Some Common Examples of Company Description

An important tool for businesses looking for financing from investors and customers alike, a company description is an integral component.

A company description should convey its core values and business philosophy while also introducing key members of its team – this allows potential customers or investors to familiarise themselves with them more easily.


Google is one of the world’s most well-known search engines and operates across numerous fields such as cloud computing, hardware manufacturing and advertising. Established by Stanford graduate students Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1995 under its original name “BackRub,” its focus shifted quickly away from web search capabilities towards products like Maps software program and News – both services offered through Google News. Today Google continues its quest to innovate technologically; their Mountain View headquarters known as The Googleplex are bustling hubs of creativity and hard work!

Google’s vision statement is crystal-clear: to “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Google achieves its vision through an arsenal of technologies, such as its search engine – which indexes billions of Web pages – providing comprehensive results for queries submitted by users. Furthermore, its main properties such as YouTube and Gmail generate substantial advertising revenues using cost-per-click models, while tools and algorithms help publishers tailor content specifically tailored towards user preferences.

Google’s success can be attributed to its innovative technologies and culture of innovation, encouraging employees to take risks and experiment with new ideas; its strict code of conduct forbids employees from misusing confidential information obtained at work for personal gain. Google embodies its values and goals in products like its Android operating system and Chromebook computers.

Google first revolutionized online searching in the 1990s with their groundbreaking search engine, setting an industry standard with its user-centric design and search algorithm. Since then, this product has become one of Google’s hallmark products, driving 80% of global web traffic alone and receiving criticism by industry leaders and competitors who fear Google is becoming too dominant in their space; yet critics overlook one key fact – Google doesn’t aim to control everything online; rather it provides its users with the best results possible.


McDonald’s is an international fast-food chain known for its uniform menu consisting of burgers, fries, salads, soft drinks and desserts. McDonald’s promotes healthy eating habits among its employees as well as working closely with organizations that provide nutritional guidance to children. Furthermore, the company has made efforts to reduce plastic usage.

McDonald’s business mission and vision statements reflect trends in the global food service industry. As the world’s largest fast-food restaurant chain, it seeks to expand and improve operations – goals which enable it to remain both competitive and profitable.

One of the company’s key focuses is providing memorable experiences to its customers across the world. Marketing strategies designed to attract them and build brand loyalty. Furthermore, they pledged their dedication to provide delicious cuisine at an affordable price point.

An important goal for the company is to strengthen its brand and products. To do this, they have launched various new offerings such as mobile ordering apps that enable customers to order meals directly from their phones; partnership agreements with Uber Eats and Doordash provide home delivery for its customers;

McDonald’s strives to remain competitive among fast-food chains by offering an assortment of tasty yet budget-friendly food products. McDonald’s food is not only delicious but also affordable worldwide. Furthermore, sustainability initiatives have been implemented into its operations; such as reducing plastic usage in packaging while transitioning toward renewable or recycled utensils.

Despite facing numerous obstacles, McDonald’s has remained competitive in the global QSR market. Though economic climate could alter customer demands and spending habits affecting revenue for McDonald’s, its innovative strategies should allow it to rebound quickly from any financial slumps. Furthermore, its online presence has expanded through partnerships with apps such as Just Eat and GrubHub.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is an undisputed leader in the organic and natural food industry, boasting a dedicated customer base comprised of health-minded consumers. Their unflinching dedication to high quality standards and ethical sourcing sets them apart from other supermarket chains; furthermore, through educational programs and charitable initiatives the company strives to promote healthier lifestyles for everyone.

A company’s mission statement enumerates their values and priorities, serving as a roadmap for strategic decision-making. Their purpose revolves around food, community and planet issues – which provide clear vision of where they’re heading and motivate employees. Furthermore, these values guide how they conduct business with customers and suppliers alike.

A sense of purpose is crucial for any company’s success. It sets your business apart and can attract and keep loyal customers. Your values should focus on transparency, fairness, integrity and employee growth and happiness – helping prevent the destructive “us versus them” mentality that often exists among companies.

Whole Foods takes great pride in prioritizing product quality and building relationships with local producers to ensure its products meet its exacting standards. In addition, the store encourages environmental stewardship and animal welfare by engaging in honest negotiations while adhering to stringent organic farming and sustainability guidelines for suppliers supplying its organic products. This approach has become integral to their brand and allows them to offer an impressive variety of goods to its customers.

Switching costs in grocery markets are generally low, making competitive advantages harder to come by. Whole Foods’ focus on organic and natural foods provides it with an advantage against direct competitors like The Fresh Market, Trader Joe’s and Sprouts Farmers’ Markets; however its scale advantage could diminish should other large grocers enter its field of operation.

Whole Foods invests heavily in employee satisfaction and fosters an environment of empowerment to create long-term loyalty among its customer base. It offers competitive benefits, promotes teamwork and supports employee growth. Furthermore, Whole Foods ensures a positive work environment via initiatives like the 55 rule which requires employees to greet shoppers within five seconds when they approach for assistance – this strategy has proven extremely successful at cultivating positive attitudes within its workplace culture and building customer trust.


A deputy is defined as any individual acting in place of another with full authority, usually law enforcement-related. They typically report directly to either a sheriff or police officer; in law enforcement they act as assistants who report back regularly for investigation crimes, arresting offenders and providing assistance during emergencies such as natural disasters. They can also act as legal advice for their department if needed as well as providing aid during times of distress such as floods. Depending on where one lives they can even become members of legislative bodies such as Chamber of Deputies!

Deputies serve as temporary replacements for their primary officers when illness or injury arise, or can also act as backup for more specialized roles – for instance in courtroom settings or dangerous environments where their primary officer cannot.

When writing a job description, it is vital that you include details regarding the tasks required of you in this role. This will enable an employer to better assess your experience and qualifications – in particular whether or not they see you as suitable for this particular position; for instance if emergency situation work is part of the description it would be prudent to include this detail.

Include a career map in the job description to enable potential candidates to see how their goals can be accomplished through various promotions and positions, for instance a deputy can start out as a sergeant and work their way up into an officer or senior officer position.

The Deputy platform offers various features for auto-scheduling, task management, time tracking, shift planning, leave management reporting and mobile apps to its clients in agriculture, hospitality, education entertainment retail manufacturing industries as well as agriculture itself. Based in Ultimo New South Wales Australia the company competes with enableHR PayGroup among others while their integration with Impos enables users to analyze staff costings and productivity hour by hour.