Herbal Supplements and Products Dropshipping Program

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Elite Informatics, a leader in herbal product export and e-commerce, was founded in 2005 with the goal of spreading holistic health science ‘Ayurveda’ around the world. To spread the benefits of natural treatments, we supply authentic ayurvedic products that are top-quality to many customers around the globe.

With the sole purpose of making a positive difference in the lives of people and helping them, we introduce people to the amazing curative benefits of pure ayurvedic supplementation. Elite Informatics has been able to provide the best herbal products to people all over the world through a rich and rewarding journey. We are committed to providing top-quality services to both our clients and customers. This is how we guarantee a strong business relationship. We are known for building strong relationships with business partners and delivering complete satisfaction to our customers.

Ayurved Research Foundation, our manufacturing partner, has its unique research and development facility in Gurgaon (India) that meets the international standards for quality and effectiveness. This production company specializes in creating world-class ayurvedic products using state of the art technology. Ayurved Research Foundation has been duly associated with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001:2000. Both are based upon strict quality guidelines.

Therefore, we conduct stringent quality control testing to ensure the highest quality of our natural products. This is done under the guidance of highly skilled, focused workers. We are committed to providing natural and effective treatments for many diseases and conditions. The best ayurvedic products are created by combining the highest quality ingredients in the right proportions. These herbal supplements have no side effects and are therefore completely safe to use.

We are committed to providing the highest quality herbal supplements. We give priority to purity over price. We are the only company that can offer the same quality herbal supplements at such low prices. They are suitable for vegetarians because of their pure herbal composition. You have come to the right place if your company is interested in purchasing bulk quantities of herbal health care products. We have an incredible wholesale program for retail stores, individuals, and health supplement providers who wish to buy our products in bulk and then resell them to others.

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Clients who are interested in our wholesale herbal products program will receive exciting offers. Our wholesale prices are the best on the market and offer a wide range of profitable earnings. Our ayurvedic products can be purchased at as little as half the price. Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 100 packs. The distribution system we use is highly efficient and delivers the corresponding ayurvedic product discreetly, reliably, and quickly to the location. Our Indian distributors as well as international distributors receive great technical support.

We have a wide export network, which allows us to deliver in countries other than India, such as Europe, USA, UK and Russia. We can mark our presence on almost every continent. To protect the confidentiality and privacy of our clients, we follow a strict protocol for discreet and private packaging. We pack all of our products in plain papers.

Our wholesale products are manufactured in large quantities and we offer dropshipping services to our clients. We can ship any number of products, from 1 to 1000, and will make sure you receive your order promptly at the destination you desire.

We have extensive experience in international shipping and are well-versed in the best way to ship. Dropshipping orders are eligible for commission rates as high as 25% to 40%, which is undoubtedly the best in the business. These herbal products are stored in top-notch facilities so that there is no risk of any loss or damage. We are able to repeat products at a high rate so you don’t have to worry about import taxes or FDA regulations in your country.

There are no setup fees, registration fees, or hidden charges. If you are looking to sell our products via your website, catalogs, or other marketing channels, the dropship program is for you. Free shipping to all countries is offered by us. After purchasing our products, you will only need to pay an additional shipping fee. This will allow you to make more money. Our products can be sold to customers at retail prices, generating great profits.

You will receive all details and pictures of our ayurvedic products. Then you can focus on marketing and promotion. If you have any questions or are interested in our wholesale or dropshipping program, or if your company is looking to be a distributor or reseller of our Ayurvedic products please contact us.

Our Dropshipping and Wholesale Program will allow you to explore new horizons.

Drop shipping offers all the benefits of supply chain management and ecommerce, but allows the retailer to avoid the hassle of product shipment. Drop shipping has become a very popular business model due to the rapid growth of the natural health products industry. If you are looking to expand your business using the most popular business model, then it is worth taking the time to find the top dropship suppliers natural health supplements.

Profits can be generated from the first day. When you have a large customer base, you can make great profits. Sell supplements from top dropship suppliers of herbal products to succeed in the digital world.

Drop shipping of herbal products has many benefits

Drop shipping is a hassle-free option for retailers looking to establish their identity in the ecommerce space. Find the top dropshippers of natural supplements. Then, do your research and reap the following benefits:

* You don’t have to deal with the hassles associated with inventory management

* Greatest ever profit margins

* Benefits of discreet shipping

* The best method to promote your website.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Drop shipping is free of charge

* There are no minimum orders

* There are no set-up fees or hidden charges

It’s easy to provide all information that your customers require. Then you can promote the products and offer drop shipping. This is a great opportunity to reap the full benefits of ecommerce verticals, and it’s also free from all the hassles associated with product packaging and shipping.

Dropshipping: Types of herbs

Dropshippers can also enjoy the amazing product range offered by dropship suppliers. These are the most requested categories of herbal products and supplements:

* Male health: Use herbal capsules or massage oils to treat problems related to stamina and aging.

* Female health: Ayurvedic herbal supplements are rich in nutrients that can treat chronic female conditions such as hormonal imbalance, iron deficiency, and dysfunction of the reproductive system.

* General Health: Time-tested remedies for general health that are suitable for all ages.

How do you find the best dropship supplier of natural health supplements

Selling products you don’t have is a bad idea. However, it would be beneficial to find reliable dropship suppliers of natural supplements. You can reap the rewards of a low-cost, flexible, and scalable business model by finding the best dropship supplier of herbal products. They will offer discreet shipping, no hidden charges, and 24/7 customer support.

The best dropship program of herbal supplements is offered by DropshipHerbalSupplements.com that provides all the above mentioned benefits to dedicated and talented individuals. Forget the hassles of product care, damage and stock control and be a part of the drop ship program offered by DropshipHerbalSupplements.com to enjoy the business benefits with all the advantages of drop ship models.

Dropship Custom Herbal Formulas

A custom-written formula is unmatched in precision and quality. It’s important to be exact when it comes to the health of your patients.

China Herb Company’s foundational backbone is custom formulas. That’s why we rely on you. Your formula can be written in liquid concentrate, raw or 5:1 granules. Our online HerbScript Pro dispensary conforms to HIPAA. Drop-shipping can be done by you. You can let your patient re-order the exact same formula.

Don’t worry if your raw formula isn’t liquid or granule. Our system will do it for you!

You can be sure that your herbs are safe and effective by having them tested for heavy metals, pesticide residues, and other contaminants.

There are many ways to modify your formulas.

  • The simplest Combine 2 formulas together. This formula is used in Classical Shang Han Lan and Kampo traditions.
  • Specific – If you have gan cao or fu ling in every formula, then you will end up with too many. You can start with the core formula, and then add to it. You can also build it using the individual parts.

Our HerbScript Pro will do the math: Simply enter the total amount of herbs in grams or ounces, and the system will convert the proportions exactly as you need them.

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