Dropshipping Auto Order Fulfillment Using Funnels

Clickfunnels funnels can be a great way to make money. You want to automate order fulfillment. There are several options that you can use to help you get your orders fulfilled through AliExpress and Clickfunnels. Continue reading to find out how to automate order fulfillment.

Dropton can automate order fulfillment

Dropton recently released software that helps with order fulfillment. Dropton has many features that can be used as an order hub. Dropton offers a few simple functions that you can use with a single click:

  • All tracking
  • Transferring orders from Clickfunnels into Dropton

Dropton software can save you a lot of pains associated with order fulfillment. Although we might have suggested a different software for order fulfillment, others with similar functions take commissions. Dropton doesn’t. Dropton is a great choice if you are looking to automate Clickfunnels.

Dropton does not automate everything. Some manual tasks will still be required. They mainly consist of clicking on a button to fulfill orders and clicking another button for tracking information. This should all take less than five minutes.

For some assistance, hire a VA through FreeUp

You can automate your AliExpress and Clickfunnels order fulfillment processes by hiring a virtual assistant. This will allow you to focus on the important things.

FreeUp is an excellent source for reliable VAs. FreeUp has pre-vetted Ecommerce freelancers that are experienced in order fulfillment and can provide the support you need at a cost you can afford. Let FreeUp know the skills you are looking for. FreeUp will only show results from individuals that have been pre-vetted to make sure they are qualified.

Why not FreeUp

This is in contrast to Fiverr and Upwork where anyone can claim they have the expertise and experience but not the credentials. FreeUp is likely to have many dropshipping professionals.

It can be easy to work with a VA. You can ask Clickfunnels to export a Google Sheet and let your VA manage all your orders. To manage all orders, you can have your VA send the sheet to your supplier as a bulk CSV file.

You can focus more on your dropshipping business by having a VA to help you automate the order fulfillment process. This includes creative tasks like focusing on sales funnel optimization, increasing conversions, creating offers, and other such tasks. These tasks are far more important than worrying about ordering fulfillment.

But you don’t necessarily need to hire one. It’s a good idea, however, to keep a VA on hand in case things get too chaotic. You can ensure that all orders are fulfilled without having to worry about any other aspects of your business being overlooked by the VA.

Warning! Do not use Clickfunnels to integrate with Shopify

Shopify order management is something you depend on, even though you don’t sell through Shopify. If you do, it is best to avoid Shopify’s integration with Clickfunnels. When Clickfunnels was used with Shopify order fulfillment, we have had many problems. This could change in the future with updates to Clickfunnels.

We recommend AppTrends instead, so that Shopify can be used for backend order management. AppTrends allows you to connect Clickfunnels with your Shopify store. This is a much better option than Clickfunnels’s native integration. AppTrends can connect Clickfunnels and Shopify so you can take advantage of all Shopify apps. You can automate the process further with the assistance of a personal VA if you wish.

ShipStation is a great way to source your product

ShipStation is a great platform to help you start sourcing products into your own fulfillment companies or have your manufacturer dropship your product for you. ShipStation can manage your email delivery, as well as other tasks that Dropton cannot.

It’s important that you remember that ShipStation may be used by your manufacturer or supplier. It is possible that they don’t want to learn how to use ShipStation. You may need to make Shopify available if your supplier is dependent on it. ShipStation is a great option if you are looking for ways to automate your processes, or searching for new suppliers.

These platforms and steps will help you automate your order fulfillment in AliExpress and Clickfunnels. Automating as many tasks as possible will allow you to concentrate on the important things when growing your business. You can also avoid the hassle that comes with order management.

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