26 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales Online

We have the best Shopify apps that will increase sales and ensure growth. These apps are approved by Shopify and will allow you to grow your business dramatically.

Look at the table of contents to find the areas that are most important for you and then explore the apps that can help. You could also scroll down the article to discover many Shopify apps. You might not have thought of some of these features.

PushOwl Notification

Most people who visit your site often will pay. PushOwl allows you to send customers push notifications which bring them back to your site. Customers will interact with your site daily, from flash-sales updates to back in-stock news. It can also be used to recover abandoned carts and motivate people to complete their buyer’s journey.

The app’s advanced features enable you to create highly-converting web-push campaigns. Segmentation allows you to create personalised campaigns and deliver engaging content to different client groups. Smart delivery sends notifications to people when they are active. All processes, from custom report to web push, are fully automated.

You can dramatically increase your sales with seamless integrations to top-rated Shopify apps without any problems.

The app comes with a free, attractive plan that includes unlimited subscriptions, basic automation, and reports. Upgrade to the Business Plan for $19/mo


Everyone loves discounts and games. Spinwheel encourages customers who have email addresses to play games that offer discounts or coupons. You can choose from many different games, including a lucky wheel and a prize wheel. You can customize all games and popups to reflect your brand’s mood and feelings.

A popup with exit intent appears when a customer plans to leave your website. This popup encourages customers to return and spend money in your store in the future.

The apps also include a clock-timer, which is useful because we all make quicker decisions when under pressure. The clock will remind users about the discount validation dates.

Recart FB Messenger Marketing

Emails with promotional messages can get lost in the crowd and not be read. Recart FB Messenger Marketing believes messenger push notifications are more effective.

You can send messages, reviews, discount requests, shipping information, personal discounts, VIP messages, and other details to the app. For more engaging content, you can add photos and GIFs to the message.

It does more than just send a message to the messenger. You will be able to get more leads quickly with the drag-and-drop UI and ready-made chat flows.

Recart starts at 29$ for all features and unlimited subscribers. Recart offers many plans to suit all sizes of businesses. The attractive 8X ROI increase is guaranteed by their growth plan.

Automizely – Email and Popup

Automizely is a one-stop app that allows you to generate leads, increase sales and optimize conversions. Let’s take a look at its attractive and comprehensive features.

  • Exit-intent popup. Cart-recovery popup. Email popup. FOMO popup.
  • Notifications via web push
  • Announcement bar
  • Free shipping
  • Countdown timer
  • Email newsletters: welcome email, abandoned cart email and follow-up email
  • Chat widgets for Facebook

This app claims to be Shopify’s best free app. Their free plan includes 300 contacts, all popup options, and conversion tools. Basic ($11), Essentials ($25), Pro ($95) and Pro ($95).

Product Quiz and popup marketing

This app uses quiz popups to ask customers for their opt-in responses in return for discounts. It will then display a personalized list of recommended products. The pop-up will allow users to choose from the available products and then use the add-to cart button to make an immediate purchase. These clever features will increase sales and AOV simultaneously.

All data collected can be used to better understand your customer. Growth and revenue can be achieved by more targeted email marketing campaigns and better-targeted ads.

Other useful features include SMS push notifications and advanced analysis to make better decisions.

This plan is $29 per 500 engagements each month.

Vidjet – Popup videos

This popup video app uses videos to create incredible customer journeys. It can be used for testimonials, product introductions, sales announcements, greeting visitors, and thank-you videos.

Customers will be able to understand the products better. Interactive videos can also increase customer trust and brand awareness.

As for user experience. Vidjet is simple to use, and requires no coding skills. It is simple to set up. It also gives you complete control over the video, including title, display time, and ability to add CTA buttons.

There are four plans available for different sizes of businesses. The most popular plan is $59 per month and includes 50 popup videos.

Instagram Feed + Stories

This app allows you to add engaging Instagram stories and story feeds to your website. Your website can be as creative or imaginative as your Instagram. This allows you to explain your products more clearly, show testimonials, and announce sales.

In exchange for discounts, the app encourages users to tag their account. This win-win solution can greatly increase brand recognition as well as product awareness.

The support team can help you personalize everything, including where to place stories and their designs. Everything is done manually to give your app the perfect feel.

You can install it for free with a premium upgrade at $4.95/mo

Free Shipping Bar

Customers who reach a certain amount of cart value can get a free shipping discount through the Free Shipping Bar. They are rewarded for reaching their goals and it shows progress as they add more products. This app promises great AOV and high sales. 69% European shoppers will purchase more to receive a free ship.

You can then further tailor your targeting strategy to maximize revenue. You can choose from different shipping options for different countries, pages or devices, as well as different periods.

You can also modify the background images and bar to match your brand’s mood or holiday season vibes.

Free Shipping Bar offers basic features on a plan. Premium plans include unlimited active bars and advanced targeting for $/9.99mo

Ultimate Sales Boost

Ultimate Sales Boost maximizes urgency to increase conversion. You can use it to increase conversions by providing countdown times, low stock warnings and sales sticker image labels. You can add urgency to product pages and the homepage, as well as the ability to increase sales throughout the checkout process.

It also has many features that will guarantee sales, such as:

  • BOGO (Buy One, Get One) Checkout
  • Geo-location targeting
  • Badge of Trust
  • On product pages, payment gateway icon
  • Shipping message included with every product

It offers a free plan that includes five basic features and a low price. Businesses can upgrade to the basic plan for 9.99$/mo or the professional plan for $29.99

Bulk Discount Manager

You can easily manage bulk discounts, daily deals, and flash sales with the app. The app allows you to schedule sales, offer discounts on specific products, and create discount rules.

GET SALE works with all currency converters as well as Shopify Payments multicurrency. Discounts will be synchronized across all sales channels, including POS, Google Shopping, and so forth, to provide a seamless customer experience.

What’s more? If you are unhappy with the app, it offers a 30-day refund.

You can choose from four plans that range in price from $29.99/mo to free.

Pop! Sales Pop & Social Proof

This app builds trust and creates FOMO by displaying people’s activity in your store. You can choose to:

  • To prove their popularity, tell which products have been added to carts
  • Real-time display of purchases
  • You can show how many people visit your digital store
  • Display how many people visited your store in the last few days

This tool will give your store a sense reliability. It is easy to use and has an open API. Tech-savvy users can use this advantage to create their own powerful app.

SalesPop provides 4 plans (Free, Growth 2K- $29/mo, Growth 10k – $79/mo, Growth 50k – $199/mo)

Shipping rates calculator

Customers can access shipping costs right from their shopping cart using the Shipping rates calculator. To see the total prices, buyers don’t need to go through many checkout steps. Invesp reports that 22% customers abandon their carts because they are not clear on shipping costs. To combat cart abandonment, it is a good idea to put the shipping costs upfront.

It will detect the location of your customer and query shipping apps to display rate options. It is compatible with multiple currencies, Canada Post, USPS and UPS, as well as FedEx. It can also integrate with third-party shipping apps. Only one condition: These apps must be integrated with Shopify API as a Carrier Service.

Globo Pre-order – Pre-order NOW

H Your customer has ever failed to pay a bill because the stock is out of stock? This app stops this from ever happening. Buyers can now access the app whenever a product is out of stock.

  • Pre-order
  • To be notified when products become available again, click the “Notify Me” button
  • Pre-ordered items can be paid in full or in part.

Globo Preorder will email a confirmation email and back-in stock notification. It will also remind you to pay. All of these are automated and easy.


OptiMonk, another powerful popup tool for increasing leads and conversion is also available.

The app allows you to create popups.

  • 300+ beautiful customizable drag & drop templates
  • Popups of all types: Full screens, side messages and sticky bar.
  • Popups available for various purposes, including discount upsells, product recommendations, and getting subscriptions.

The best part is that the app can deliver customized experiences. Store owners can target different segments of customers based on their location and what they have clicked. With Dynamic Text Replacement, it is possible to send different messages each segment. The app also displays customers’ previously viewed products to encourage them to buy.

You can integrate Optimonk and Recart with other top-quality apps to boost your conversions.

The plan starts at 29$/mo. You can also get a free plan that includes unlimited popups, full integrations, and a very attractive deal.

Tido – Livechat & Chatbot

Chat allows us to communicate directly with customers, understand their issues and resolve their problems immediately. Satisfied customers will pay more and faster. Tido makes it easy to communicate via live chat or other methods.

Chat with your customer directly. To save time and increase sales, you can use pre-made flows. AI can also help if you’re not able.

You can also monitor all email, messengers, and live chat from the site in one place. It will no longer be a problem to miss out on customer requests.

Chat is easy to use and offers many customization options. The chatbot is able to speak multiple languages in order to help you find international stores.

Tido offers three pricing options, starting at $249/mo.

BLoop Rewards & Referrals

BLoop Rewards & Referrals currently ranks as the top-rated Shopify referral program. To increase customer lifetime value and to attract new customers via word-of-mouth, you can create pop-ups and referral program pages.

Ambassadors can leave their email address and share their referral program to their friends and family via a customized referral link. Refer a friend to the app and they’ll receive an email incentive.

BLoop Rewards & Referrals allows you to focus on multiple touchpoints in order to reach more customers and increase recurring customers. This can be used to increase traffic and sales.

The app comes with a free plan that includes standard referral programs, a pop-up referral page and rewards & coupons setup. Upgrade to the basic plan for $20/month and get exclusive features like flexible branding, scam detection, advanced branding, and more

Change Commerce – Donation App

It’s not about making money, but having positive effects on society. Customers can join you on the Change Commerce – Donation App.

There are many ways to give back. You can donate a percentage of your sales, set different donations for different collections or round-up donations. Customers have the option to choose which charity their money will be donated to. All of this is possible thanks to seamless automation and POS integration.

You can also integrate Google Analytics to better understand your audience. It can help you to better understand your audience and provide insight into content marketing. According to Shopping Gives, the app can increase AOV 28%, Conversion Rate 19%, and cLTV 18%.

You can download the app for free with great-to-go features. The first 20 transactions are completely free, but after that you will have to pay $0.05 per transaction. Higher plans start at $285/mo

Unlimited bundle and discount

This app allows you to create product bundles and sell more products. This app is easy to use and requires no programming.

Encourage your customers to:

  • Get a discount when you buy 2 products
  • Buy more, get more discounts
  • Purchase product A and then buy product B for 50$

What’s more? You can also schedule large events such as Cyber Monday or Black Friday using the app. It also has a lock button that prevents you from ordering products that aren’t in stock.

Their team claims that the tool integrates with all inventory apps and currency converters.

Pricing plans for this tool start at $13.99/mo.

Honeycomb Upsell & Cross -Sell

Honeycomb will give you many opportunities to upsell. You can see upsell opportunities on your thank you page (cart page), checkout page, checkout page, blog page, and so forth. It is especially helpful to increase the AOV by using the one-click-to charge upsell feature in post purchase

The A/B split test will tell you which products work and which ones don’t. AI can help you choose the best products to sell.

You can get full analytics from the app to quickly see ROI, AOV and Revenue metrics. It integrates with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels to help you convert more effectively.

Its basic feature is free and you can only view 100 funnel views per month. Prices start at 49.99$/month.

Recom.ai – Upsell & Crosssell

Recom is a strong AI system that allows it to upsell and cross-sell quickly and intelligently.

Customers can like and dislike products with the most remarkable Scout feature. The machine will then automatically show similar products to the ones they like.

Recoms offers flexible rules for common upsell functions. You can create upsell conditions based on price, SKU type, weight, and other factors. It’s all about delivering what your customer needs effectively.

There are many upselling widgets available (mostly bought together and top sellers etc), as well as display formats (popups, sliders, etc). You can also upsell from any page of a store.

It costs $19 plus 2.9% for each month of sales. There are no larger plans. They won’t charge more than $519 per month.

Conversific Profit Analytics

Conversific is a combination of Shopify and Google Analytics data. This gives you valuable insights that will help you make better decisions.

This tool gives you an industry benchmark that includes stats on site performance, conversions and revenue, as well as bounce rate. You can compare your site to other sites.

They also collect the most important metrics in every business aspect, from Marketing, Sales, Net profit, product. The interface is user-friendly and displays all data clearly.

Conversific offers three paid plans and a free plan. The most expensive plan is $199/mo

Reveal: Customer Data Platform

Reveal aims to help you understand your customers.

Advanced Buying Behavior Segmentation allows you to define the exact customer segmentation that you want to target with this tool. The tool also automatically adds new data into your CRM, compares different customer segments, analyzes their loyalty, and conducts feedback surveys.

This data can be used to create more personalized marketing campaigns. You can use these insights to create more personalized emails or lookalikes for Facebook ads.

The real-time product reports allow you to identify your best and worst SKUs. This will allow you to improve your product collection.

Basic features are included in the tool’s free version. Upgrade to get custom-made RFM segments, CRM and other advanced analysis. Their Grow plan is $99/mo.

Profit Analytics

Beprofit calculates profit accurately, and provides data to track business metrics, such as lifetime profit and expenses.

All your key KPI’s can be viewed in one dashboard. You can modify all the numbers in your store by simply changing the board.

The app integrates seamlessly with all major ad platforms such as Facebook, Google, TikTok and Pinterest. You can also sync and import important data like shipping costs, AliExpress, etc. All information can be gathered in one place to make it easy for business owners to quickly see what’s happening.

There are four plans available, with prices ranging from $100/mo to free.

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange tracks your customers’ activity on your website. This will allow you to understand what is most appealing to your customers and how they interact with your site. This will allow you to make the necessary adjustments to improve your website.

It is becoming increasingly useful to fight abandoned carts. Live view allows you to see the struggles of your visitors and then offer a solution via live chat.

There is a free plan as well as three paid plans. The cost of your paid plan will vary from $10 to $20 to $50 per month.

Final Words

Shopify users have rated all of the apps we recommend highly. The best Shopify apps will help you increase your sales. To find your holy grail, it is important to spend time learning from mistakes and making constant attempts.

These are some of our newbie tips that will make this journey as easy as possible.

  • Each app should be tested one at a time. Analyzing key statistics before and during app use
  • Make use of the support staff
  • Integrate all your apps
  • Avoid using too many apps, as this will slow down your store.

That’s it. Let us know what you think if you’ve tried any of the apps. If you have any other apps that you think we should add, please leave them in a comment. Your review will be appreciated by many of our eCommerce readers.