Amazon.in

Amazon is a well-known name in wholesale products around the globe. Amazon sells original products, but there is a limited selection. They do not give accurate information to help buyers choose the right product.

2. Flipkart.com

Flipkart is one the biggest e-stores offering mac cosmetics for sale. The products are not well-detailed and they have a limited selection of cosmetics products.

3. Zarpat.com

Zarpat sells original MAC cosmetics. It delivers products in Pune within three hours.

4. Nykaa.com

Zarpat has MAC, but you can’t get details about products or samples unless the site is on sale.

5. Myntra.com

Myntra sells original MAC cosmetics. The site offers samples of their products for a free offer, but not the original MAC cosmetics.

How to win customers trust when you sell mac makeup and accessories online

1. Quality products at wholesale prices

Earning customers’ trust and doing business are not mutually exclusive. Online business requires you to offer quality products and services. Buyers expect to receive value for their money. Your business is best if they refer to you as the place for quality. Don’t let them down in this area.

2. Organise Events

Events that bring you and your customers closer are important. Trade shows and fairs can be used to bring clients together and earn their trust.

3. Client-based Product Review

Do you want to be a leader in the wholesale cosmetics business and gain the trust of your clients? Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for feedback and reviews. Once they are able to get back to you about the products they purchased from your store, they will lose interest in your store.

How do you spot a fake MAC Cosmetics product

You can identify fake MAC cosmetics products by the quality and performance of the makeup. The knockoffs often have the packaging and logo perfect so you don’t need to worry about them.

Amazon is a trustworthy website for buying cosmetics.

Yes! Amazon fulfilled is a great deal on the site. The site does not offer an exchange policy or refund policy for cosmetics. However, it is still an incredible site to find original, long-lasting, and high quality cosmetic products.

Is All Cosmetics Wholesale legal?

The simple answer to this question is no. Some suppliers stock fake goods and then sell them as real products. This is a dangerous trend that is common in the wholesale cosmetic market.

To ensure quality and legitimacy, you only need to verify the supplier you are considering.

Where can you find a wholesaler of Japanese cosmetics?

Reselling wholesale Japanese cosmetics is a great way to make some extra cash. Below is a list with top 4 Japanese makeup suppliers that are cheap enough to wholesale Japanese cosmetics.

1. Ohyama.net

Ohyama, a well-known Japanese cosmetic supplier, was established in 1921 and offers a variety of its own products. Its focus is on beauty and health. It offers three types of products on its website: long-term sellers (which includes Enzumatic Body Wash, Avance, etc.), domestic PBs and imported brands (e.g. Dodo, Gelist, Herbacin, etc.

2. Takaski.com

This site is based in Tokyo and wholesales only original designs and 100% Japanese-made products. It strives to offer a wide variety of Japanese products for wholesale.

3. Shopcosmeria.com

Shopcosmeria is a great choice for retailers. Shopcosmeria stocks many products and offers a variety of quality services, including direct contact with manufacturers. This allows for flexibility in order sizes, with a minimum 48-unit order. They provide the best rates for their customers. For any promotions that they might want to run, they provide sample-sized products.

4. Yesstyle.com

They are the first to distribute beauty products from Japan online. Yesstyle is known for its quality brands and affordable prices. The company’s extensive range of Japanese beauty products, makeup, and skincare ensures that customers receive the best possible care.


You know everything you need to learn about wholesale mac cosmetics business. You can still learn a lot more about mac cosmetics wholesale business from the internet. These products are available from other suppliers. You can also find key information to help you succeed as a mac cosmetics wholesaler, whether offline or online.