WordPress vs Shopify for Dropshipping Comparison

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Hello Friends,

Dropshipping is a very popular business model.

Which should I choose Shopify or WordPress

Dropshipping can be used for regular and dropshipping shipping. It all depends on what you prefer.

Let’s look at some of the most important features within Shopify and WordPress.

AliDropship vs Oberlo

This article will answer all your questions about the tools and show you how to use them.

Your vote will also decide whether AliDropship is (WordPress or Shopify). It is well worth taking the time to read it.

AliDropship and Oberlo are familiar to most dropshippers. Dropshipping is a great method and is why it is so popular.

If you are anything like me, then you want the best return on your investment. This is why I take great care when choosing the right tool to fit my business.

Dropshipping is the result of the revolution in online commerce. For $100 and up, gentlemen and women just like you can start a multi-national business.

The internet is used daily by more than 3.5 billion people.

Software such as Alidropship and Oberlo have made it easier!

Dropshipping may be easier when these apps are used than if all activities were done manually.

The downside is that the AppApp was designed for their platform and only. Oberlo cannot be used in conjunction with AliDropship.

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AliDropship is compatible with WooCommere and WordPress. Oberlo can only be used with Shopify

This post will compare AliDropship and Oberlo. It will highlight their strengths and weaknesses, as well as many other features that can be found in both instruments. It is crucial to understand the correct method at end.

What’s AliDropship?

AliDropship is an IT-based company that provides an integrated solution which gives you access all AliExpress products. This will enable you to create a profitable dropshipping company.

AliDropship Plugin is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to open an online store. This plugin has many features that make it simple to open and manage a dropshipping company.

You can integrate AliExpress and your dropshipping services. This will allow you to save time while focusing on your business’s most important tasks.

The AliDropship Plugin can also be purchased in WooCommerce versions that match AliDropship Woo.

AliDropship is a WooCommerce dropshipping plugin. This plugin only works with WooCommerce plugins already installed.

These are intended to automate AliExpress dropshipping just like the default version. This article will answer all your questions about AliDropship Woo or AliDropship Woo.

What’s Oberlo?

Oberlo is an application Shopify uses for its popular ecommerce website. Oberlo lets you import AliExpress dropshipping products into a Shopify store, and then sell directly from your customer.

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Oberlo makes it easy to find great products that you can sell online. Oberlo makes it simple to identify niches within your product market.

The AppApp lets you quickly find AliExpress products if you have an order.

Shopify will allow you to access Oberlo. You can then add items to your online store. Once you’ve created an Oberlo store on Shopify, you can update it.

Oberlo does not work with Shopify.

The next paragraph will compare AliDropship with Oberlo by using their dropshipping website. Shopify and WordPress+WooCommerce, of course.

We will also examine their customer numbers as well as the flexibility of both platforms.

AliDropship (WordPress+WooCommerce) Vs. Oberlo (Shopify) Stats For E-commerce Platform

The network is powered by 45.4 percent of e-commerce, which has seen a rapid rise in popularity over five years. Consumers shopping online for goods and services is responsible for this rapid growth.

The total revenue has increased since 2012, and worldwide e-commerce sales now exceed $1.92 trillion. Because if you don’t sell online, then what are you doing?

According to some web revenues, certain sales volumes were higher on certain ecommerce websites than others. This is something we are investigating.


WordPress started as a simple blog platform.

Many people use it to create websites such as ecommerce. It is an open-source tool that lets you create a website using PHP.

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WooCommercce is a plugin that lets you e-commerce online. It is a plugin which integrates seamlessly into WordPress. This gives you full control over your website.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that can be used instead of a standalone website.

Shopify eCommerce Platform

Shopify lets you create an online store and sell your products. Shopify is a one-stop solution for all things related to starting an online shop.

Shopify can handle everything, from hosting to domain management. Shopify is not a free website, as e-commerce is.

Shopify is the only website that offers self-hosting. You don’t have full control of the website. Shopify does not make it appear that way from the outside.

Stats for both Platforms

For both WordPress+WooCommerce, the AliDropship plugin functions. Oberlo works with Shopify

This article is about the website. We will now dive into the website’s features.

AliDropship Vs. Oberlo – Similar Features

Dropshippers have great options with AliDropship and Oberlo. These are some principles you can use to start your dropshipping company.

Import & Auto-Search

AliExpress, Oberlo, or AliDropship allow you to quickly search for products and have them delivered directly to your online store.

Drop shippers face many difficulties when it comes to adding products to their online stores. These resources can help you to think it through.

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When you import products, you can simultaneously update product details. To improve your search engine ranking for similar products, you can edit the product summary. Google doesn’t like duplicate content.

Inventory Management

These tools will be a joy to use. These tools will help you track your inventory and inspect your shop. All instruments can monitor stock levels and notify you if any items have been sold.

These features make it simple to place orders, even if the supplier is out of stock for the item. This will ensure that your online shop is always current.

Track your Sales

These two apps give you an all-in-one dashboard that allows you to monitor and view the status of your shop’s backend. Once merchandise has been dispatched, you will be able see the order history and status. You can also track traffic to your shop.

These operations will help you make the right business decisions. You can source traffic for free to your website.

Price Automation

Imagine that you are adding 50 products to your online shop, but then you must manually change the price. This can take several days. It would take just seconds to use Oberlo and AliDropship.

A way to fix commodity prices is to use an advance price markup. This can be used to mark up specific products or the entire product. This could be fixed price or margin. You will still be able to benefit if the commodity price rises on the supply side.

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Order Fulfilment

This feature makes it easy to forget about buying goods from your supplier when you place a new purchase. Oberlo tracks every commodity you import from AliExpress. Every time you place an order, Oberlo will check for product ties. Pressing the order button will save you time. The order will be processed by your store. AliDropship works the same.

ePacket shipping filter

Many newbies have trouble with delivery due to the delay in receiving their goods. This is the feeling you get when a client is serious about chasing your goods for less than $10. They will always take your goods. This feature makes it easy to relax. You can quickly spot ePacket goods in AliDropship or Oberlo and then have them imported to your country. You can rest assured that your goods will arrive on time.

AliDropship Vs. Oberlo – Differences

Both instruments are incredible, but you already know this. There are many options for their capabilities and features. Below is the greatest difference between AliDropships & Oberlo.


To build an online store, you can use the AliDropship plugin. You have access to thousands, if not hundreds of themes that you can customize.

Oberlo works with default Shopify themes. To make your online shop standout, you can install one of their beautifully designed themes.

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Imported Products

AliDropship allows unlimited access to all commodity numbers that AliExpress can import. You can import and export unlimited items before you buy the plugin. Oberlo allows you to view the AliExpress items you can buy and sell depending on your subscription package. You can import up to 500 items and have access to 50 products per month with the Starter Plan (Trial mode).

The Standard and Pro options cost 10,000 and 30,000, respectively.

AliExpress Cash Back System

AliDropship is a way to make more money by AliExpress’s network of partners. You will need to install the AliExpress plugin onto your website in order to receive affiliate commissions.

AliDropship was able incorporate these features into its plugin. AliExpress pays a 12% commission on every order they receive.

Oberlo is not eligible to receive the AliExpress cashback programme.

Subscriptions & Pricing

Oberlo gives you a 30-day free trial. You can then choose to upgrade to any paid plan if you feel the need.

  • Basic Plan – $29.90/month This plan allows for you to import upto 10,000 products per month, and receive upto 500 equal orders.
  • Pro Plan – $79.90/month. This package allows you to import up to 30,000 products, and then collect all your orders from your shop.

P.S. P.S. Shopify costs $29 per month. This platform charges an average of $696 per year.

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AliDropship does not offer a free trial or a monthly fee. A $89 one-time payment is required. You can also select from the hosting options offered by NameCheap to purchase a domain starting at $10.

All features, AliDropship support and upgrades will be available to you for the rest your life. There are no hidden costs or potential fees and $89 is for one-time fees.


AliDropship was created to meet the needs and desires of people who wish to drop ship. To make their company successful, they created the following targeting features.

Discount Coupons You can offer special discounts or deals on your products through the sale of coupon codes. This can lead to higher revenue.

Abandoned cart – This function allows you to retrieve large amounts of your abandoned cart by emailing customers who haven’t completed their checkout.

Email Lists This plugin allows you collect emails from your visitors who visit your online shop but don’t complete their orders.

Product Review – Everyone knows that not everyone is the first customer. This would be a great way for you to convince your customers to buy from you.

Oberlo is more of a kit. Shopify’s app shop has everything you need. Beeketing, a great app that includes a lot of Shopify software and works well, is Beeketing

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Drawbacks to both tools: AliDropship Vs. Oberlo

They both have strengths and weaknesses, just like any other product or service.


AliDropship may not be for everyone. Here are some drawbacks.

Web Administration- The plugin will not work properly without the other editions, particularly WooCommerce. This plugin can only be used with WordPress and WooCommerce. The Default AliDropship Plugin will work if this is not possible.

Web Security- Protect your website to protect customers. This is the same as protecting any other ecommerce website. It can add an extra cost to setup your website. AliDropship hosting offers a free SSL certificate that will help protect your website. Follow their instructions.

NameCheap offers all customers a free one-year SSL certificate


However, there are some drawbacks to this approach.

Shopify has local Control-Your Store so you won’t have the ability to sell such items.

Monthly Recurring Charge – Shopify does not offer a free app that you can use with Oberlo. A trial period of only a few days is available. You will need to upgrade your monthly subscription.

Shopify Dropshipping

Shopify is easy to use. Register, add products and apps, and then select a plan.

Secure platform However, it is a costly solution. Minimum monthly plan $29 USD Platform fees 2% of your order amount Shopify will deduct 0.2$ from the product’s price if it sells for more than $10.

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Dropshipping App for Shopify:

Oberlo is the best Shopify import tool. Oberlo is a subscription program that comes with all the features needed to start a dropshipping business.

Your free plan allows you to add only 500 products and place 50 orders per month. This isn’t too bad. You can upgrade to paid subscriptions if you need more.

Highlighted features of Oberlo

  • Product customization
  • Pricing Automations
  • Tracking shipment
  • Multiple accounts for multiple users
  • Track Your Sales
  • Filter Products with ePacket
  • Create Product Wish Lists
  • Connect existing products
  • Change Product Suppliers

Start Shopify Dropshipping

Domain names start at $10 USD per annum and $29 USD per a month. There may be an increase in price if you purchase oberlo subscriptions or add themes. It is.

Dropshipping with WordPress

WordPress is an open-source platform. It’s free to download. WordPress is easy to learn and use, provided you have basic technical skills.

There are no platform fees or monthly subscriptions.

The No.1 CMS platform that is used around the world.

Dropshipping plugin WordPress:

Similar to oberlo, we use Alidropship to automate dropship processes in WordPress.

The plugin is $89 USD per store, and can be purchased for a one-time charge. If you want to open another store, you will need another plugin.

Alidropship lets you order as many products as you want per month.

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Highlighted features of Alidropship –

  • Search & Import
  • Auto Updating
  • Pricing Automation
  • Automated Fulfillment
  • ePacket Shipping filter
  • Tracking Auto Orders
  • Built-in themes
  • Product customization
  • Unlimitted amount of products
  • Variations in Product
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Built-in image editor
  • Enjoy Discount Coupons
  • Review of the Product
  • SEO Product Tags
  • Cart abandoned
  • Email lists
  • Live Statistics
  • Integration of Payment Gateway
  • Inventory Management
  • All-in-One Dashboard
  • Cash-Back Program
  • Receive free updates and support

Dropshipping Costs:

Alidropship Plugin – $89 USD. Hosting (if required) – $48 USD. The total cost is $137 USD after 20% discount ( CLUB20), $110 US. Domain name – $10 USD

Total cost $120 USD


Both of these instruments are excellent. I like to invest as little as I can to get the best return. Oberlo can be described as an all-in one kit. Shopify requires that you sign up, then update your AppApp. The annual recurring fees can cause financial problems if you don’t pay attention.

AliDropship’s WooCommerce Edition has been my favorite. AliDropship Plugin can be used to install all plug ins.

This is AliDropship versus Oberlo. That’s all. How will AliDropship and Oberlo look? Let me know what dropshipping model is best for you!

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