30 High-End Cosmetic Wholesale Suppliers in USA

Are you searching for high-end cosmetic wholesale suppliers around the globe? Don’t worry, I will list twenty top-quality high end wholesale cosmetic suppliers in this article. If you’re having difficulty finding high-end wholesale makeup distributors, you are in the right place.

Wholesale Websites for High End Cosmetics

East End Cosmetics

East End cosmetics can be found in London, UK. It has been around since 1980. It is well-known for its wholesale supply of beauty products. It has expanded its operations to include other countries, such as Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It is possible to purchase cosmetics from the East End, such as make-up, skincare, fragrance, body and hair products.

Prices for cosmetics products in EEC range from PS0.65 to PlayStation 590. If you are looking to purchase East-end cosmetics products, you have the freedom to choose from more than 120 cosmetics brands, such as BarryM, Astor, BarryM and many other. You can redeem your gift code or promotion code only once per order. This applies if the promotion code or gift voucher is available.

EEC requires you to wait 24 hours before they can verify your payment method. You can also use the following payment methods to buy cosmetics from EEC.

Cherry Berry Cosmetics

This online cosmetic store sells high-end cosmetics. It is located in Leeds, UK. Cherry Berry cosmetics was founded in 2003 with two L’Oreal cosmetics bags. Although the online cosmetic store is high-end, it started with just a handful of employees. However, many employees now serve customers from all over the globe.

Cherry Berry has all the major cosmetics brands so if you are looking for a high-end wholesale supplier of cosmetics, Cherry Berry is the right choice. Cherry Berry doesn’t accept fake products. You can be sure of the finest cosmetic products in the entire world.

All UK customers are exempt from shipping charges for orders above PS50, but products below PS50 will be charged a PS2.99 shipping fee. For customers outside the United Kingdom, however, the standard shipping charge of PS9.99 applies to products purchased from Cherry Berry Cosmetics.

YesStyle is a top-end wholesale cosmetic shop. It is a global distributor of cosmetics. It is located in Hong Kong, and has been recognized for its global care company status. YesStyle has the top-quality cosmetics brands.

They also have a great customer service team. They will answer all your questions. YesStyle offers free shipping on orders above $35 YesStyle offers a range of cosmetic products ranging from $5 to $100. This is why I’m confident you can afford products from this premium cosmetic supplier.


Are you looking for an online high-end cosmetic shop? Avon is the most high-end online cosmetic store you will ever find. Avon is the most prestigious cosmetic store in North America. If you’re from America, you can visit Avon for the best deals. Avon is also a worldwide shop, so no matter where you live, you can purchase cosmetic products from Avon. Free shipping is available for orders above $40. Refer a friend to receive a 10% discount on every product you purchase at Avon.

Cosmetic Capital

This high-end cosmetic wholesale shop is located in Australia. This is the place to go if you are looking for legit and high-quality cosmetic products. Cosmetic capital offers a wide range of cosmetic products at very affordable prices. Free delivery is available for products over $55. However, you will be charged $6.95 for shipping. This applies to all customers worldwide. Express shipping costs $8.95 for orders under $55 and $4.95 for orders over $55.


This wholesale supplier is one of the most reputable in high-end cosmetics. They produce and sell high-quality products. Aveda will verify your order within 1-2 business days. Orders placed on weekends and public holidays will be processed the next business day.

Orders cannot be cancelled if the product ordered is unavailable, if you order the product twice or a payment problem. Aveda offers three shipping options. Standard shipping is free and two-day shipping plans are available for $10-15. Overnight shipping costs $15-20.

Metropolitan Cosmetics

Metropolitan cosmetics has all the makeup, fragrance and skincare products that you need. South Africa is home to this online high-end cosmetic shop. Shipping costs are $7.52 for products less than $137. This applies only to South African customers. The shipping cost for customers outside South Africa is dependent on the number of products you order. You will receive your products within five days after placing an order.

Estee Lader

This cosmetic shop in Midtown Manhattan is a high-end one. They carry the finest and most high-quality cosmetic brands you’ve ever heard about. They also have a low price, so you can buy products from them. It all depends on your shipping plan once you have ordered products from Estee Lauder. Standard shipping is free. Second day shipping costs $10-$15. Overnight shipping costs $15-$20. The processing of orders takes approximately 1-2 business days.

National Salon Supplies North Lakes

National salon supplies north lakes is the right choice if you are looking for a top-end cosmetic shop. If you spend more than $150, you will receive free shipping National salon supplies has the best prices for cosmetic products. It is Australia’s leading wholesaler of cosmetic products. It also offers a price match guarantee, so you can be sure of getting the best wholesale prices.

The body shop

This online e-commerce site sells wholesale cosmetics. There are many cosmetics available for women and men. You will find products for your body, hair, skin, make-up, and fragrances. All skin types are covered by these products. There are products that can be used for any skin type, no matter how sensitive, normal, or oily it may be. The Body Shop is available to offer advice and tips. All orders come with free shipping and cosmetics starting at $3.20

Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organics has the perfect place for you if you’re looking for natural and organic cosmetics. Aubrey Organics offers premium skin care products that suit all skin types. Different hair types can be served by different shampoos, conditioners, and styling tools. Natural deodorants, body wash, and lotions are also available. Register as a retailer to purchase Aubrey Organic wholesale.

Cover girl

Cover Girl mainly makes its money by selling bulk to its retail partners. Many customers have chosen Cover girl because of their reputation for selling decent cosmetics at affordable prices. It is not part of Procter and Gamble, but it is an independent distribution channel. You will always find the most recent test on the market as their selections are constantly reviewed. There are many options for checkers blush and lipsticks. Register an account to buy wholesale.


Olay also offers facial treatments, such as mists and toners, and face serums. Olay is a well-known brand and you can purchase their products in bulk. There are many options for body wash, face moisturizers and other products. are popular. Because they offer many products, it takes more time to search and find what you are looking for. If you’re a new customer, skin care guides can be accessed. Purchases starting at $4.33 The standard delivery time is between 5-8 business days. The shipping charges will vary depending on where you live.

Cosmetique Distributors

Are you looking for the best African cosmetic wholesaler? Cosmetique distributors in South Africa is the best high-end cosmetic wholesale supplier. They sell the finest products from well-respected cosmetic brands like Janssen cosmetics, supernova and many more. This is the largest South African cosmetic distributor and cosmetic shop. It is located in Port Elizabeth. You can visit them if you want the best products. Free delivery is available for purchases over $52 You will be charged $4 for delivery on non-delivery day.

Sleek is a wholesale distributor of cosmetics. They are well-known for their facial products and makeups. They sell primers, foundations, concealers, concealers and contour products as well as blushes and highlighters. They target the eyes, lips, and face. These products are geared towards women and young girls. All skin types can use their makeup.

Sleek’s best feature is the fact that most products on their website have instructions on how to use them. They are available to answer customer questions and not only for sales. Prices start at PS6.59. You can ship to any location in the world, and charges will vary depending on the destination.


Chanel is a well-known cosmetics wholesaler. They specialize in eyewear, perfume, makeup and skincare. There are exquisite collections like BOY de CHANEL Collection Libre, Le Mat de CHANEL Le Volume Revolution de CHANEL or Forget Foundation. These are Chanel’s true masterpieces and everyone would love to own them. The wholesale distributor believes that beauty does not discriminate based on gender. This is why they created a masculine-focused line called ‘BOY de CHANEL. Their products are very expensive, and they start at $28. Chanel.com currently ships only to US addresses.