5 Expert Computing Tips From Dropshipping For Remote Employees

You are happy that now you can be close to your kids. Working from home has always been on your agenda but your office people were a little hesitant to allow this little perk. But you were finally able to convince them. However, working from home is going to be a little challenging without the following computing tips. Let’s dive right in:

  1. What Are Phishing Attacks?

Before you start working on any of your latest projects, it is important to understand how phishing attacks work. These are usually carried out by sending almost legitimate-looking and verifiable marketing content to your email address. Before you open any attachments or any questionnaires or forms, it is crucial to check who the sender of that email is. By doing that, you can protect the important documents that are stored on your PC.

  • Not A Good Idea To Let Your Family Members In

You love your daughter very much but this doesn’t mean that she is allowed to play the latest graphic-intensive games on your computer. If you want to lend your work computer to any family member, create a different user profile for the purpose. Make sure to hide all your office documents so that nobody can access them or accidentally ends up deleting them from your computer.

  • Remember To Log Off After You’re Done

A lot of people fail to make this a regular practice. All your corporate apps, networks, dashboards, and also screen sharing applications should be turned off. Make sure that you are logged out of your home workspace before you turn your computer off. Remember to turn off all the switches and ports before you call it a day. This is going to prevent your computer from unnecessary wear and tear.

  • Time To Upgrade Your Audio Equipment

Before you upgrade your audio equipment, it is better to look for the latest audio drivers on the internet. If you fail to do so, you will encounter several problems such as some of your video files not playing to the maximum volume, glitches during video conferences, random problems like volume buttons are not working on Mac, a lot of noise when you play some of your audio files, the audio output being disrupted due to mobile signals and the like. Remember, before you install any additional audio hardware, make sure to update your audio drivers to the latest versions.

  • Video Conference? Restart

Have you ever noticed how some of your audio and video drivers just do not start when you are about to enter a video conference? This happens with all the leading apps such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, or any other conference apps. The best way is to restart your computer before you start any of these apps. This frees up your RAM and does away with any redundant tasks that might be running in the background.


Working from home is very easy. You just have to go through these computing tips from Dropshipping. If you are a remote employee, you are going to benefit a lot from these.