18 Best Gucci Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

Do you still want to find wholesale designer brands? You’re in the right spot.

The guides would provide some useful guides of Gucci Wholesale Clothing as well as some Designer Clothing Suppliers/Distributors.

There are many types of wholesale Gucci clothing

You will know that sourcing products is much more difficult than general clothing once you have started your wholesale designer branding company. This is simply because these items are often 10 times or higher in price than normal clothing.

Wholesalers can choose from three types of Gucci clothing.

  • Gucci Inspired Clothing Wholesale
  • Gucci Clothing Leftover Stock;
  • Cheap Replica Gucci Clothing.

#1.1 Gucci Inspired Clothing Wholesale

1.1.1 Where to Buy Gucci Inspired Clothing Wholesale.

Timing is crucial to ensure that your Gucci clothing is authentic and high-quality.

USA – Black Friday Thanksgiving Day Christmas Sale

UK: Summer Sales! Black Friday Christmas Sale Golden Wee! Double Eleven!

Italy: Sale on Sumber! Christmas Sale

China: Summer Sales! Double Eleven! Double Twelve

1.1.2 Where can I buy Gucci Inspired Clothing Wholesale?

Then, you can go to the next place for your wholesale.

You can generally wholesale through the following channels.

1. Gucci Authorized Dealers (like mall shops)

2. Factory Outlet (Find the lowest price in Europe)

3. Another wholesaler (business-to-business transaction)

You may decide where you want to go based on what offer is available.

Recent research revealed that luxury prices vary across regions. It was found that luxury goods in China are about 21% higher than the global average. They are however 22% lower in comparison to France and Italy.

Italy – Italy is the top destination for fashion and luxury brands like Gucci, Armani and Prada. You can also enjoy 12 to 15% tax-free space. Rome, Florence and Verona are the most popular shopping destinations. There are also local factories that sell Gucci clothing at a discount price, such as GUCCI or PRADA in Florence.

The Mall is a highly recommended place in Italy. Also, The Space and Serravalle Outlet are great options.

UK – When you think of the UK, most people will associate it with the luxury clothing that gentlemen wear, such as Burberry. There are many types of UK shops located in different countries around the globe. This makes the UK a rich source of designer brands and shops. The Gucci Christmas sale in the UK is very attractive with discounts up to 70%.

The best places in UK are Bond Street, Sloane Street Harrods, Barneys Warehouse, Sloane Street and Sloane Street.

You can also choose from original Gucci brands in France, Russia, USA, and Hong Kong.

Overall, you should lower your wholesale frequency, which will largely reduce transport and labor costs.

#1.2 Stock Leftover by Manufacturers for Cheap Gucci Clothing

#1.2.1 A brief introduction to the remaining stock for Gucci Clothing

At present, many factories have some surplus/returned/temporarily canceled authentic designer clothing for some well-known brands. This is a great wholesale channel as the price is often very low, typically 60%-80% below the usual price.

First, what is surplus? They need to achieve an elimination rate of at least 5% per batch. Manufacturers would make at most 1050 pieces per Gucci sale for each 1000 pieces. After the wash care and hand tags are removed, the manufacturers would then distribute the remaining pieces to other distributors or retailers.

Second, although the clothing style may not be the most current, it is still recognizable. Therefore, it is a good idea to find a manufacturer that has surplus Gucci clothing.

Surplus clothing from Gucci manufacturers is hard to find even though there are many manufacturers with backlogs. It’s a different story if you live near many manufacturers, such as Florence, Italy.

1.2.2 Where can I buy leftover stock for Gucci Clothing?

Italy: All wholesale Gucci products, including clothing, shoes and handbags, are made in Prato, a Tuscan town located outside of Florence. Prato is the hub for leather-goods manufacturing from wholesale brands. ArtLab, the Gucci factory, covers 37,000 square metres and employs more than 800 people. It specializes in leather goods, footwear, and clothing.

China – Hong Kong Trying to import from Asia manufacturer like China is a smart choice. However, it all depends on your industry resources, particularly if you’re a visitor to China. To find manufacturers, I recommend HongKong and Shenzhen.

Granville Road, HongKong, was originally known as a wholesale clothing supplier. Most shops on Granville Road sell American or European wholesale brands of designer clothing directly from the factory. According to my knowledge, this street is home to many new Hong Kong celebrities who can’t afford designer clothes in public.

#1.3 Replica Cheap Gucci Clothing

1.3.1 A brief introduction to replica Gucci clothing

Many wholesalers will choose replica Gucci clothing because it is easy to find and affordable. Although it’s officially-prohibited, but admittedly, there’re still huge potential market for cheap wholesale designer clothing, the price of which is as low as you would know it definitely is a replica one.

#1.3.2 Where can I buy replica Gucci clothing

You can find replica Gucci clothing online.

Gucci claims its leather and clothing are made in Italy. It has been suggested that luxury European brands like Gucci may have outsourced manufacturing to China using cheap laborers from developing countries and assembly-line techniques to reduce costs. In this instance, China is Gucci’s largest foundry.

Here are some China-based replica Gucci clothing distributors.

  • Chinabrands is the best Chinese wholesale platform and B2B business mode.
  • Taobao is the largest e-commerce platform in China, and C2C business mode.
  • Guangzhou Baiyun Clothing Wholesale Market
  • Shenzhen Nanyou Clothing Wholesale Market

Tips Top designers brands such as Hermes, LV and Celine do not have a foundry in China.

Gucci Wholesale Clothing Suppliers

Below is a list of the top 20 online shops that sell Gucci wholesale clothing. Some are on the internet, while others are in your local area.


It’s without doubt the most popular e-commerce platform in China for C2C and B2C business. According to statistics, TaoBao achieved a sales volume of 1.7billion in 15 minutes on Double 11.

You will mostly find “Daigou”, who are overseas professional shoppers and claim that their products are authentic from the shoppes or manufacturers. Other shop owners tend to sell replicas to cater to teenagers who are unable to afford branded clothing. However, I do not recommend this.


Dhgate is a large wholesale online marketplace where sellers can list products. This allows other people to purchase from small and medium-sized producers and manufacturers. This online marketplace is well-established and has more than 10 years of experience. It is for Chinese wholesale buyers. Sell Globally

DHgate offers cheap wholesale designer clothing at a very low price. For example, a Gucci Tshirt costs $ 20.42. However, there is some bad news. Some of the clothes are fake.


Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, France. New York’s Bergdorf Goodman, USA. Which department is the most expensive in the UK? Harrods is the best.

If you are looking to wholesale high-end Gucci clothing to your customers, then you can visit the boutique to see your limited edition in New Years. It will be a delight to you with its variety and decorations. Every January, a “New Year Special Sale” with a big discount is held.

You can get global mail from the mall, as well as a 10% discount for holidays.


Mytheresa is a European luxury ecommerce company that sells more than 160 luxury brands, including Gucci and Valentino.

There are many Gucci clothing trends that you can see on these websites. However, the shop doesn’t offer free shipping as Farferch. For example, a Gucci Tshirt is EUR260 at Mytherasa and EUR280 at Farfetch.


Farfetch is a professional buyers’ store located in the United Kingdom. Farfetch’s pricing is more unpredictable because it’s a professional buyer shop. Some goods won’t be very cheap but it’s unique and a limited edition worldwide that everyone loves.

Farfetch will also offer free transportation activities or promotions such as its October birthday, Double Eleven, Black Friday, etc. The discount will attract.


Wholesale Clearance customers include private traders, market traders, carboot sellers, and eBay traders around the world. They offer a wide range of unique and interesting products and a constantly changing selection of branded clothing. This is what has made them so popular.

It is important to note that wholesale clothing can be done without a trade account.


EUROPAGES, an European B2B platform, is available in 26 languages. It has 3 million registered companies. These include manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. The platform is used by more than 2,000,000 unique users every month from around the globe to search for suppliers, products, and services.

The Mall

It’s a shame that you don’t shop at The Mall when you visit Florence. There are only 20 shops, but they all sell top brands such as Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. It attracts not only Italians to shop here but also those from France and Germany. You can see the immense benefits of this mall!

The price will be lower than you imagined. Italian brands are known for having lower discounts like Gucci. Gucci stores offer unbelievable discounts on everything from wholesale clothing to bags and shoes, much like supermarket shelves.

An excellent pair of leather shoes and leather clothing are often less than EUR400.

The shops are open Monday through Sunday, 10am to 9pm, except for New Year’s Day and Easter.

The Space

The Mall is about half an hour away from The Space, which is a factory store. Space offers goods at a very low price, with most items under 50% and occasionally as low as 1-2%. Space is the best place to shop for Miu Miu and Prada. You can find great deals if you are looking to wholesale the products of these designer brands.


Nearly all European countries have their own Outlet Villages, even Italy. Serravalle is the largest outlet village, and where most wholesalers would be found.

All year, you will find wholesale clothing brands at up to 70% off. Our cafes and restaurants are inspired by traditional Italian architecture. You will find iconic brands such as Armani, Burberry and Fendi, as well sporting labels like Converse and adidas Nike, and high-street favorites like Furla, Michael Kors and Coccinelle.

You should first check out the Gucci clothing on this website before you travel to Serravalle. To view more information, you can also visit the official Gucci website. However, some of the newer styles may not be available in Serravalle.


iOffer, an online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell virtually anything, even designer brands wholesale. With over 100 million items available for sale, there are thousands of active sellers and buyers. Founded in 2002, iOffer is based out of San Francisco, California.

iOffer’s user-friendliness is outstanding. They’ve made it easier for consumers to buy with a streamlined “Make Offer”, “Buy Now”, or checkout pages. For reviews, ratings, and questions from nearby buyers, you can also visit the “Recent Activity” page.

Noble Designer

Noble Designer is a wholesaler, drop shipper, and consumer brand specialist. We can provide authentic brands for Burberry, Coach, Christian Dior and Gucci as well as Dolce and Gabbana and Fendi and all other designer brands. Each item is 100% authentic, new and comes with tags.

Drop shipping is available worldwide. You can have any label on the package they want, but you are responsible for all correspondence and returns between you and the buyer.

This is it for the wholesale areas. I am sorry that this was not enough information. However, once you have decided to wholesale there you should google it to find out the address, opening times, and selling products.

Replica Gucci Clothing: Tips for Avoiding

Gucci clothing is a great choice for establishing a long-term wholesale business. I highly recommend that you source Gucci clothing wholesale from reputable channels as I have mentioned. However, even the most reliable channels may still offer replicas or clothing of inferior quality.


1. Can I import wholesale baby clothing from China?

China is well-known for its clothing manufacturing capabilities. I have listed some websites and wholesale markets for you to get a great deal. Please remember that many designer products at a low price are imitations, with the exception of some clothing left over from manufacturers.

You should continue to deal with international shipping and import licensing.

2. Where can I buy gucci wholesale clothing from the UK for men?

Factory Outlet is a good option for wholesale businesses. There are some drawbacks to Factory Outlet. You may not find the latest fashion clothing, but there are many options that will satisfy your needs.

3. Are you unable to find cheap designer clothing wholesale?

Luxury clothing can be more difficult to source than general clothing and is therefore harder to verify its authenticity.

These are the 3 best ways to start a business if you’re a beginner.

First Option: Wholesale clothing

Wholesalers can send you cheap wholesale Gucci clothing. Then you can resell them online.

Option #2 – Use a clothing drop shipper

The dropshipper will list all the sizes and styles of clothing they have in stock. You don’t need to purchase any or even handle them. Once you place an order, the dropshipper will help you pack the clothes and ship them to you.

Third Option: Purchase liquidated/leftover clothing stock

Refer to my description at point 2.

4. Which category is the best to wholesale Gucci products?

Handbags > Clothing > Shoe, this is largely determined by their market demand and whether or not it’s possible to source them.

Last words

It would be difficult to sell wholesale Gucci products and would not be recommended. Instead, make sure you have more products.

A great place to start is wholesale designer brands like MiuMiu, Prada and others. You should also consider buying inspired clothing wholesale rather than replicas.

This is it for today. You can leave a comment below if you have any questions.