5 Best and Free Manufacturing ERP Software

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ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

The best manufacturing ERP software is firms’ technology to keep track of critical business activities. Thanks to ERP technology, manufacturing organizations may now monitor everything from inventory flow to HR data and supply chain issues much more easily.

When implemented appropriately, an ERP solution in manufacturing will provide business management with all of the tools they need to aggregate data from across the organization. Companies can make faster decisions thanks to this extensive visibility into crucial activities. Furthermore, people and groups in the workplace are more inclined to collaborate effectively.

Which business offers the best ERP solution primarily for the manufacturing industry? It’s easy to become overwhelmed when faced with so many possibilities. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the finest industrial ERP tools for 2021 and beyond.


Katana is a holistic ERP solution that allows organizations complete access and control over the many aspects of their ecosystem. It was designed primarily to help manufacturing companies. The ERP software comes with a 14-day free trial and contains inventory tracking, sales management, and order controls.

With a clean and straightforward back end, it’s simple to get started using Katana right away, and the free trial gives you plenty of time to get to know the features before you start paying. You can track the manufacturing floor with end-to-end statistics and data and omnichannel order management and batch, material, and expiration dates.

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Katana’s extensive feature set makes integrating critical aspects of your business operations as straightforward as feasible. Because your ERP can keep up with your sales and inventory, you’ll never have to worry about report discrepancies. You may also use barcodes to manage product variants and keep track of committed supply.


Katana has a reasonable price tag. If you choose the annual pricing plan, you may get the Essential package for $99 per month, which includes most of the major features you’ll need for one full-access user and up to three warehouses. The product’s Pro edition costs $299 a month. It includes support for all of Katana’s features, including infinite warehouses and the ability to add more full-access users and shop floor operators.


  • At the same time, access to multiple warehouses
  • With barcode scanning, you can track batches and expiration dates.
  • Access to all connectors, including QuickBooks and Shopify.
  • Support by email and live chat
  • Designed with manufacturers in mind


  • When there are many people using it, it might get expensive.
  • Some restrictions apply to some types of manufacturing.

Who is it most suitable for?

Katana can help you get up and running quickly if you’re searching for a simple and clean solution to track your inventory and manufacturing operations. Many of the alternatives on the market are more difficult to get used to than the simple user interface.

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The Poka app, which is available for both web and mobile use, is one of the most popular for improving worker connectivity and increasing manufacturing productivity. Companies like Bosch and Nestle use this ERP system, so you know it has a lot of clout in the industry. The technology enables frontline workers to share information and better understand what’s going on in your manufacturing company.

Poka’s comprehensive platform includes everything from knowledge management to HR management, communication and collaboration features, troubleshooting, forms, learning tools, and various other features. Poka connects your team’s knowledge, training, and collaboration needs. It’s more than just a way to track how tools are moving in your factor.

Poka ERP software easily integrates with various other key business systems, including your learning management system, CMMS, and MES. You’ll have an all-in-one environment for standardizing human asset management and assistance, even if you need to integrate things like supply tracking separately.


Like many of the top tools for manufacturing companies today, Poka isn’t quite as transparent about pricing as it could be. Because the service is licensed per user based on your specific needs, you will need to submit a quote request to the team.


  • Excellent for keeping track of knowledge and information.
  • Assists in bringing teams together for better knowledge sharing.
  • Business training and development are aided.
  • Approval workflows and productivity tools that are both powerful
  • Management of difficulties and equipment tacking
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  • There are no specialized inventory management tools available.
  • There is no supply-chain management.

Who is it most suitable for?

Poka is perfect for manufacturing businesses that want to boost communication and collaboration. Factory feed, problem escalation workflows, skills matrix tools, and other tools can help you get the most out of your workforce.


Wrike has gained a reputation as one of the most dependable projects management tools. Several large companies have expressed interest in the company, including Google and Okta and Siemens, Dell, and Ogilvy. Wrike is continually improving its already excellent features and functionality as part of the Ctrix ecosystem.

Wrike is a wonderful platform for firms looking for a reliable approach to empower their employees in any environment, despite not being created primarily for manufacturing teams. You may easily streamline your processes using the enterprise collaboration software, gaining full visibility into company objectives, accomplishments, and possible bottlenecks.

If you have difficulties maintaining all of your manufacturing data in one place, the Wrike environment can help you break down silos and streamline data flow. You can use chat capabilities to engage with colleagues in real-time, assign specific projects to different team members, and even simplify the approval process to get work done more quickly.

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Wrike offers a free edition for teams just getting started where you may use a virtualized task management application to centralize your teams. You’ll need to request a quote if you want a custom premium service designed for your company.


  • Makes it easier to improve team transparency.
  • It makes it easier to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Within the manufacturing environment, it reduces silos.
  • There are numerous security features in place.
  • For beginners, there is a free version.


  • Not created with manufacturing in mind
  • There is no inventory or supply chain management.

Who is it most suitable for?

Wrike is ideal for digitally evolving businesses looking to manage information and break down silos. Wrike’s capacity to create more transparency in the manufacturing arena is one of its strongest features. You can see exactly what’s going on from one part of your business to the next, spotting any bottlenecks.

Dear Systems

Dear Systems, another outstanding option for businesses looking for a dependable ERP system, combines automation with supply chain management and inventory information. Dear Systems is a good SaaS solution if you want to upgrade your on-premises MRP technology. Customers of all sizes regard ERP technology highly around the world. Dear Systems technology improves corporate processes and business analytics while streamlining sales for smoother operations.

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You can keep track of each client relationship, your distributors, and even engineer requests for orders and bill of materials papers using Dear Systems. This ERP platform streamlines everything from forecasting to inventory control by putting all the essential data at your fingertips.

The Dear Systems solution, which is highly regarded among manufacturing ERP systems, also comes with various connectors. As part of your production management process, you can access VAT-compliant accounting and even develop automatic online portals for customers.


Dear Solutions offers 14 days of free access as a Top ERP among software systems for manufacturing enterprises. You can also get a free month of access with an annual subscription. You’ll have to spend roughly $2739 for a premium subscription.


  • Access to a large amount of well-aligned data
  • Integrations are a breeze.
  • All technology is cloud-based for convenience.
  • Accounting integrations that are VAT compliant are supported.
  • Annual subscription cost savings


  • For a small business, it can be quite costly.
  • Some field service and human resources features are missing.

Who is it most suitable for?

Dear Systems provides everything you need in one bundle if you’re looking for a wonderful cloud-based solution that assists with your ERP strategy and your financial management tool. Annual subscriptions are also available at a discount.

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Prodsmart promises businesses an easy-to-use solution for gathering production data. The all-in-one ecosystem digitizes and automates your processes, allowing you to spend more time on the things that matter most to your company’s success. It’s also simple to get started with a 14-day free trial.

ProdSmart is increasingly garnering attention from enterprises worldwide after being named a Gartner forerunner for manufacturing software and one of the leading solutions for manufacturing execution. Everything from orders to shipping can be tracked using the system. There’s also the possibility to give something in your ecosystem a “status” so you can keep track of how things are doing.

Prodsmart is a beautiful, simple backend that allows you to gain real-time visibility into your production processes, schedule and manage various elements of your team, and play around with customizable dashboards. The dashboard will even feature sections dedicated to warehouse status, material resource planning, and procurement.


Prodsmart is one of the only firms that provide corporate resource management with a website price option. For $600 per month, you can get unlimited seats, operators, and devices with the “Core” option. Additional products and services are also available for purchase.


  • A manufacturing tracking system with all the bells and whistles
  • Insights towards intelligent production
  • Management of inventory, lean manufacturing tools, and production orders
  • Real-time assistance that is convenient
  • Excellent integrations
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  • At initially, there was a lot to learn.

Who is it most suitable for?

It isn’t easy to find something more complete than Prodsmart if you require a true end-to-end solution for tracking all of your production data. The all-in-one environment is clean and simple to use, and it contains a wealth of useful information.

Choosing the Best Manufacturing ERP Software

Finding the correct software for your industrial ERP needs cannot be easy. There are numerous names to examine, ranging from market leaders like SAP to Epicor and IQMS. There’s a solution for everyone, whether you’re searching for ETO software or anything that can aid with supply chain management, process tracking, or financial reporting.

The best advice we can give is to try out some tools accessible with the online demo versions. If you have any queries about the instruments you require, contact one of the professionals at the company from which you wish to purchase them.