How to Make a Facebook AD For Dropshipping Stores?

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6 Aliexpress Dropshipping Stores Facebook ad tips

A good Facebook ad is the “secret” to make mega profits and explode in your stores. Here are six ad tips on Facebook, which you can also steal to ensure success.

The “Facebook ad” is the secret of a lot of SALES to the shop.

Take the “red button” to suddenly chop on the money machine–your shop–ON and burst into life.

This is the location of “hypertraffic.”

However, with SO a lot of traffic available, Facebook is growing rapidly, and vendors are continuously fighting against each other over this traffic….

So it’s crucial to win over your target audience and create a’ winning’ ad, to know how to stand out from the crowd with your ad. Long are days gone by when you can create a normal ad and can still shock at a large return on investment. (It’s even more important for beginners)

In particular with reference to advertising rules, Facebook is continually changing its system.

So, to have a successful transmission to your store (and to turn it into customers) is fundamental to knowing the best strategies and techniques to build a winning Facebook ad.

This is why I am excited to share with you six Facebook ad tips that you can use to increase your click rate, increase your conversion rate, and increase your MONEY.

Tip #1 Spy on the free search bar Ads of your competitor

One of the easiest ways to see if your product can be successful is by placing ads on your competitors. You can use the search bar free of charge, but you have a budget to help you spy on your competitors.

You can replace “free shipping” by some other common type of offer such as 50% off and substitute “coffee cup” with whatever you are shipping from Aliexpress. To do so go to the search bar to type in something like “50 percent off unicorn.”

You will now find posts that contain this text on Facebook. Most likely, posts that use these kinds of words / phrases are ads, so you can spy on posts with a lot of commitment.

There’s something to keep in mind, just because a post doesn’t necessarily have a lot of commitment, it just means that a lot of money has been spent on them. Sometimes people spend money on ads that don’t work, so it isn’t a stupid evidence to look at, but it helps.

Tip #2: “Product Conversion” for your Facebook goal

You will be able to select a goal for your ad when Aliexpress dropshipping and your ads were created. Facebook’s goal is to focus on this. The only goal you should choose is’ conversion’–a product transformation in particular.

You can also configure it so that every single product has its own product conversion pixel. If you make such extra efforts, Facebook helps to put the ad specifically for this particular product in front of the right audience.

Tip #3: Higher your ad budget, better quality visitors, not all users are equal on Facebook.

Some users participate a lot in posts and some click on ads and purchase things from ads on Facebook.

Some users, on the other hand, don’t click on many links and will not be able to buy the ads on Facebook. Users who participate cost much more than those who do not.

You will have your ad first shown to lower-quality users as they are cheaper and Facebook does not want to slow down your budget when you start publishing on Facebook with a small ad budget ($3-5/day).

You are going to hit higher quality users when you scale your advertisement to $40-200/day. Once you have $200 +, you get the most engaged users.

Tip #4: Do not get penalized for audience overlap

When advertising in Facebook and testing multiple products, you risk overlapping and competing with each of the other by applying the same audience to each product. you have to slowly scale your ad campaign to reach the appropriate base for your ad so that you can discover what Fred Lam, founder of Zero Up, wants to call the “sweet spot.” If the ads begin to compete, then the CPM skyscrapers.

Try to avoid this and, if possible, create a single target for each product to be tested and exclude your other ads ‘ interests.

Tip #5: Be conscious of “forced likes” and “likes of society.”

You will see broad keywords like “Coffee” when you select a Facebook targeting. Broad keywords like these will target a wide array of people who do not really like coffee because they like “forced likes” and “likes of an association.” You’ve now sent a message to Facebook to include you in this broad goal because you clicked on the coffee status.

To prevent this, search for targeted keywords. By selecting long tail keywords and keywords with small letters that do not use uppercase letters, you can identify target ones.

Say, for instance, that were these Facebook pug socks that you advertised.

A broad keyword would be something like’ pug.’ Although a targeted long-tail keyword could be a bit like’ pug lovers,’ using targeted keywords like this will help to reduce your audience further, which will allow your ad to be shown to the RIGHT audience.

Facebook gives you lots of information within your analysis account, but many are unhelpful and unnecessary for the dropshipper.

#6 Our Facebook Ad Tips: Focus on Important Information in Your Facebook Analytics Account

When running your announcements, focus on the 4 metrics when analyzing if a product is doing properly and create your own customized data column to analyze:

1) Cost per purchase (CPP)

2) Cost per click link (CPM)

3) Click through the rate link (CTR)

4) Cost per miles (CPM)

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