5 Best Wooden Sunglasses Suppliers from China

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This guide will cover everything you need to know regarding wholesale wood sunglasses, including some of the most well-known suppliers in China and the US.

Wooden sunglasses are a recent fashion trend. These sunglasses are made from natural materials and are eco-friendly, making them attractive to socially responsible shoppers. These sunglasses are unisex and make a bold statement.

Wooded sunglasses are more expensive than traditional plastic shades but the ROI is amazing. These sunglasses will be a popular accessory for your boutique, fashion shop, or farmers market stall.

Tips for Wholesale Wood Sunglasses

Wood sunglasses are quickly becoming a fashion favorite. If you want to be different from the rest, however, you will need to work hard. It is important to ensure that your shop is well-organized, that you have top-quality products, and that your marketing efforts are doubled.

Your customers will find it easier to identify what they need and where to find it. Your web store will make it easier for customers to find the item they are looking for faster.

It is essential to offer your customers high quality products. If you want to provide reliable services and high quality wood sunglasses, then you need to find the right supplier.

Marketing is a key business area that no company should neglect. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, it is important to make sure that your marketing campaigns target the right people. Online beauty shops should target fashion-forward women, youth and those who love wood sunglasses.

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Your business will succeed if you have a solid business plan, and you combine it with these three tips for wholesale wooden sunglasses.

Best Wholesale Wood Sunglasses Suppliers

Olympic Eyewear

Olympic Eyewear is the best wholesale distributor and wholesaler of wholesale sunglasses, wholesale reading glasses and wholesale eyeglasses. You will find the most sought-after wooden designer classics, luxury sunglass designs, and customized wood sunglasses from top manufacturers.

Dropship wood frames and sunglasses from Olympic Eyewear for amazing discounts. Enjoy incredibly low wholesale prices. There is no minimum order requirement. They offer international and domestic shipping at very low prices. They have an amazing customer support system that you will love.

Miami Wholesale Sunglasses

Miami Wholesale Sunglasses is a wholesale distributor of designer sunglasses. They are located in San Diego CA. They offer a wide selection of stylish, authentic wood sunglasses at wholesale prices.

Easy shopping at Miami Wholesale bamboo sunglasses is made easy by the simple design of our web store. The attention they pay to customer service will be appreciated. Customer support can be reached via toll-free number, international number or email.

The company promises to beat or match any competitor’s price, and the prices are very competitive. Wholesale discounts are available for bulk buyers and retailers on orders over $500, $1000 and $ 2000.

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Miami Wholesale Sunglasses offers international and domestic shipping. All orders above $300 qualify for free shipping


Alibaba is an internationally rated ecommerce store. It features a variety of popular product categories, including fashion, garden, decor, computers, toys and games. Alibaba is the best place for retailers looking for unique products at wholesale prices. Alibaba offers a wide range of products, so no matter what your needs are, the more you shop at Alibaba the greater the savings.

Alibaba is a great source for wooden sunglasses wholesale in China because you can get high-quality, authentic bamboo sunglasses and premium fauxwood sunglasses at a very affordable price. You can be sure that the products are made by top-quality manufacturers.

Even though orders have a minimum order requirement (MOQ), the purchase is worth it because of the final price tag. This allows you to make more money from your investment.

Shipping is quick. Alibaba ships worldwide to almost all countries. You’ll also be happy to know that their shipping rates are very affordable.

CTS Wholesale Sunglasses

CTS Wholesale Sunglasses can help you increase your profit margins for wood sunglasses by exponentially increasing them. CTS Wholesale Sunglasses guarantees the lowest prices for cool, designer wood sunglasses. You can buy a dozen wholesale for only $60 and then resell each pair at $20. CTS Wholesale offers volume discounts that will increase your profit margins.

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CTS is proud of the high quality of its products. CTS is one of the most affordable suppliers of premium quality, hand-crafted bamboo wooden sunglasses. The custom logo bamboo shades are a great choice for both you and your customers. They also have the best quality frames for wooden sunglasses.

Ask for a sample to see the quality you can offer your customers. If you are satisfied, request a sample and place an order. There is no minimum order requirement.


HKTDC is a popular platform for retailers to locate reputable Hong Kong wholesale wood sunglasses manufacturers. You not only get the most stylish and classic wooden sunglasses for your beauty shop, but you also have access to an entire new source directory.

It is easy to find the right supplier for you business. All manufacturers have been vetted and are certified. This makes it easy to find the right supplier for your business needs at a price you can afford.

Contact the supplier from there and start the inquiry. Ask the manufacturer to send you samples of the different styles and designs of wood sunglasses that you are interested in. Ask for a quote and compare their quality, prices, and service to other suppliers.


Dhgate offers a wide range of premium wooden sunglasses at wholesale prices. If you’re looking to stock up on quality wholesale bamboo wood sunglasses for your beauty and fashion shop, this is the place to go.

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These sunglasses are available in a variety of styles and designs for men, women, as well as children. Their new collection includes brand sunglasses, buffalo-horn wood sunglasses, as well as rimless bamboo wood sunglasses. Faux wood pieces can be purchased wholesale at very low prices.

Dhgate’s stock is constantly growing, which is the best thing about it. Every time you shop, you will find new and fashionable wholesale wood sunglasses that you and your customers will love. Your profits can be high because prices are always low.

Where can I buy wholesale wood sunglasses in the UK

You can find a lot of places in the UK where you can purchase wholesale wood sunglasses.

Many retailers drop ship from overseas companies which ship to the UK. HKTDC and DHgate are two of the top drop shippers of wholesale wooden sunglasses for UK. You will find a variety of popular polarized bamboo sunglasses in black wood at wholesale prices.

Rayflector Sunglasses and Kirk Originals are the best options for wholesale bulk-buy wooded fashion sunglasses in UK. Finlay London is also a good choice. You will find the best deals and offers on bulk wholesale wood sunglasses in the UK here.

Do you know of any Canadian wholesale Wood Sunglasses Suppliers?

Sunrayzz Imports is a leading supplier of wholesale wood sunglasses throughout Canada. Their online store allows you to buy bulk items at very affordable prices. These sunglasses are made from high-quality bamboo wood and will be a big hit in your boutique.

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Mistura Canada, a Canadian wholesale supplier of wood sunglasses, is also highly recommended. Their unique artistic style creates unique wooden sunglasses. These sunglasses are handcrafted using natural and renewable materials. These high-quality pieces will be your best sellers.

Where can I buy wholesale Wood Sunglasses from Australia?

There are many wholesale suppliers of wood sunglasses in Australia. These are the top three wood sunglasses suppliers in Australia.

* Proof Eyewear Australia

* Oakley O-Store Torquay

* Sticks and Sparrow

Bulk orders of high-quality, eco-friendly 100% bamboo wood sunglasses can be purchased at amazing discounts. These sunglasses are a popular choice for wood-sunglass enthusiasts because they feature unisex and classic designs.

Wholesale prices are available for bulk orders. All three suppliers offer fast, secure shipping and Aussie/NZE shipping free of charge.

Where can I buy wholesale Wood Sunglasses from India?

India is home to the finest wholesale eyewear, sunglasses and accessories. A number of trusted wholesalers are available for wooden sunglasses and reading glasses. These eyewear are made of high quality wood and feature amazing designs for reading glasses and bamboo wood sunglasses.

IndiaMart is an Indian wholesale supplier of wood sunglasses. Futurex India offers a large selection of wood sunglasses.

GoWood is another reliable supplier of wood sunglasses in India. They have a huge range of high-quality wood eyewear at wholesale prices.

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Wooden sunglasses are a fashion trend. These sunglasses will make a great addition to any salon, online shop or boutique catalog. Wood sunglasses are a great way to increase your product line, even though they’re more expensive than traditional shades.

You will be impressed by the returns if you buy wholesale wood sunglasses from a reliable and trustworthy supplier at the right price.