15 Best Single Product Shopify Themes (Free & Paid)

A single product eCommerce Dropshipping template is one that can be used to promote a product or product line. This template is simple and can be used to promote a single product or product line.

Shopify’s Dropshipping single product themes are often less than the categories of Shopify themes. Online dropshipping store owners may find it difficult to choose the right theme for their needs. Below are some Shopify themes that you can use for eCommerce sites with single products.

Shopify can be a great platform if you only have one product to sell. Shopify is simple to use, integrates seamlessly with many payment processors, and offers tons of features and third party apps that will allow you to sell more of your products.

Shopify also offers many Shopify themes that can be used for single product stores. These themes will make it easy to set up your store quickly and get you selling your product. We’ll be sharing the top single-product Shopify themes.

How Single Product Online Shops Work

Perhaps you are wondering why single product online stores work in a world that offers so many products and store options. Perhaps you’re wondering what makes single-product online shops so special? Businesses like these are successful for a reason. They offer reliability and quality with one product, to a point where they become a reference in their industry.

These single-product stores are well-known examples.

  • Crocs – The comfortable foam clogs are a huge success since their release. This company is the most well-known, with over 720,000,000 Crocs being sold since 2002.
  • Spanx This word almost stands for shape wear. This single business, founded by Sara Blakely sells essential shapewear around the globe.
  • Michelin This famous, single-product tire manufacturer has been producing high-quality tires since over 130 years. Michelin was the inventor of the first radial tire, and they now have customers all over the world.

How does this translate into single product online shops? You’ll get benefits if you focus on one product in your Shopify store:

  • Give your business the attention it deserves. You don’t have to work hard on a large catalog if you only have one product.
  • Higher conversion rates. Too many options can cause confusion and lead to customers leaving without purchasing. Visitors will buy more if there are fewer options. This is key to optimizing conversion rates.

Best One Product Shopify Stores Examples

You want to see Shopify stores with just one product? These are top Shopify stores with one product to give you inspiration.

  • Snooz : They sell a portable white noise machine called SNOOZ that helps people fall asleep.
  • Hana – They sell sustainable feminine care products with a strong mission.
  • NeosSmartCam: They sell security cameras to homeowners. This bridges the gap between traditional insurance and home technology.

ThemeForest’s Top Single Product Shopify Themes

You might now be curious about single product online shops. Where can you find the best Shopify themes for single products? ThemeForest is an online marketplace that offers hundreds of Shopify themes for every type of store.

ThemeForest themes stand out because of their modern, attractive design and the many features they include. Each theme can be purchased separately and installed in minutes. The theme can be customized to your liking, and you can confidently launch your shop.

MyMedi- The Fastest Single Product Shopify Template

MyMedi is our latest Shopify theme. This Shopify template is for the pharmacy and medical industries.

This Shopify products theme makes it easy to create an online shop. Shopify’s latest theme Shopify is optimized for drop shipping. You will also get more than 100 predefined modules. You can find them here.

“Everything about the theme is fantastic. I will definitely recommend it and use it again. Excellent customer service. They respond quickly and help you with every problem.” -Userwhis100

Boom – One Product Electronics Shopify Template

Are you looking for an e-commerce store that sells earwear? Boom is the best Shopify theme to use for a single product. This Shopify theme is for one product.

  • Sliders that are stylish
  • Different Mega menu styles
  • Dropdown menu for cart summary
  • Filters for color and size
  • Quick product view
  • Powerful Admin panel
  • Design that is fully responsive
  • Newsletter popup
  • Ajax wishlist

“Nice theme. Easy to use. Excellent support and customer service. Many built-in apps that you don’t have to purchase from a third party. “Definitely recommend!” -User SteveDisain

LuckyDogs Pet Care Shop Shopify Theme

You know what it means to be in pet care. To give your pet a wonderful online experience, invest in this Shopify theme.

Shopify’s new Shopify One product theme has many amazing features. It is easy to customize and quick.

Chrono Dial-Watch Single Product Shopify Theme

An excellent idea for a Shopify shop is to have a watch store. The Shopify One Product theme is elegant and will be a great fit for you. Chrono Dial can be used as a responsive theme. It has some amazing features like:

  • 5 different Mega menu styles
  • Unique blog design
  • Multi-currency support
  • Sidebar filters for Ajax
  • Drag & Drop homepage blocks
  • Popup quick product view
  • Product sale label

Bikez, Bike Shop, Single Product Shopify Theme

As eco-friendly transports, bikes are becoming more popular. You can take advantage of this and set up a Shopify store that sells one product.

The latest Shopify theme has an intuitive Admin panel. It’s fully responsive, customizable, and easy to customize. This is the best Shopify theme we have for a single product. This Shopify product template is SEO optimized and coded in HTML5 and CSS3. Get it now!

Shella – Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Premium themes such as this are the best for Shopify’s one-product store. Shella is a multipurpose theme that can be used in any Shopify product store. This Shopify one product theme has the greatest benefit: it loads quickly, which will give your customers a great user experience.

The theme also includes 99+ premade pages, premade skins and built-in support to view 3D and video products. It is fully responsive and can be customized easily. See the incredible features of this one-product store theme.

Elomus- One Product Shopify Theme

Elomus is a responsive Shopify theme that offers 14+ homepage layouts and 20 premade designs to create inner pages. This theme is great for single-product Shopify.

This Shopify product store features a drag-and-drop page builder, integrated product color swatches and multicurrency support. It also has product quick views and social media integration. The Shopify single product theme supports mega menus, is responsive, and fully customizable.

Enercos Single Product eCommerce Shopify Theme

The Enercos theme is modern and responsive. It was created with Shopify’s top-one product Shopify store in mind. You can sell organic beauty products and handmade cosmetics as well as watches, smart watches, or other similar products.

There are many pages included in the single product Shopify template, including 4 blog page styles, 3 product page styles and about us, FAQ, custom 404, wish list, and more. The best Shopify theme is perfect for a single product. It also features Ajax cart and customer testimonials.

Citrus – One Page Shopify Theme

The Citrus theme is a Shopify template that can be used for just one product. Shopify’s single product template features a parallax effect, custom-styled checkout, product variant support, and many other features. The template is fully responsive and offers many customization options that will make your store stand apart.

Mixture – Single Product Shopify Theme

Mixture comes with three pre-made homepages as well as a 360 product view. The best Shopify theme for a single product features a horizontal gallery layout, and is RTL-ready.

Multi language support, drag-and-drop sections, multicurrency support and a powerful theme administrator panel will all be available to you so that you can personalize every aspect of your store. Shopify templates for one product are responsive and load quickly.

Quark – Single Product Shopify Theme

Quark’s best-selling theme for a one-product store has a modern design. It can be used to sell everything from drones, organic products, and digital goods. Shopify’s one product theme is responsive. It comes with unlimited color options and mega menus. Revolution Slider integration and other SEO best practices are included. The Shopify products theme can be quickly customized to fit your brand.

Lumina Single Product, Product Line Shopify Template

The Lumina Shopify One Product theme is clean and minimalist. This theme can be used to sell one product or one product line. This theme is very easy to customize. It also comes with three premade homepages you can use as a base for your design. This template is ideal for building top-of-the-line Shopify one product stores.

Single Store – A Modular Layout Theme

Shopify’s latest theme is modular and allows you to quickly arrange your homepage sections. It is responsive and easy-to-customize. It supports product videos, has an Ajax cart and product swatches.

Mika is a Multipurpose eCommerce Shopify Template

Mika can be used to create any type of product store. Fully responsive, the Mika theme can be used for any type of single product store and comes with 20 demos. Features such as color swatches and product filters, fast loading speeds, wishlists, mega-menus, and other standard eCommerce features are all available.

Anon-Drone Single Product Shopify Template

The Anon theme is simple and minimalist in design. There are many premade demos included so that you can find the one that suits your style. Shopify’s drone single product theme includes powerful theme options, responsive design and Ajax wishlist.

Lorin- Shapewear Shopify Template

The best Shopify theme for a single product is great for single product lines. It can also be easily adapted for single product stores. You can choose from 6 premade demos. It also includes drag and drop page builders, mega menus, product filters, and many other useful features.

Plantmore – Flower Nursery Shopify Theme

If you are selling a product or line of products that is floral- or plant-based, this Shopify one product store is the best choice. Shopify’s one product theme is modern and fresh. It looks great on all devices. Features include 5 premade demos and drag and drop builder. Mega menus and custom blog sections are also available.

Sofee- Cosmetic Skincare Shopify. Theme

If you are selling skincare products or cosmetic lines, the Sofee theme is a good choice. This is the best theme for one product stores. It’s responsive, customizable and very cool. To encourage sales, you can choose from 5 mega menu styles.

Bakins- Shopify Cake Shop, Bakery Template For Single Product Stores

This theme features a unique and attractive design, color variations, advanced product searches box, mega menus and other eCommerce features. This theme is the best Shopify theme to use for a single product. It’s also fully responsive and customizable.

Safira Organic Food Shopify Theme

The Shopify one product theme can be used by any store selling organic products. It has a clean and modern design that is fully responsive. The theme includes a mega menu, multiple product views, quick views of products, and many other features.

Hawki Single Product Shopify Theme

Drones are becoming more popular. This Shopify drone theme is ideal for your next online shop.

Shopify One’s product theme includes stylish sliders, an advanced mega menu and a shop page. It has a complete admin panel that allows you to customize the theme to your liking and optimizes for SEO.

Escoot Single Product Shopify Theme

Escoot is a Shopify one product theme. This is one our newest Shopify single product templates. It is easy to customize and use, and includes:

  • Custom product display
  • Newsletter Popup
  • Quick product view
  • Advanced Ajax filter
  • Ajax shopping cart
  • Powerful Admin panel
  • Design that is fully responsive

Obrien – Organic Food One Product Shopify Store

Obrien is a great Shopify theme for a single product if your business is in the food industry. This Shopify template is a single product and includes everything you need for setting up an online store.

Shopify’s products theme is responsive and allows for a variety of customization options.

Fabulous – Single Product Shopify Theme

If you are starting an online store, this Shopify template for one product is the perfect choice. This is our latest best one-product store theme.

You can use the Shopify theme to create a single product Shopify theme, a cosmetics shop, or a watch and/or watch store.

Electon- Shopify eCommerce Theme

A Shopify electronics store is a popular choice for many clients. The new Shopify store is open to all types of electronic gadgets.

This drone single product Shopify theme is great for taking advantage of its modern design.

Five Best Shopify Themes Free For A Single Product

A premium Shopify One product theme may not be the best choice if you are tight on cash. But that doesn’t mean your dream of opening your own store is dead. Shopify offers a variety of free themes you can use to get started.

These themes are free but have less features and customization options than premium themes.

Check out these Shopify themes that are free for every product you have.

Narrative Template Free Shopify E-Commerce Website Template

The best Shopify theme free for single products has four styles to choose from. It was designed with small catalogs and in mind. It allows you to embed hero videos in the header and is focused on telling your product’s story. It is responsive.

Debut Template – Free Shopify Template

This theme is simple and clean. Shopify’s best-selling single product theme supports slideshows so that you can showcase your product from many angles. This theme is ideal for small stores and allows you to easily customize the colors and fonts.

Express Template – Shopify Website Template

This theme is ideal for organic or food stores. Shopify’s best-selling theme is fully responsive and available in two styles. Features such as slide out and quick buy are available.

Brooklyn Theme. Free Shopify Template

This theme is modern and responsive. This theme supports a slide-out cart and includes a header slideshow that allows you to show your product from various angles. Shopify’s best-selling theme supports homepage videos, so you can add video reviews.

Minimal Template – Free Shopify Template

This Shopify theme is vintage in style. Fully responsive, it supports product image zooms, product filters and homepage slideshows. It’s easy to customize this Shopify theme.

One Product Store Design and Copy Tips

We’ve shown you the top Shopify themes for single products and the best Shopify themes for multiple products. Here are five design and copy tips to help you sell more products.

Display Multiple Product Photos From Different Angles

Product photos matter. If you are dealing with one product store, make sure to include multiple product shots from different angles. Photos of product variants can be included.

Focus On Benefits First

People buy products that will improve their lives. Although features are important, you should be focusing on the benefits of your product.

You might consider adding video reviews and testimonials

Trust is a key factor in people buying from brands they believe in. The best way to build that trust is to include testimonials and reviews about your products in your store. Video reviews and testimonials are even more effective, as video content has a higher conversion rate that other formats.

Pay Attention To Text Formatting

Avoid lengthy paragraphs and walling off text. Use headings and bullets to break up your text visually and make it easier for readers to scan.

Make your Checkout Simpler

Customers abandon their purchases due to long and complex checkout processes. You can decrease cart abandonment and sell more product by simplifying your checkout.

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