List of 8 Squarespace Templates Tailored for Writers

Writers in today’s gig economy don many hats: idea generators, pitchers, negotiators, SEO specialists and caffeine connoisseurs alike.

Websites are essential tools for writers who aim to establish themselves and expand their audience. Here are a few Squarespace templates designed specifically for authors that will assist in building professional-looking sites.


Fix8 Media Squarespace website designers in Longmont often choose Brine as a multi-use template that can showcase all types of content. One of the most flexible templates available, Brine boasts visual appeal with customizable blocks on its top banner that allow for text, videos, images etc. Additionally, several customization options make optimizing sites for mobile devices easier.

As with the other templates in this collection, Brine comes equipped with an inbuilt blog section and book page as well as a contact form that visitors can use to reach the author directly. Furthermore, its homepage boasts an “Shop Now” button, featured products section, and newsletter subscription form for easy visitor engagement.

While the remainder of this template may be simple, it still stands out and makes for an eye-catching presentation of writing work. The homepage also includes an image slider which makes showcasing a selection of your best work easier; additionally, its responsive layout makes navigation through your site seamless across devices.

One thing that sets this template apart is its built-in social media integrations, making it easier for readers to share your content on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can add links directly to these accounts in order to strengthen your online presence.

Native Template

Squarespace’s Native template is an excellent option for bloggers who wish to build websites that emphasize writing and storytelling abilities. The modern design allows for storytelling through images and text while the built-in blogging functionality enables publishing your content and engaging with your audience. This simple yet effective approach to starting a new blog makes this template a top choice among beginners and non-coders looking for an efficient means of getting online.


As an author, having a website is key for showcasing your work, attracting clients and growing an online presence. Many writers turn to Squarespace due to its user-friendly interface and extensive template library – although sometimes authors end up selecting templates that don’t meet their individual needs or don’t reflect their unique brand.

Cadere is an elegant and clean template perfect for authors. This template features a full-width image on its homepage as well as an intuitive navigation structure that makes finding what visitors are searching for simple.

Cadere template is also an ideal way to showcase your blog posts with its built-in masonry layout, which makes displaying multiple blog posts on one page much more visually pleasing and captivating site design. Plus, its eCommerce functionality enables you to sell books directly through your website!


Vester is another fantastic minimalist blog template available through Squarespace that makes the perfect platform for sharing travel stories and advice with readers. Its layout has been optimized to improve readability while its tag or category pages make navigating content simpler while helping search engines index it more effectively.

Vester template features a dedicated section for showcasing past projects, which you can do through blogs, videos, images and even a social media widget that links directly to social media accounts.

If you prefer something simpler and minimalist, the Ready template might be the right fit. Perfect for freelance writers looking to showcase their key skills without becoming overly complex with their layout, this template features pages for project details as well as past client listings – making it a fantastic option for copywriters looking to build up an impressive portfolio of past work.


Mercer is an elegant and contemporary template with an emphasis on white space that’s ideal for authors seeking to showcase their writing with an eye-catching visual presence. Additionally, there’s a blog page available so you can post articles related to your work or other subjects of interest to your target audience. Unfortunately this template doesn’t come equipped with eCommerce functionality so if you wish to sell books through your site you must set up separate shop on Squarespace separately.


Though not designed specifically for writers, this Hayden template makes an ideal option for creating an author website. With its unassuming yet appealing layout that helps your content stand out, search engines like crawlers will discover each of your pages with ease. Furthermore, its calendar and appointment booking system is great for scheduling meetings with clients or partners.

All of these templates offer excellent solutions for writers looking to build professional websites, with specific features coded into their design which may make changes difficult or expensive. It is therefore crucial that writers evaluate their needs and goals prior to selecting a template.

If you are having difficulty choosing which template best fits your needs, creating a free trial account on Squarespace is an easy way to experiment with several. Here you can see how different templates look in action before making your decision and also view demo pages of these designs for a clearer idea of their look in your site.


Suhama is an elegant yet straightforward template to display your writing or creative work, perfect for writers looking to expand their client base through their website. The clean design places emphasis on typography and content over visuals; its three sections feature personal intro, projects/portfolio section, contact section as well as blog functionality which helps authors connect with their audiences.

Sofia Pazari

Sofia Pazari is another option that’s well suited to writers. This minimalist template provides freelancers with a simple yet captivating website to display their portfolio and professional experience, featuring large cover images for project categories as well as personal introduction, services/pricing area and testimonials section.

Sofia Rey and Ready are two templates ideal for freelance writers. While both templates provide writers with great ways to gain client leads and turn them into paying customers, Sofia Rey stands out with its clear minimalist layout that emphasizes your contact info and blog – both of which help keep visitors engaged while offering services pricing information, testimonials sections and simple contact forms so as to convert potential leads into clients more quickly.