12 Top Makeup and Cosmetics Wholesale Suppliers in China

You are a seller looking for good quality makeup wholesale China. This article will provide all the answers you need. These days, one seller did not have to travel across the country to find the best wholesaler. It is now easy to do this with Google. To find out more about a wholesaler in China, the seller can search multiple websites. He can even compare them to determine which one is the best.

It can be difficult to buy customized cosmetics for chinese girls from manufacturers. It can take months to get a sample and you need to purchase a lot of products per design.

High MOQs and long lead times are major barriers to entry for cash-strapped start-ups looking to enter China.

Why not skip the manufacturer and buy wholesale China cosmetics? There is no minimum order quantity for appetizers. You can mix and match whatever you like. You don’t even need to wait six months for them to appear.

It sounds a bit fictitious.

However, things aren’t always as they seem. Buying wholesale products, especially makeup products from China, is a wise decision. There are many chinese brands of makeup that fit your budget. The table below lists the top chinese cosmetics wholesalers in each year.

China’s best wholesale makeup and cosmetics bands

* SPDC: SPDC skin care brand is one of the most popular in chinese cosmetics. This product comes in a small, round box made of iron. It was awarded the famed Trademark of China in 2008 It had also won the title of famous Trademark of Shanghai before that.

* One leaf: One Leave, a Chinese cosmetics brand, was established just three years ago. It released its first mask sheet in 2015, one year later. The mask sheets were ranked number one in China as the best-selling product in the makeup wholesale China area in 2016. After their first use, 35 percent of clients purchased the mask sheets again.

* PROYA – Proya Company focuses on the source of beauty and encourages women to think from the inside out. It also leads venture care for women that goes beyond individual skin treatments to society. It was named the UN female tactical partner in 2013.

INOHERB. Shanghai Inoherb Cosmetics Co. Ltd. produces herbal skin products as well as beauty products under the type face hydration cream and face moisturizing cream. It produces quadruple silk-whitening-moisture, facial mask, whitening and moisturizing, chinese eyes makeup; nenuphar radiance; and whitening and nurturing; nourishing and firming. This cosmetics company was established in Shanghai, China in 1999.

* CHANDO This famous brand was founded in Shanghai in 2009. It is one of China’s most successful cosmetics brands. Fan Bingbing, another Chinese celebrity, has endorsed it. They are available in all parts of mainland China, as well as having retail outlets in the USA, Russia and Britain.

* Caisy This is one of the best chinese cosmetic brands and includes many Caisy Cleanser products, Caisy Acne and Mite Off Facial Masks, Caisy Hydrating Moisturizing Products, and more.

* WETCODE Wetcode: Wetcode refers to a Chinese trade name. The brand is focused on moisturizing skincare products and sets of face masks. It grew quickly by marketing with wanghongs (Chinese social media influencers).

These are just a few of the many cosmetics brands that are very popular in China’s makeup wholesale market.

Estee Lauder: Estee Lauder launched Re-Nutriv in 2017. This skin care line contains black diamond truffle extract, which is thought to have anti-aging properties and skin sculpting components. The price for a 25ml bottle of Re-Nutriv essence is a staggering 3,800 RMB. The collection comes in gold, with silver and black accents. The company’s brand ambassador Mi Yang, Estee Lader, was also present. Other celebrities, including Guo Jingjing, an Olympic diver, were also included in the collection. The Estee Lauder Cosmetics Group’s mac makeup wholesale China is also popular.

* Helena Rubinstein – Unlike other top cosmetic lines, Helena Rubinstein didn’t rush to launch a limited-edition line in China. Its Christmas set includes a full-size 50ml nightcream and Re-Plasty Day (3,480 RMB). Re-Plasty cosmetics are the best. They have anti-aging and self-repairing properties. Pure white and black bottles convey a subtler sense of luxury. Jia Jingwen, the brand’s ambassador for China, works with many magnificence bloggers.

Innisfree: Innisfree, the most popular K-beauty brand China has to offer, is known for its affordable price and efficient formula. Green tea balancing skincare sets are popular among sensitive and anxious skin types. It is currently the bestselling product.

Wholesale makeup suppliers from China

Beauty Exchange Center –

Guangzhou’s beauty center is strategically located in the Guangzhou Railway Station Markets region and Guihuagang Handbag Markets. It is alive with enthusiasm all year. The beauty center in Guangzhou is composed of three huge cosmetic wholesale buildings that house hundreds of China wholesale makeup sellers. It offers a wide range of beauty and wellness products at great prices. The Building C dissident floor is full of virgin hair, with the majority of Chinese virgin hair dealers coming from Northern China, mainly Qingdao or Henan.

Eva International Cosmetic Purchasing Center

Eva International Cosmetic Purchasing Center is strategically located near Feixiang Park metro station, Line 2, and Xingfa Plaza beauty and cosmetics market. It is housed in a five level air-conditioned house. The vast shopping center’s floor directory provides valuable information that saves time and helps you locate China wholesale makeup suppliers. L1 through L3 are dedicated cosmetics wholesale markets, with an incredible range of China cosmetics shops and showrooms.

Products include eye-shadows and lipsticks, mascaras, lip glosses, lipsticks as well as creams, creams and soaps.


Aurora Formula Co. Ltd. is anIndenture Cosmetics Supplier that has been serving the Chinese cosmetics market since 2009. Aurora has three traditional Chinese makeup factories in China, employing over 500 people. Our research and development department allows us to provide our customers with effective explanations of their makeup ranges.

Most of our products are exported to Australia, North America, Western Europe and North America. There are many brands to choose from, including high-end and middle-end products. It has established relationships with more than twenty qualified suppliers over the years of its involvement in traditional Chinese makeup factories. Our large production volume allows us to offer flexible pricing and flexibility to clients.


High-end supermarkets such as Ole and City Super will stock European beauty brands, along with some organic options. I have seen Lavera, WeledaBioderma and Nivea. Sometimes, there is even makeup. Carrefour and other big chains have limited selections. I will never forget my search for nail polish remover during my first week in Shanghai. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I finally found it at China Supermarkets.

Why can’t China produce good cosmetics?

Is it possible that some of the cosmetics brands from China are in your vanity? Nearly 99% of makeup users answer yes. Sometimes, we believe that Chinese products are bad for us.

The truth is that choosing Chinese cosmetics brands is not only better for your skin, but also saves you a lot of money. Chinese Cosmetics are not just popular in China, but all over the globe. These products are essential for beauty and health.

These products are also chosen by many Chinese wholesalers to be distributed throughout the region and exported all over the globe. These products are extremely profitable for both the seller and buyer. Chinese makeup brands are free of harmful chemicals and made with natural or homemade products.

I researched and compiled a list of brands that use all or most of the ingredients from China. You might be surprised at some of these brands.


Your wardrobe should complement your brand-name makeup products. Makeup should not be applied in an unnatural way. You can shop for the best cosmetic brands to have more options. There are many well-known brands as well as some lesser-known brands that you can choose from at affordable prices. Before you buy, compare prices between Chinese retailers shops. Many of the Chinese-style makeup brands are available at a discounted price and come with money back guarantees.