21 Best Wholesale Gift Boxes Suppliers Globally

Why wholesale gift boxes?

Global personalized gift market has been steadily growing and expanding. The snack subscription box is one among the most important. This industry is predicted to reach $31.63 billion in 2021. Because it is the most profitable and generates the highest revenue, the US personalized gift market will be the largest.

This industry’s steady growth can be attributed to both the increased demand for seasonal decorations and the increase in gifting worldwide. This sector has seen a rise in popularity due to the constant advancement of technology and the innovative gifting options that are available.

E-commerce’s growth, which is celebrating 20 years of success, can not be overlooked if you look at the things that have helped the global growth in the personalized gift market.

China’s Best Wholesale Gift Box Suppliers

To maximize profits, cutting down on buying costs is a great option. China is the largest manufacturer in the world and is worth all the attention of businesses around the globe. It can be difficult to find the right wholesale gift box vendors due to the wide range of products available.

Here’s a list to help you get started.

1. Alibaba/Aliexpress

Alibaba and Aliexpress are online marketplaces that allow wholesale and dropshipping. They have millions of products worldwide and sub-suppliers, mainly from China.

Suppliers are responsible only for the products they sell. However, some vendors with high rates have excellent custom service. You will need to test more to find an exceptional one. AliExpress and Alibaba both offer free sign ups.

Wholesale Gift Box Suppliers in The USA

1. US Box Corp

US Box Corp is celebrating 70 years in the gift box industry. The wide variety of gift boxes they offer their customers allows for endless packaging options.

They offer a wide range of colors and designs, as well as complete and diverse designs. All of their products are durable and high quality.

2. Bags & Bows

Bags & Bows, a wholesale supplier of gift boxes, offers high-quality personalization options such as hot stamping and ink imports. This supplier is a wholesaler for B2B with unique designs for every occasion.

You can find a variety of on-trend, customized, premium quality and custom retail packaging products, including gift wraps and gift boxes, ribbons and bows, gift bags, and gift wraps. Bags & Bows offers retail shipping and store supplies. They guarantee satisfaction and offer fast delivery.

3. American Retail Supply

American Retail Supply offers fast and reliable service as a wholesale supplier of gift box in the US. This wholesale store offers a wide selection of products, which gives retailers a variety of options.

American Retail Supply was founded in 1971. They have all the packaging supplies retailers require. They strive to please every customer and have amazing product knowledge.

4. Paper Mart

Paper Mart is a supplier of wholesale gift boxes and can meet all your packaging needs at an affordable price. This store offers a wide range of packaging options that are both eco-friendly and high quality. You can find bags, boxes and gift wraps as well as tissue and tin/jars.

This family-owned business has the largest selection of bulk gift wrapping, party supplies, and discount packaging in the US. They have all the supplies you need for party and packaging needs.

5. Premier Packaging

Premier Packaging is the leader in custom printing. Here, custom packaging is faster, cheaper and more efficient. They offer very competitive rates because they do in-house printing, which limits how much they spend.

Customers can save more when overhead costs are kept to a minimum. Premier Packaging provides the best packaging solutions as the supplier cares about each customer. Hot stamping can be done right on-site.

The supplier manages the quality of the entire process, from beginning to end, even if hot stamping is not outsourced.

Wholesale Gift Box Suppliers in The UK

1. Boxmart

Boxmart is a trusted wholesale supplier of gift boxes, floristry supplies, gift boxes, and hamper packaging. This dynamic, innovative company is a recipient of numerous awards and has a passion for gift packaging.

The products are made of sturdy materials and feature first-class print quality. This supplier offers an off-the-shelf service where premade products are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

2. Tiny Box Company

Rachel Watkyn founded The Tiny Box Company in 2007. The company provides ethical packaging options that do not compromise beauty or luxury. Each product is eco-friendly and carefully selected to provide a broad selection for customers.

They deal with a variety of products, including rigid boxes, ribbons and gift packaging. This supplier does not have hidden fees, no minimum order quantity and next-day delivery for urgent cases.

3. Stockpak

This company is the UK’s leading supplier of the best quality gift and jewelry packaging. This company is the manufacturer of the products for sale and has the best rates in the UK.

Each month, the company releases a new range of luxury soft products for different accessories. Customers have only high-quality and unique options.

4. Meridian Specialty Packaging

This supplier is trusted for beautiful gift packaging products. This supplier is able to fulfill orders of any length, from very short to very long. The manufacturer is able to fulfill an important part of the confectionery, chocolate, or food retail packaging industry.

This is mainly due to the highest quality and hygiene standards. However, the lead times and prices are designed to meet small quantities.

5. Self-packaging

This wholesaler is great for gift boxes and offers a variety of options to customers. Customers can place large, medium or small orders without having to pay exorbitant prices.

Selfpackaging is also flexible. Customers can choose when they want to receive their products. Selfpackaging is a DIY approach to packaging, which makes it easy, affordable, and fun.

You will find helpful tips and videos to help you make the assembly process easier.

India’s Wholesale Gift Box Suppliers

1. Varanaa Industries

Varanaa Industries was established in 2002. The company supplies and manufactures a variety of packaging solutions throughout India. Radhesh Kumar Kaldirvelu founded this proprietorship firm.

These products are used in many industries. They can be used to transport and store products. Varanaa Industries’ gift packaging options are known for their superior quality and flawless design.

2. Sant Gift Boxes

This wholesale supplier distributes gift boxes that are used for various occasions, such as weddings, festivals and Christmas. Sant Gift Boxes was established in 1999. It is located in Delhi. Sant Gift Boxes distributes their fancy gift boxes across India.

These boxes are extremely ergonomic, made from cardboard and hardboard and have an innovative design. The gift boxes also feature a self-folding feature.

3. IndiaMART

This is India’s largest B2B marketplace. It’s an online marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers. It holds 60% of India’s online B2B classified space.

The store was founded in 1999 to facilitate business operations. IndiaMART focuses on providing a platform for large businesses, individuals and Small and Medium Enterprises.

4. Carvan

This supplier of gift boxes uses only eco-friendly packaging solutions. This store sells 100% recyclable and biodegradable products. You can choose from multiple printing and finishing options to increase brand awareness.

They also supply rigid and folding boxes, paper bags, and mono-cart boxes. They produce products that revolutionize traditional printing and packaging.

This supplier and manufacturer of gift boxes is known for producing high quality products. They take great care in designing the product, as well as delivering it on time.

5. Schmacy

Schmacy offers a Diwali collection that will brighten your wishes. You can use them to store gifts for friends and family in heat retention containers.

You can keep the gift boxes in your hand all year with soothing colors. Their gift boxes are also food safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

Malaysian Wholesale Gift Box Suppliers

1. Box2pac

This company is known for creating unique gift boxes, product packaging and customized box orders. The company’s primary focus is on small to medium-sized users of packaging and boxes. The Malaysian store provides a platform for individuals and businesses to access a wide variety of high-quality products that meet all packaging requirements.

The company’s customers across the country enjoy great convenience due to its fast delivery and prompt service.

2. OSP Gifts

OSP Gifts PLT was established in 1997. Since then, the company has grown to be a one-stop shop for a wide range of corporate and door gifts and souvenirs. They have a team of caring, competent staff that is dedicated to providing exceptional gift items that meet customer needs.

Collaboration with high-quality factories in India, China, and Malaysia greatly facilitates this. The unique combination of quality, aesthetic and design means that the store is highly sought after for gifts.

3. House of Favors

House of Favors is a top supplier of gift boxes wholesale in Malaysia. The prices are outrageous and the deals are amazing. It has no minimum order policy, so orders are based on the customer’s needs.

They offer low wholesale rates, and specialize in accessories, favor packaging, artificial flowers, and door gifts. This store targets individuals, small and large businesses, making it the most popular wholesale supplier in Singapore.

4. Packfolio

This is a Malaysian wholesaler of gift boxes. This distributor offers handmade gift boxes and packaging options that are suitable for special occasions, weddings and other celebrations.

Customers who deal in low-volume packaging are their target market. This applies especially to new brands that aren’t ready for large-scale productions. Packfolio requires a minimum order of 50 boxes.

Wholesale Gift Boxes Suppliers in Singapore

1. Paradise

Paradise was founded in 1994 as a packaging company. This company has been supplying plastic bags and paper bags for retail shops, corporations, schools, government agencies, and schools over the years.

Paradise’s rich history has allowed them to gain a wealth knowledge and experience in the packaging and promotional industry. Paradise offers high-quality packaging options at a reasonable price.

2. Art Paper

Trusted wholesale gift boxes supplier in Singapore, this company offers high quality packaging options at a very affordable price. This company was established in 1972. Since then, it has been a leader in custom printing all types of paper bags and gift boxes.

Art paper offers a one-stop printing solution for leaflets and folders, stationery as well as name cards, sticker/labels, envelops, catalogs, and other items.

3. Packeverything

Packeverything is an established and trusted supplier of high-quality packaging materials in Singapore. Favor International, founded in 1973, is the store’s parent company. Favor International was a local distributor of industrial packaging.

The name Packeverything was established in 2006 and quickly grew to dominate the Singapore packaging market. Packeverything has been distributing custom-made orders of packaging materials to retail stores, industries, and ecommerce shops since 2006.

4. Print & Pack

Print&Pack is a leading wholesale distributor of gift boxes in Singapore. Print&Pack is a distributor that provides one-stop solutions for packaging and carrier design.

These machines are used to make customized packaging products according the size, special effect print, and print of the customer’s orders.

Wholesale Suppliers of Gift Boxes in Australia


Australia’s leading supplier of gift boxes, both rigid and flat-pack, is JMP Holdings. JMP Holdings sources products from a group of highly experienced, innovative, reliable, and competitively priced companies.

They work with companies that supply international brands through Europe, America, Japan. This ensures that customers are assured of high quality, competitive prices, security of supply, and uncompressing product.


Do you want quality? You are looking for quality? Boxworks is a leading supplier and manufacturer of gift boxes, both custom-made and standard. They accept orders from customers and provide the gift boxes they need.

These high-quality materials can be used to create custom-made boxes. These materials include cello board, fluted cardboard and polypropylene. You can be assured that you will receive the highest quality gift box when you place your order.

The Box Office

The Australian supplier and specialist in designer packaging, the box office, is known as a box office. They specialize in luxury gift boxes, custom-designed gift boxes and folding right gift cards. They produce products that are strong, beautiful, and intelligent.

The rigid gift boxes can be folded flat, which reduces transportation costs and makes it easy to transport. Since its inception, the company has been a leader in manufacturing and designing beautiful bespoken gift boxes.


HPLKlearford is a global leader in clear printed packaging and small, custom-made lid gift boxes. They deliver high-quality plastic packaging solutions with a quick turnaround.

They have a China production line and all their machines are maintained to produce high-quality packaging at reasonable prices. They have 50 years of experience in the market and are able to offer customers the highest quality services.

Wholesale Suppliers of Gift Boxes in Canada

Creative Bag

Creative Bag is located at Toronto, Canada. There are also 2 other shops in Pickering, Mississauga. You can also see the variety of their products in person from these shops. They are a leading supplier of wholesale gift boxes throughout Canada with over 30 years experience.

There are over 1000 products available. Some of their most popular items include bakery packaging boxes and gift boxes for weddings. The customer service team can help you find the perfect gift box for your needs and tastes.


The company was formed by 25 years of combined experience in packaging and printing of products. It represents designers and manufacturers of cutting-edge packaging products throughout Canada and the rest of the world.

They specialize in custom packaging products, such as gift boxes. The company works closely with clients to find the best packaging solution, with the goal of increasing brand recognition.


Instabox strives to offer better customer service and high-quality gift boxes made of cardboard. It is located in Albert Canada. In a matter of hours, the company can turn ‘orders around. They do not accept any order too large or small. They are the only manufacturer of their product and have been able supply customers across Canada with high-quality products at a reasonable price.


Esty has a large selection of gift boxes you can choose from to suit your needs. Esty is an online supplier platform which offers all gift boxes from top Canadian manufacturers and distributors. You can customize the gift boxes and get free shipping. There are many options for gift boxes, including vintage or handmade.


The company has many years of experience in custom packaging printing. They have a strong market position that makes them stand out among their customers. They are known for producing and supplying high-quality boxes. They have a glamourous look and appeal with their custom-made gift boxes.

Each gift box is customized according to the customers’ expectations and needs. This has allowed them to build a strong relationship with their customers.

FAQs about Gift Boxes Wholesale

Q. Is it profitable to sell packaging boxes wholesale?

A. The packaging industry is expanding at an extremely rapid pace. All other industries, directly or indirectly, are influenced by the industry’s positive commercial impact. Food production is the largest user of packaging products. Packaging products are also being used by other industries such as chemical, cosmetics, garments and chemical. The wholesale packaging business is highly profitable.

Q. How can I make money selling wedding favor boxes wholesale?

A: Here are some tips:

  • Identify your target market
  • Advertise your products and business.
  • Offer your customers special deals
  • Have a diverse inventory.
  • Maintaining customers.

Q. Who are my customers when I wholesale luxury gift boxes?

A: These are two:

  • Luxurious product stores
  • Clients with high-end requirements

Q. Where can I buy wholesale Christmas gift boxes in the UK

A: These are some websites that you might consider.

  • Wholesaler of Xmas
  • Wholesalers of Cut Prices
  • Angel Wholesale
  • Inca
  • Chinabrands

Last Word

What wholesale gift box suppliers are you most interested in? That’s your decision. Get involved today in the gift box business community and begin making money.