20 Best Auto Car Parts Wholesale Suppliers Worldwide

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This Guide will provide you with 15 top quality wholesale distributors of auto parts. This article will also include marketing tips and wholesale tips.

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Due to increasing demand for parts and cars, there has been an increase in car sales worldwide. An increase in car sales leads to an increase in industry services.

The demand for auto parts at wholesale level increases with the increase in car production. Due to an increase in new cars that are under warranty and need regular servicing, we expect to see a significant increase in wholesale car parts business in 2020. Also, there will be an increase in demand for aftermarket products like spark plugs and filters.

Worldwide demand for car parts is high and millions of parts are exported every day. Distributors companies do the heavy lifting and supply you with the parts so you can grow your wholesale auto parts shop, whether it’s in offline shops or online shops like car parts wholesale on eBay

Countries with the highest demand for car parts

These are some countries that require car parts/ accessories.

* United States

* Germany

* Mexico

* Japan

* China

* South Korea

To help you identify the best 15 distributors of auto parts wholesale, we have created a list.

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Wholesale Suppliers of Auto Car Parts in the USA

Auto Parts

Buyautoparts.com offers the highest quality parts at wholesale prices. All parts come with a full warranty. Because they care about customer satisfaction, they will find the right part for you when you order car parts online. They offer a Guaranteed Exact Fit promise on all car parts and round-trip shipping if there is a problem.

All auto parts are subject to a rigorous quality control process. This ensures that they meet industry standards. This ensures that all parts ordered work as they should.

They will not only find the right part for you, but also offer special discounts and incentives like free shipping on orders over US$99. All parts come with an industry-leading full warranty as well as OME parts.

US Auto Parts

U.S. Auto Parts.net has been voted the best online retailer. They have been able for many years to provide high-quality accessories and parts nationwide. They are one of the largest online car parts retailers.

This is due to their dedication to providing quality service, professionalism, product dependability, and competitive prices. Their customer satisfaction is what motivates them to be better.

This company will continue to fulfill its promise to provide all your automotive parts. They replenish their stock regularly and they also strive for continuous improvement in customer service. A comprehensive inventory is available on all models and makes of domestic and imported auto products.

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Automotive Parts Wholesale Distributor

It is the largest distributor of car parts and accessories in California. APW provides a high-quality service and a large inventory of quality products.

The aftermarket automotive and original equipment manufacturer is] one the most respected in the United States. They have a commitment to being the best supplier of OEM and Aftermarket Auto Car Parts in the USA and around the globe.

Wholesale Suppliers of Auto Car Parts in the UK

Ignition Car Parts Ltd

Ignition Car Parts Ltd, one of the UK’s largest distributors of new and reconditioned parts for automobiles, is one the UK’s most important companies. This company has over 25 years of experience in providing low-cost or affordable engine management products.

You can find a variety of coils modules and lambda sensors as well as crankshaft sensors caps, crankshaft sensor caps, crankshaft sensor caps, rotor arm ABS sensors, air flow meters, distributors, and camshaft sensors. Customers can also get free repairs and testing.


EUspares.co.uk allows you to order car parts at a very low price and have your car delivered at your home. You can find a large selection of car parts online, including spark plugs, bulbs/lamps and brake pads.

This shop sells high-quality parts from top manufacturers. These shops offer car parts at a lower price than other online shops. They have made the market the UK’s best wholesale car parts distributor.

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You can securely pay via PayPal, credit card or Klarna. You can get your order quickly and securely using carriers. The shop offers affordable parts and will inform you when stock arrives if it is available. After two weeks, you can cancel your order.

All Parts Automotive

They have established strong relationships with top suppliers and manufacturers of auto parts. This allows them to offer customers a complete range of original equipment and matching parts that are high-quality.

Allparts can partner with industry-leading brands to ensure that their customers are able buy from them and feel confident they are purchasing quality parts.

Wholesale Suppliers of Auto Car Parts in China


Alibaba is the biggest online marketplace and largest distributor of Chinese goods to the rest of the world. They are known for providing excellent customer service and quality products.

They also stock a wide range of car parts that can be used in car wholesale businesses. They only source products from the best manufacturers and suppliers of car parts.

Global Auto Sources

This online platform hosts the majority of auto parts trade. It is the largest online distributor of auto parts and accessories for wholesalers in China, as well as all around the globe.

The website is easy to use and allows customers to browse through all the available parts until they find the right one for them at an affordable price.

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Chinabrands.com offers reliable drop shipping and is a trusted supplier of car parts in China. It’s a great platform for entrepreneurs and wholesalers. They offer wholesale and drop shipping. They target both online and offline resellers, as well as end consumers.

Chinabrands.com offers better discounts than the market palaces. You can find a large range of auto parts to wholesale from China, and prices are very low.

Distributors of Auto Parts Wholesale in Japan

Japanese cars.com

Japanese Vehicles stocks more than 400,00 items. These include body parts, engines and suspension parts as well as tires.

They ship cargo planes or ships to more than 200 countries. They accept credit card, PayPal, and Telegraphic Transfer as payment options.

The spare parts departments of companies provide excellent service and high-quality products. They can also give you a quote on the exact parts you need for your Japanese or foreign car.

Tomoe Co., Ltd

Tomoe Co., Ltd invested heavily to ensure that car parts are of the highest quality and come from the most reputable manufacturing companies. The company continues to support the automotive industry. They also provide auto parts of unsurpassed quality.

Trust, product knowledge, responsiveness, speedy delivery, and trust are the foundations of the company. They are committed to meeting customer needs to the best of our abilities.

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Japan automotive Products Association

JAPA was established in 1972 in order to make sure that customers could access high-quality, reliable parts for their cars. This organization had one goal: to increase customer trust in the industry and to benefit the user by increasing the availability of high-quality parts on the market.

This association recommends products that meet the standards and testing requirements of leading private and national organizations, as well as leading public and government organizations.

Distributors of Auto Parts Wholesale in India


Methods is your one-stop shop in India for car parts and accessories. Methods is synonymous with world-famous brands and has earned many awards in the automotive industry.

Methods offers a wide range of state-of-the-art products to meet the needs of auto enthusiasts across the country. The best K&N air filter is available, which adds endless horsepower to your internal combustion engine.

Big Boss

Part Big Boss allows you to buy high-quality aftermarket parts online. They source their products directly from top manufacturers and dealers. They can provide you with a large range of products for your vehicle at the most affordable prices.

Parts Big Boss has a wide selection of replacement parts for various categories, including mirrors, body parts brakes suspension, filters and engine parts. This has allowed the company to be the top online distributor of car accessories in India.

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Bosch Auto Parts

Bosch is India’s leading supplier of technology and services for automotive and industrial technology. Customers receive high-quality, world-class services and the latest diagnostic equipment.

Tips for a Wholesale Auto Parts Company

1. Get the paperwork you need

You will need to obtain all required permits, licenses, and insurance in order to be able run a profitable wholesale auto car business. Pay attention to the federal regulations and guidelines.

2. Sources of supply

Identify the sources of supply. It may take some time to decide which investment option is best. However, you can start by looking for parts that are in high demand. You will only succeed if your business plan is well-organized.

3. Advertise your business.

Advertise your auto parts business online, on the radio, or in a local newspaper. This will help you reach more customers. You can also advertise on local television channels if you have more funds.

4. Managing Inventory

Your ability to manage your inventory is key to the success of your auto parts business. It is important that you are able to offer the parts they need. It is important to have a wide range of parts for different cars.

5. Control of cash flow

To manage your cash flow, you must be able sell more than the parts that were used to make the car. When pricing your products, make sure you account for the money spent on day-to-day activities.

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FAQs about Wholesale Auto Parts

Q. Can I sell car parts online?

A: eBay sells a variety of parts for auto cars, including lighting systems, windshield wipers, engine systems and filters. They offer high-quality products. You can shop eBay for the exact part you need.

Q. How do I market a wholesale auto parts business?

There are many marketing strategies. These are just a few of the many marketing methods available.

* Advertisements

* Price Matching

* Hiring a marketing company

* Building a community around your brand

* Gathering additional marketing information

Last word

The car parts market is growing rapidly and developing constantly. Would you like a piece of this? We all know that there is a high demand for car parts and few wholesalers. However, the production of car parts is also high. This makes this the best deal you can offer.