6 Best Cell Phone Wholesale Distributors In US and Canada

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This guide will help you find the best places to wholesale cell phones. This guide will help you find reliable cell phone wholesale distributors in the USA and Canada.

Mobile phones are no longer luxury commodities, but necessities. Business-oriented people look into this gap to provide wholesale distribution of cell phones in order meet growing demand.

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It’s possible to argue that the USA and Canada are the two largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world. Therefore, it is only natural that these countries are the two most popular destinations for people looking to wholesale mobile phones.

If you’re new to selling cell phones, and are searching for the best wholesale distributors of cell phones in the USA, then you have found the right place, fortunately for you. Let’s relax, we’ll take you through the top wholesale mobile phone dealers in the USA and Canada.

Wholesale distributors of cell phones in the USA/Canada

1. Rush Star Wireless

Rush Star Wireless is a leading wholesale distributor of cell phones in the USA. They regularly search the marketplaces to find the best wireless products for their clients and partners. This makes them one the most trusted wireless distributors in America.

They also maintain strong relationships with their distributor partners and vendors to provide top-quality services and products at a competitive price. By purchasing bulk quantities of accessories and cell phones, they can pass on the savings to their partners, making them one of the most respected wireless solution providers in the world.

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2. Reagan Wireless

Reagan wireless has been distributing cellular phones for over 20 years.

Reagan Wireless is a wholesale distributor of cell phones and an environmental seller/buyer that also refurbishes smaller electronic devices. They are also known for recycling disposable materials such as circuit boards, OEM batteries and LCD displays. This is due to their commitment to protecting non-renewable resource. It’s no surprise that they have a warehouse of 78,000 square feet in Miami, Florida.

3. Virtual Zone USA

Virtual Zone boasts seven years of industry experience in mobile electronics. Their Miami headquarters is home to their head office and they have branches around the globe, including Singapore, Dubai and Colombia.

They are the largest distributor of wholesale cell phone in the USA, with more than 70,000 shipped. Their products are directly supplied by the manufacturers, so the quality of their products can be assured. Clients will receive the best brands in cell phones, mobile devices and other products.

5. Ameritel

Ameritel, headquartered in New York City has seen a tremendous growth in its network of more than 3,400 retail merchants. They are also one of the most highly rated wholesale cell phone distributors. Ameritel also has a retail presence in Florida, Georgia and California with 70 stores that they own. Ameritel is committed to delivering the best possible client experience, and they promise to improve and focus on exceeding clients’ expectations.

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A collection of frequently asked questions

1. How do I find wholesale suppliers and distributors of apples in the USA?

Searching on forums like e-sources, wholesaler, and wholesale central in USA is a great way to locate apple wholesale distributors or suppliers. Many distributors and suppliers are available from different regions. We also recommend the quality of these cell phone distributors. Visit their website.

2. Where can I buy used/refurbished phones wholesale from the USA?

If you’re interested in wholesale iPhones, you can visit Apple directly. The store sells iPhones that have been tested thoroughly. Every phone purchased comes with a 1-year warranty. The restocking fee is not required to return the item.

You can also get wholesale refurbished phones through mobile phone distributors such as BestBuy or Gazelle

3. Is it possible to buy/dropship cell phones/iPhones wholesale?

You can’t buy discount iPhones easily. When looking to purchase or dropship iPhones at wholesale prices, there are many companies you should consider. Some of the best companies to dropship or purchase phones wholesale are Ameritel and Reagan wireless.

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4. How can I purchase a Xiaomi phone wholesale directly from China?

You should consider purchasing a Xiaomi phone wholesale from China if you want to purchase it at a discounted price. Chinabrands.com is one of the most trusted Chinese retailers. They offer high-quality Xiaomi phones at affordable prices, as well as free shipping. They are also widely known as the best online wholesale cellphone distributors in the world.

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The mobile phone industry has become one of the most lucrative in the world due to the increasing number of users who use mobile phones. The top two countries are Canada and the United States.

We’ve reviewed the top cell phone wholesalers in Canada and the USA. Do you want to wholesale from them