5 Wholesale Cosmetics Websites and Suppliers in India

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Do you want to know where to buy cheap wholesale cosmetics in India? You are at the right place. This article will share the Indian wholesale makeup & cosmetics suppliers list and other information about the Indian cosmetics industry.

The first section will show you the business opportunities available in the Indian cosmetics sector.

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I will share the second part of the list with you, which includes the best online wholesale cosmetics sites in India.

The last section contains tips and advice to help you grow your cosmetics business, find the right suppliers, as well as Q&As about the cosmetics industry.

India’s Wholesale Cosmetics Industry: Opportunities

One of the most admired ventures in the world is the cosmetic industry. The industry also offers a wide range of products that are not available in other industries. These include deodorants and toiletries as well as skin care, skin care, cosmetics, skin care, make-up, and skin care.

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wn from Statista.com in 2016 global market analysis shows that skin care products made up 36% of global market, hair care products 23% and makeup 18.2%.

Further analysis and forecasting revealed that the skin care market has a solid market dominance. Its growth is projected to reach 21.1 billion dollars by 2019, with the Indian cosmetics industry growing at a rapid 13%-18% rate than the American or European markets.

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These facts place Asia and Oceania at the top of the global market, accounting for at most 40%. It is important to mention some of India’s leading wholesale cosmetics brands as well as contributors in the Indian cosmetic industry.

Youtubers are also starting to make content for the cosmetics sector, which is another sign of the huge opportunity in this niche.

Cheap Wholesale Cosmetics Websites and Distributors in India


It can be difficult to find quality at a reasonable price, but www.bigbasket.com is an online company that specializes in wholesale cosmetics.

The big basket is your outside beauty. It contains all of the makeup you need to make your body look good. They are unrivalled in their makeup skills, offering products from nail enhancers to facial foundations.

To maintain market standards and quality control, the products are double-checked.


Online presence allows you to purchase any cosmetic product that you want with just one click. But, not all products that you connect with online may pass quality control. At www.goodchoiceindia.com, you get what you see.

This online company offers wholesale cosmetics at factory prices in a wide range of skin, haircare and makeup products. The quality of its products is closely monitored during production to ensure they meet international standards.

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The reason is that all products have been thoroughly researched by a research brigade, which uses science and technology to identify the lowest-chemical ingredients.


It is an Indian B2B partner of high quality who has witnessed the growth and expansion of the business-to-business model. Website.bulkli.com provides quality trade guarantees, unlike other online companies. They connect wholesalers with retailers for cosmetic products that are mainly in the makeup category.

Wholesale cosmetics, which include branded makeup kits for eye, lips, and nail makeup, have a unique pricing strategy that is half the price of online.

They partner with many logistics providers to offer even more savings and ensure that all deliveries are completed on time.

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www.infibeam.com is proud to offer quality cosmetic products at competitive prices, as their motto says “Shop with a Smile.”

They offer a wide range of wholesale cosmetics products that are affordable and gender-equal. They are available in the skin care, deodorant and general makeup categories. Many of these products have a natural extract ingredient, and many feature both men and women.


Website www.indiamart.com has a high online authority and is the largest Indian online cosmetic market. It holds over 60% of the Indian B2B market. This space connects thousands SMEs and wholesalers.

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The wide variety of cosmetics it offers is uncommon, ranging from facial makeup to oral care to medicinal, cosmetic extractions such as the Aloe Vera, and herbal products.

Its goals are to provide Indians with quality wholesale cosmetics at a low price. indiamart.com offers a wide range of cosmetics at an incredible price.


It can be difficult to find a legitimate wholesale supplier of cosmetics online. Many products may be counterfeits, or just plain bad quality. It connects wholesalers and buyers by listing a variety of cosmetic dealers in Mumbai at www.justdial.com

It is easier to find a product by category in Mumbai and international suppliers by simply searching for the top brands such as L’Oreal, lotus or Revlon India.

How to Boost Your Cosmetic Business Online and Offline

This section will give you some tips to help you promote your cosmetics online and offline.

1. Tips to Boost Your Online Cosmetics Business

It is important to understand the best ways to increase sales for a cosmetic business model that has an online presence.

These are essential practices that should be followed and will help you to rise in the rankings.

Online Dominance

Your overall dominance is important, no matter if you’re a newbie or an experienced cosmetics expert. Tell your clients you sell online. Let them know.

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Use overwhelming hashtags to promote your brand on all social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Don’t miss an opportunity and respond to any inquiries and comments in real-time.

It is better to invest in internet supply that will support your business’s online existence.

Brand Name Appearance

It is important to remember that your brand name will tell your story. Therefore, it is important to invest in and maintain a good brand name. This will help you increase your client base. Take this example:

* Make sure your store name is memorable

* Make sure your store name stands out.

* The store name should not be confusing

* Make sure your store name is easy to type.

You can achieve this by maintaining a consistent standard and portraying the brand image in every media space. Keep your audience interested by using humor and an interesting heading when introducing your brand.


The social media online village is essential to promote your wholesale cosmetics business. This goes beyond posting a few photos of your brand on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s a great idea to have a veteran blogger in the beauty niche talk about your brand. However, this might not be as appealing as having a well-respected consumer of cosmetic products support your new products.

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It will surprise you how quickly this move can bring in new customers.


You can place advertisements and promotions on many social media platforms. Usually, these methods are free. Google ads, Facebook ads and Instagram ads are just a few examples.

2. Tips to Boost Your Wholesale Cosmetics Company Offline

Online platforms are a great way for businesses to grow. But it’s surprising how many people don’t have the time or the desire to use the internet. It is possible to boost your cosmetic business by following some old-fashioned tips.

Unpaid Publicity

Your story could be featured in the media. You can get enough exposure by contacting the local media and sharing facts and benefits about your cosmetic products with them.

Get inspired by the most renowned branded makeup brands

Follow the trends of the top cosmetics brands around the world and those that are near you to learn about their business strategies and products.

It is important to learn from successful business owners in your industry.

. Sephora


. Estee Lauder

. L’Oreal

. Chanel

. Armani

. Christian Dior SE

. Guerlain

. Maybelline


Free Giveaways

Free products are powerful. Media houses may use your cosmetics product gallery as a giveaway. This is a low-cost way to gain popularity.

Product Endorsement

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Your wholesale cosmetics business can be boosted by giving away free products to local, regional and international leaders.

They are usually consumers and will often endorse the product to attract more clients.

Locate the right wholesale cosmetics distributor

Your business’s success depends on finding reliable suppliers.

How do I find authentic wholesale cosmetics suppliers in India

Although it is easy to find the right supplier of cosmetics, authenticating one can be difficult. It is crucial as the quality and reliability of your products will depend on who you choose from the beginning.

1. Sourcing agents

Sourcing agents work in the area and have a good understanding of the products. They can help you identify the best supplier of cosmetic products at a reasonable factory price and other benefits.

2. Exhibitions of cosmetics products and trade fairs

Trade fairs are a great place to find reliable suppliers of cosmetic products.

3. Listings on B2B Marketplaces

This platform hosts all business-to-business transactions and a large listing of trusted cosmetic suppliers. Alibaba.com, indiamart.com, and other marketplaces are two of the most popular.

4. Google Search and LinkedIn

To find Indian cosmetic suppliers, you can use the google search engine.

LinkedIn has a lot of information about Indian cosmetic suppliers. You can search for them by category.

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Is there any Indian wholesale cosmetics supplier?

There are thousands of wholesale suppliers operating in India that deal in branded cosmetics. The top brands include:

. L’Oreal

. Lakme

. lotus

. Sephora,


. Estee Lauder

. Chanel

. Armani

. Christian Dior SE

. Guerlain

. Maybelline


Where can I buy cheap Indian wholesale cosmetics online?

It is vital to ensure that customers are satisfied with the products and services offered by a business.

Here’s a list of top websites:

. Indiamart.com

. Bulkli.com

. Goodchoiceindia.com

. Bigbasket.com

. Goodchoice.com

. Justdial.com

How do I open a cosmetics company in India? What licenses and registrations do I need?

Statistically, it is best to start with a few products in order to get a feel for the cosmetic industry. As you continue to improve your product offerings, introduce new products and offer discounts and product promotions.

You can choose to register your business as a company, or sole proprietor.

. Licenses are also required

. Board for drugs and cosmetics

. Form 31 is used to issue manufacturers licenses

. Business establishment certification

. GST certification

. GMP product certification

. National environmental waste management certification

. GST registration TAN number.