4 Best Order Fulfillment Service Centers in the US

Every online store needs some form of fulfillment. It depends on what type of organization you are. As your business grows, we recommend that you consider which fulfillment method is best for you. Third-party logistics is a good option for online shops, as it eliminates costly and time-consuming components like shipping, storage, and packaging. It is important to locate a fulfillment partner close to your primary customers. This ensures that the products arrive quickly at their homes. We have compiled a comparison list to help you find the best fulfillment center in America.

We analyze the strengths of each fulfillment center in America and then narrow it down to those that offer competitive pricing, fast shipping, multiple warehouses, and reach all parts of the country.

Continue reading to discover the best fulfillment center for your company in the USA.

The Best Fulfillment Centers in the USA

It doesn’t have to be about partnering up with a fulfillment company near your business. It all comes down to the customers. It’s better to have fulfillment centers located all over the United States. We are also interested in integrating with your online shop.

It is a good idea to have ecommerce connections with fulfillment companies like Shopify or WooCommerce. This will make it easy to send orders to fulfillment centers and get products to customers.

This sounds great! Take a look below at the top fulfillment centers in the USA. The top four fulfillment centers are highlighted, and then we will discuss the other four that offer essential elements and low prices for all ecommerce shops.


ShipBob is a fulfillment platform that caters to online shops that require shipping, storage, and packaging all in one. ShipBob offers cost-savings up to 13%, an increase in order value of up to 97%, as well as reduced cart abandonment of 18%. It is the most popular fulfillment center in America, with over 12 warehouses in the US, plus one in Canada, Ireland and one in England. ShipBob continues to expand its fulfillment network. You can check this page for the most current locations.

These fulfillment centers are located in the United States and target different regions of the country:

Los Angeles, CA

Carrollton, TX

Woodridge, IL

St. Petersburg, FL

Edison, NJ

ShipBob’s featured integrations are also a big draw. These include shopping cart tools and ecommerce platforms that are frequently used. ShipBob can send orders quickly to ShipBob. You can integrate with Square Online, Square Commerce, BigCommerce and WooCommerce to name a few. There are many other integrations available, including options for inventory and returns.


Connect to your online shop and get automatic syncing of inventory and orders. You don’t have to do anything except put the packages together and send them out to your customers.

Multiple integrations available for ecommerce platforms, returns management platforms and many more.

Distributed inventory allows you to choose from a network of US fulfillment centres from ShipBob. Data can also be used to optimize this over the time.

Analytics and data to track where orders are shipped and how long it takes.

Two-day express shipping options are available, so you can keep up with the big dogs.

A panel for order management with filters and search tools that allows you to quickly find all shipping-related information in just a few clicks.

The combination of inventory management and reporting creates a stunning solution that includes visuals and decision-supporting analytics.


ShipBob has an expanding network of top fulfillment centers across the USA. It also boasts a global network of fulfillment centers. These are just a few of the locations:

Kilkenny, IE

Ottawa, CA

Edison, NJ

Bethlehem, PA

Geneva, WI

Cicero (IL)

Woodridge, IL

Chattanooga (TN)

Louisville, KY

St. Petersburg, FL

Dallas, TX

Grapevine, TX

Carrollton, TX

Phoenix, Arizona

Moreno Valley, CA (right by Los Angeles)

There are many other options.


ShipBob’s pricing and fee structure are simple for both new and established ecommerce companies. ShipBob offers transparent and total fulfillment costs pricing so that you can see exactly what you will pay as your business grows.

Although it is still important to get a quote from ShipBob’s salespeople, the pricing usually includes the following:

One-time implementation fee

Receive inventory at a charge

Storage fees in warehouses

Shipping fees for each order

This 3PL has a lower fee than others and is therefore more affordable. These fees are clearly listed on ShipBob’s website so there are no surprises.

Here are some examples of the pricing options for ShipBob services.

Receive a flat rate of $25 per hour for the first two hours. Each hour thereafter costs $40 per man-hour.

Storage – Monthly fee of $40 per pallet per calendar month. A $10 per shelf fee is also charged per month. A $5 per bin fee is also charged per month. Only pay what you use.

Picking and packing: This cost is included. After the first four picks, a $0.20 per pick fee will be charged.

Standard packing: You get free plain mailers and tape. You will need to charge extra for anything more complicated (like an insert box or custom branded box), but you won’t have to pack it.

Shipping costs vary depending on what you order. Pricing varies depending on the items sent, their weight, dimensions, destination and other factors. Shipping costs must also be taken into account. ShipBob offers shipping discounts for major providers.

ShipBob is our top choice for the best fulfillment centers in the USA. ShipBob is the best choice for shipping and storing your products.

Shopify Fulfillment

Shopify Fulfillment Network is an alternative to third party logistics. It’s available for Shopify users who already use Shopify as their ecommerce platform. You can send your products to the network, and they will give you recommendations for where to store them. Shopify might recommend that you ship some items to Michigan. However, other products could be more popular down south so it is a good idea to store them at the Oklahoma and Georgia warehouses.

The Shopify Fulfillment centre is also fantastic because you can sell on any channel. Amazon orders go through the same fulfillment process that Shopify orders. Shopify is the most trusted fulfillment center in America for all your needs.


  • All the support you need for your online store, including fulfillment.
  • Shipping rates at major transport providers such as UPS, Fedex and USPS are markedly discounted
  • Transparent pricing with a simple bill that includes your Shopify subscription and fulfillment fees
  • There are many fulfillment centers in the USA that can ship to customers near you.
  • Real-time analytics and reporting, as well as smart replenishment tools, allow you to replenish your items quickly and ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Regular online store support, as well as B2B wholesale and subscription order fulfillment.
  • Support for sales via different channels such as Amazon, Etsy and eBay.
  • Excellent data control with custom data at your fingertips. End-to-end tracking of packages whenever an item is sent to a customer.
  • Return processing and inventory management
  • If you need something to be sent out quickly, we can provide fast and same-day fulfillment services.
  • Sleek branding options available with custom packaging slips, packaging and marketing inserts.


Shopify Fulfillment Centers in the USA are, as of this article:

  • California
  • Georgia
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas

Shopify has an Ottawa, Ontario-based shipping centre.


Shopify Fulfillment Network bills its customers using two payment methods. One is per fulfillment (picking and packing, shipping and shipping), and the other is per month (storage or special projects).

Shopify will provide a custom quote for every company. However, they also outline the details of how they arrive at specific pricing for each brand.

  • When you use the Per Month plan, you are charged monthly for your storage space. When necessary, they add any additional project fees.
  • Wholesale orders are charged separately.
  • The Per Fulfillment Plan includes picking and packing fees. This includes finding the items in the warehouse and packaging them using supplies and inserts.
  • Shipping costs include shipping cost elements such as the weight of the package and the shipping carrier.

Shopify Admin page shows pricing that is unique to your company.


Deliverr offers multi-channel fulfillment. This includes Amazon, Google, Facebook and Instagram. Because it supports links to Shopify and Bigcommerce, you can connect to your main eCommerce platform. Deliverr provides affordable pricing that can be customized to suit the size and style of your shipments. Partner sites like Shopify and Facebook can offer next-day delivery.

Deliverr’s prime-like badge is what makes it unique. This allows items to be shipped super quickly, such as the Walmart 2-day option. You can activate these badges in your online shop to encourage people to buy more quickly due to the promise that they will receive free shipping. Deliverr is easy to use for those who don’t need bulky items. You can also increase your sales by using faster shipping badges.


Shopify, Amazon and Walmart offer individual shipping and fulfillment options.

Two-day free delivery to the most popular online marketplaces and top ecommerce platforms

A reasonable pricing policy that is always transparent.

You can use a badge system to increase sales and promise faster shipping. To guarantee that the customer will receive the product in a specified time, you could add a badge on eBay for one product.

Inventory management tools that allow you to see where your products are moving to and from.

There is a solid warehouse network that spans the USA with fulfillment centers located on the east coast, west coast, Midwest and east coasts, as well as in the south.


Deliverr’s own warehouse network allows you to ship your products directly to fulfillment centers that make sense.

These states currently have a fulfillment centre in the USA.











South Dakota


New York




The Deliverr pricing is simple and transparent. It allows ecommerce shops to understand exactly what they are paying and when it makes sense for them.

The exact amount depends on the business. Here are some general fees.

Fulfillment – Starting at $3.99 per unit

Storage – Starting at $0.75 per square foot per month


Shipmonk offers ecommerce order fulfillment, integrations with top selling channels and a stress-free shipping process. It is a cloud-based software that offers 4-1 functionality, including tools for inventory management and shipping. Shipmonk offers three fulfillment centers in the USA that are spread across different areas to ensure your customers get the best service.

Shipmonk partners offer shipping discounts and high-quality customer service via chat, email, and phone. Shipmonk supports all types of ecommerce fulfillment. You can create a connection to fulfill subscription boxes, or even send products out for crowdfunding campaigns. FBA prep is a great option, and retailers fulfillment options are also available.


There are many locations across the USA where you can store your products.

You can manage returns for your customers so that they return their items to the original places, not to your office.

Special projects support if your scope is not covered by the standard fulfillment procedures.

You will receive actionable reports that include breakdowns of orders, costs, and units sent throughout the US.

Transparent billing allows you to keep costs low and understand what you will pay.

Integrations with top ecommerce platforms are free, as well as over 100 other integrations.

All-in-one software for managing shipping, warehousing and orders.


Shipmonk has three fulfillment centers in the USA

Los Angeles, CA

Pittston, PA

Fort Lauderdale, FL

These warehouses were strategically placed on the US’s three major coasts, opening up possibilities for quicker shipping.


Shipmonk claims that pricing information is open and transparent, which seems to be true.

For pricing information about Amazon fulfillment prep, subscription box fulfillment, and retail, visit the Shipmonk website.

Here are some things to look out for when pricing ecommerce fulfillment.

Start at $2.50 per order. $0.50 for additional choices. Promotional inserts are $0.20.

Additional items eligible for return processing at $2.00 +0.50

Storage: $1 per Month for a small container; $2 per Month for a medium container; $3 per Month for a large container; $4 per Monthly for an XL-sized bin; $20 per Monat for a pallet

Additional fees may apply: $45 per hour for special projects; container unloading fees; $250 minimum pick-and-pack fee; $.15 to $.2 for packaging materials.

Red Stag Fulfillment

Red Stag Fulfillment offers top-quality rates, professional shipping and storage. All this is merged into one dashboard that allows you to work with the right shipping companies and ship your products to the correct warehouses. There are a few reasons it is considered one of America’s best fulfillment centers. Red Stag has a strong connection with top ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce. It offers shipping labels at a discount, tracking and shipment tracking, as well as streamlined returns that are hassle-free.

Red Stag, a USA fulfillment center, is an open-source solution. It has warehouses on both the east and west coasts, allowing customers to get close to each other. You can use it as an Amazon Fulfillment alternative. It offers same-day shipping, fulfillment, order management and web-based inventory. It has lower storage costs and a high-quality customer service team for any questions.


Design and manufacturing of custom packaging.

You can expect exceptional speed and customized processes for return processing.

Many discounts available for shipping carriers, storage fees and inventory storage

Ecommerce users have the option of same-day fulfillment and fast shipping.

A web-based inventory and customer order management system allows you to monitor your products online and see where they are going.

Integrations with top ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and Volusion.

These are some of the most prestigious fulfillment centers in the USA.


Red Stag Fulfillment does not have a large network of fulfillment centers. However, it is efficient and focuses only on two centers at the moment. Another center will be coming soon in Los Angeles.

Currently, both the Knoxville and Salt Lake City fulfillment centers are located in TN. Customers living in these areas receive one-day delivery, while the rest of the US will get two-day shipping. Only two areas of the lower 50 have delivery times of three days, one small area of Montana and a few bits of New England.


Red Stag will require a sales consultation in order to determine your total shipping costs. The company does however break down the usual costs as follows:



Picking and packing



They don’t charge hidden fees like other competitors. You shouldn’t be surprised by charges for account management, minimum monthly payments, or SKU management.


Shipbots offers many software tools as well as three US-based warehouse locations to reach customers in the Westcoast, Eastcoast and Midwest. The fulfillment company is loved for its shipping discounts, intuitive inventory management software, and the ability track orders, shipping, warehouse logs, blacklisted SKUs, and tracking everything.

Partnering with Shipbots is easy. Simply connect your store to the software, sync your products, and then you can send all the items to the warehouses you choose. You might want to store your items in Kansas City, while others are stored in Los Angeles.

Shipbots also has some unique features that merchants will love. For example, Shipbots has temperature-controlled storage facilities and shipping options if you need to protect products from the heat or cold. Shipbots also offers a returns management program, which sends out alerts to ensure that the product is returned to the correct warehouse. You also get everything you need, including transparent billing, actionable reports, enterprise-grade security, and freight management.


Shipbots offers a number of excellent fulfillment centers throughout the USA. Shipbots has fulfillment centers in all regions and coasts, with one warehouse in the Midwest and one in the West. The East is handled by another warehouse.

Shipbots works with major couriers to get you the best shipping rates.

Its inventory management software integrates aspects of order management, inventory tracking, and shipping software to make it the most efficient.

You can opt for temperature-controlled storage and shipping.

You can contact the company for any questions regarding your shipment.

Shipbots uses a return management system to make return labels and receive notification when the returns are sent back to warehouse. Shipbots also handles returns by placing them on the shelves.

You will receive actionable reports that include information about costs, orders and unit movements.

You have the option to choose where your products will be stored. You can also choose to store your products in any of the Shipbots warehouses.

Integrate with the most popular ecommerce platforms such as Bigcommerce and Shopify.

Shipbots allows you to select who in your company can see your shipping data and take control of your inventory.

Shipbots offers freight management services that help you import and coordinate freight shipments.

Shipbots provides fulfillment for ecommerce shops, as well as more unique fulfillment services such retail, subscription boxes and crowdfunding.

Shipbots can receive your products and will prepare them for shipment through Fulfilled By Amazon.


Shipbots, as we have already mentioned, has three warehouses in the United States to cover its bases. One warehouse is located in the Midwest and the other two are responsible for the coasts. You can also choose where to store your products depending on the location of your customers.

These are the Shipbots fulfillment centers and warehouse locations:

Los Angeles, CA

Kansas City, MO

Rocky Mountain, NC

Shipbots allows you to divide your inventory among different locations. This is the best option, as some customers will live on the east coast while others will be closer by the Rocky Mountain or Kansas City warehouses. It is important to have as many products as possible so everyone can get their products as quickly as possible.


To get a customized quote for your company, you will need to contact Shipbots’ sales team. Shipbots offers a cost calculator that can help you determine what your pricing might look like.

While your numbers may vary, this is an example of ecommerce fulfillment cost.

Start at $2.50 per item

All additional items added to the order are $0.50

Starting at $0.20 per order for promotional inserts

Return processing starting at $2

As you place more orders per month, the rates will go up. Sending out more than 5,000 orders per month will result in a $1.50 first pick fee. Additional items are $0.30 each, which is a lower rate than the one listed above.

These are other fees associated to Shipbots

$5 per month for large bin storage containers

$10 per month per shelf

$30 per month for each pallet that is stored

Special projects: $45 an hour

Unloading a 20-foot container costs $300

Unloading a 40-foot container costs $500

Minimum pick-and-pack fee $250 per month

All packaging materials cost $0.15 to $2.00

You can also create your own packaging materials. Customers can also get the following services and features for no extra charge:

Shipping rates at a discount

Customer support

Reception of photos

Freight management tools

Software for inventory and order management

Preparation and processing of orders

Management of Claims

Validation of address

How to Choose the Right Fulfillment Service for the USA

There are many efulfillment options available. Not all services are created equal. We wanted to highlight the best options for shipping and storage of your products in the USA. Good news is that many fulfillment centers and services in the USA have warehouses located all across the country. You may also be able to access international warehouses if you need them for products that you are shipping elsewhere.

You can still find out the best fulfillment center for your order in the USA by looking at our final recommendations.

  • ShipBob – This fulfillment center is our top choice in the USA. It has five primary warehouses and an attractive online interface. All companies can get reasonable pricing.
  • Shopify Fulfillment – This is ideal for brands that already use Shopify. It has solid pricing and an easy interface online to manage your orders. It is not designed to integrate with other platforms and the network of warehouses does not seem to be managed directly by Shopify.
  • Deliveryr Our top fulfillment center for multiple platforms in the USA. Customers can get fast shipping through channels such as Etsy, Walmart and eBay as well as their online store. There are also many warehouses across the US.
  • Shipmonk – This is a great option for fulfillment when you integrate with an ecommerce platform and are looking to lower shipping and picking prices. This is also one of the best fulfillment solutions for the software included with your membership.
  • Red Stag Fulfillment is a smaller operation that offers quality customer service and options for all kinds of shipping and packaging. The operations are not very extensive, but they run smoothly.
  • Shipbots –This wonderful fulfillment center and software covers the whole country with three warehouses. It also offers intuitive software for orders, transparent pricing, and unique offerings like temperature-controlled storage.

We are always interested in hearing from you. Please leave comments if there are any questions or concerns regarding the best fulfillment center in America or the entire ecommerce supply chain.