5 Best Wholesale Makeup Suppliers In Malaysia

For women, makeup is an indispensable tool in their daily beauty routine. The wholesale market in Malaysia is dominated by cosmetics. Cosmetics appeal to all ages and are a popular choice.

Because of their outstanding quality, durability, and authenticity, Malaysian vendors enjoy high respect on the international market.

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Wholesale makeup in Malaysia is the best way for vendors to grow their business and gain more respect from customers.

Malaysian Wholesale Makeup Suppliers

Malaysia has many wholesale makeup suppliers. Each supplier has its own wholesale and supplying policy. Some have relationships with brands, while others produce and sell their own Malaysian cosmetics. Others have agreements with international brands. Still others wholesale different Korean products.

Because of its Asian skin compatibility, the Korean cosmetics wholesale market in Malaysia has grown in popularity. Many Malaysian companies now produce cosmetics that are compatible with Asian skin. There are many brands, companies and enterprises involved in wholesale makeup. The following list highlights the top-rated ones, which are known for providing excellent customer service, product authenticity, purity and on-time delivery.

1. Favful

Favful is one of the top online shops that sell wholesale cosmetics in Malaysia. Favful is a popular online cosmetics shop that offers a skin test. The skin test allows them to find the right product for their skin, and will also help to improve their happiness and health. It has a platform that allows customers to easily access marketing data, data collection, and customer service solutions. Favful also offers price comparisons from over 800 stores, as well as a feedback platform that keeps customers informed about prices and reviews. Favful is unique in that it shares beauty secrets and tips with customers. This is something most companies are reluctant to do.

2. Hermo

Hermo is the place to discover a whole new world of colors and discover your unique beauty essence. Here you will find everything you need to make your makeup look flawless at every occasion, from casual to semi-formal to formal. Hermo is a Malaysian online wholesale cosmetics shop. It sells beauty products from all over Asia. It is handmade by Malaysians. Their goal is to make shopping online easy and accessible for everyone. Hermo’s prices are very affordable. With certified distributors and logistical partners, 100% authentic products are delivered to customers.

3. BN Ideal Multitrade

BN Ideal, a leading wholesaler of cosmetics in Malaysia, also handles wholesales for many other products such as dresses and costumes from fashion. BN Ideal is the only and main importer of many branded cosmetics as well as Make Up For Life products. BN Ideal is well-known for its 12 year experience in salon management. It is aware of all the latest trends in the beauty and fashion industry. The company has been awarded the right to distribute professional makeup classes and lectures. It is a leading supplier of wholesale beauty products in Malaysia thanks to its extensive background.

4. HANS Smart Trading

HANS Smart Trading Company deals in cosmetic wholesale in Malaysia as well as exports around the world. There are many products available, including cellulose facial masks, sunblock creams, and whitening masks. This company supplies other wholesalers and trading offices around the globe. They offer fast shipping and worldwide shipping at very affordable rates.

5. 11 Street

11 Street is an excellent, trusted and simple-to-access online marketing platform that offers its customers a large variety of beauty products wholesale to Malaysia at affordable prices. It aims to revolutionize personalized, engaging online shopping. 11 Street offers a wide range of products from multiple brands, as well as other products such as leisure and sports, kids and babies, and leisure and sport. Celcom Planet sdn. Bhd. manages and runs 11 Street.

6. Mee Teck Beauty Sdn. Bhd

Specialists always search for the gaps in the market and the needs of the consumers to develop a solution. This was also the case with senior Mee Teck specialists from Europe, America, and Japan. The biotechnology was used to create the best possible match for all skin types. This includes Asian skin, such as essential aromas and ginger oils, wax-based products, and many more. They are now the most prominent national and international cosmetic wholesalers in Malaysia.

Malaysia is the best place to buy wholesale makeup

Bulk cosmetic buyers can buy online Malaysian wholesale cosmetics. Although they can buy products online, buyers may face difficulties. Their minds drift to authenticity. Many shops do not sell authentic products and don’t provide any proof. Customers who have been scammed can be affected.

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Many online wholesale shops have shown that not all beauty products wholesaled in Malaysia are from branded or domestic Malaysian production. Fake wholesalers may mix branded products with local products, and not offer traceable payment options for customers. This can lead to a major problem.

Stat of Korean Cosmetics Wholesalers in Malaysia

Korean cosmetics wholesalers in Malaysia are a popular choice among many wholesalers of cosmetics from other countries. Their products are well-known and can be imported from Malaysia to many countries. Many companies sign a contract with Korean makeup industries to import their products to Malaysia and then export them to other parts of the world. Here, too, the customer faces a problem with the quality and freshness. If the wholesaler isn’t authentic or fake, he won’t hesitate to give the details such as the product manufactured dates, the original price, and more.

Wholesale makeup from China is the best way to avoid these problems. The company guarantees authenticity and freshness.

Why Buy Wholesale Makeup from China

The cosmetic wholesale business is a major strength of Market of China. It is easy to search online for large wholesalers. China has a large market with many cosmetic wholesalers. However, it is difficult to find the genuine ones. You will receive low prices and high quality by partnering or working with large wholesalers.

There are many benefits to buying wholesale makeup from China. China is a major trading hub where many brands have direct contact with buyers, wholesalers, and other logistical parties.

Chinabrands is the best online cosmetic wholesale company to avoid being dumped by fake wholesalers.

This site allows you to easily find genuine, authentic, pure, and branded products at affordable prices. All products can be traced and delivered to you promptly. You can be sure of timely delivery, a product’s original packaging and undamaged structure. You can find everything you need for cosmetics: eyeliner, blusher, foundation, lipstick, and many more. All at affordable prices.

Chinabrands is the leading player in the global makeup supply chain. Drop shipping and wholesaling can be traced to avoid any issues and make customers happy.


Customers’ needs change constantly and fluctuate. Companies cannot keep up with changing customer demands. It is difficult for wholesale makeup suppliers in Malaysia to offer all the services they need. Chinabrands is the best solution. Chinabrands, with its access to over 10,000 cosmetic brands, can quickly meet the needs of customers and keep up to date with market trends. Chinabrands offers the best quality, membership offer and easy drop shipping at affordable rates.