How to Start Dropshipping in Portugal with Little Money?

Running A Low-Investment Dropshipping Business

While Working Full Time: Marco’s Experience

New companies usually wind up starting e-commerce projects of various kinds by deciding between multiple choices for a low-investment business startup. Marco, our guest for today, is taking the same course. He pursued the dropshipping business model, delighted with the chance to operate an online shop without inventory. Let’s see how it goes for him!

Hi, introduce yourself, please!

Hi, I’m Marco Silva from Portugal, actually based in the United Kingdom. I worked for 11 years at a university in Portugal, and then I moved to Venezuela in 2011. I worked as a private math and English teacher there and then moved to the UK in 2015.

I served as a postman in England, and I opened a part-time dropshipping company in April 2020.

Why did you decide to get into dropshipping?

I looked up numerous options for starting an online company. For two key factors, the dropshipping model seemed appealing to me. First, to create, it does not need a significant investment of capital. Secondly, before I had even purchased it, I just enjoyed the thought of selling a commodity.

I discovered AliDropship’s YouTube channel and became interested in their project, investigating the providers of low-investment company startup options. I emailed the support staff and demanded further specifics about the solutions. I wanted to go ahead with it when I learned that I could start a company for $300.

How did your company journey of low-investment begin?

With AliExpress, I began dropshipping by purchasing a Premium Shop from AliDropship. I wanted to get the Buy It Carl shop copied for me.

My first sale happened three days after I got the store going. Earlier, we shared some of our items on our store’s Facebook page along with my mom. After that, we started inviting our mates to like our Facebook Company page from our personal Facebook accounts. Most of the many who welcomed the invitation was my wife’s workmates. She wanted and purchased the product seen in one of these blogs, a selfie ring light! I felt strongly encouraged about the future of the business.

How is your business performing now?

With this single store, I made the US $1,304.98, and I hope this will rise in the future.

What is your product strategy?

As the store initially had a range of items, my specialty is enormous. Nevertheless, I keep adding more: I want to see what’s latest and essential to my clients. I still import them when it comes to seasonal goods to make them available to customers.

When adding new goods, I follow the advice of AliDropship to see the potential of the products. I still check the number of sales the product has had, the cost of packaging, consumer ratings, and the sellers’ ranking.

I’m also using some more fully advanced, product-related methods that save me a lot of time. I have used the Import List Goods so far and have tried the AliDropship Luxury Products as well. However, since they tend to be more complete, I liked the Premium Items more. There is more content to their explanations, which lets you get a higher SEO rating (I check and improve it with Yoast SEO).

How do you promote your store?

I primarily run Facebook advertisements and promote the winning items I was sold when I purchased the Premium shop from AliDropship.

Interestingly, with any product I am selling, there is a particular consumer group. I had sales from male teens with a specific product, as I had females from 35-50 years old for another kind of product. As my shop has a wide range of items, targeting advertising is very crucial.

What would you talk about the day-to-day management of your low-investment business and planning your other strategy?

As I’ve already described, it’s a part-time project, so I spend about 3 hours a day doing business. Creating original product descriptions is the most time-consuming activity for me, and I see the production of appealing content for product pages as my most challenging challenge. I look for related items in other stores to cope with it and use them as inspiration.

I’m eager to register my business officially: it seems straightforward, even if I don’t yet know all the legal criteria. As I would like to make a living from this market, my next aim is to improve my sales and open another shop. My friends and family, who like the goods, the costs, and the website’s look in general, help me.

Overall, I’m confident this company is worth pursuing, even if my life hasn’t changed a lot yet. It is a low-investment company, and you become successful once you find the direction!

Even a low-investment company will produce very promising returns; it turns out! Marco is bound to excel with the right selection of methods at hand and a thoughtful approach to crafting a product plan, and so can you! You should miss the company setup stage and only focus on attracting customers to your shop by selecting your Premium Store from the various models available (just as Marco did!).

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