Is eBay Dropshipping Dead or Still Profitable? Smart Discussion

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Are you searching for eBay drop shipping? Well, if it is the case, then we would like to inform you that eBay drop shipping no more exists. eBay is not acknowledging drop shipping in its account any longer. Not only this, if any person is found drop shipping on eBay account, their account will also get suspended. It means the account will be of no use and there will be no sort of re-activation as well. 

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It is a significant change brought down by eBay as it was helping many drop shippers in making plenty of money until now. But due to change of the terms and conditions and drop shipping option, the whole lot of drop shippers are suffering to a wide extent with huge losses. 

Is there any other way to sell on eBay without drop shipping?

Apart from drop shipping, one will get many new options to try with a view of making money on eBay. Here we are introducing Joelister.

A quick overview of Joelister and why should you use it? 

Joelister is a wondrous program using which you can enlist your entire Amazon inventory undeviatingly to the eBay account without much ado. It is encouraging the drop shippers in making additional income, bringing light to the Amazon listing and the inventory list will also pop-up. It is unquestionably because now the sale will go through eBay and Amazon is already there. 

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The process to start working with Joelister is picture-perfect; you have to sign up with an account. After that, it will ask you to authenticate both eBay as well as Amazon account. The time it is done. You can introduce your Amazon listing directly to the eBay account.

How does Joelister work for sellers? 

Now, let us understand how Joelister will work for you when an item is sold in your eBay account from Amazon inventory. 

In simple words, you don’t have to do anything about it, as Joelister will take charge of everything right from scratch. It means, when a product from your Amazon account is sold, Joelister will begin the task. It works on the multi-channel specimen order from the Amazon inventory that you have listed with eBay. After that, the customer who has made an order using eBay will get the order delivered. 

With this, you can understand that there is nothing to be done on your part at all. The whole process is automatic and takes no time at all. In addition, the listing of products on eBay takes longer time when compared to Amazon. But, if you are making use of Joelister, it will be done in a few clicks and within minutes. 

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Though eBay is not allowing drop shippers to sell their products straight, with Joelister, the prospects have increased. Many are using this new program launched by eBay and are doing well with it too. 

This way, you will get exposure on eBay and will make more in terms of profit too. It will happen for a reason; you will get to add your additional percentage profit like 10% or 20% based on your selling perspective on eBay using Joelister. 

Along with Joelister, there are new-fangled options for the sellers to run their products online on eBay. Under this platform, now the entire market has been divided. So, in the current days, you will find a market for amateur sellers, the market for new sellers etc. 

Or we can say, all kinds of sellers will get a chance to play their part and work from their domain. Plus, the sellers can sell their products too. 

In a general perspective, Amazon is a comprehensive market place, but if you can sell the products on eBay with additional perks, then there is nothing wrong doing the same. Yes, drop shippers are now pulled off from eBay. However, options and opportunities are open for all, who are dedicated to their work. 

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Now, any product that you are selling on Amazon can be listed on eBay with the help of Joelister. 

So, if you are disheartened with the new rule of eBay, i.e., kicking out the drop shippers, then take a chill-pill. Many more and vibrant opportunities are right in your corner. All you need is to give it a try and amplify your sales to a new level. 

It might be a fresh selling option for you, but there is no doubt it being user friendly and worth your effort. Forget drop shipping on eBay and start with Joelister through Amazon inventory.