6 Best POS Systems for Restaurant (Top Selection)

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A Comparison and List of the Top POS Systems for Restaurants:

A restaurant POS system allows you to track sales, cash flow, as well as food inventory. It simplifies the bookkeeping process and helps restaurant owners manage their business.

Although POS systems will not decrease the number of staff or waiters, it will eliminate the problems associated with handling large orders and inventory shrinkage.

Some systems allow customers to keep track of their repeated visits to different branches. These systems include customizable menus, customer management, performance tracking and reports.

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According to this research, 48% of restaurant owners require Inventory Management.

A web-based restaurant POS system will run you between $50 and $200 per month. POS Systems were traditionally installed locally, and require hardware. The hardware can be purchased in the price range of $2000-4000. The price range for a hardware bundle for web-based applications is $450 to $1500


Pricing: There are four pricing options available for . Solo ($64 per month), Group ($58.78 per month), Team ($52.25 per month), and Unlimited (Get a quote).

TouchBistro is the intelligent solution for Restaurant POS systems. It allows contactless payment and integrates payment processors. It can be used to store ingredients, allergen information, and images for each menu. Your staff can easily answer any questions about the menu using this EPOS system.

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  • It includes features that allow for tableside ordering as well as restaurant table management.
  • It offers payment processing solutions.
  • It includes features that allow you to manage your restaurant’s inventory.
  • It can be used to manage menus and create CRM.

Verdict TouchBistro, an iPad EPOS system, is available. You can choose from a single or multi-iPad version of the solution. TouchBistro Reports can help you make better decisions such as hiring more staff or determining which items are more profitable.


Price: A Free 15 minutes demo available. Nobly costs $51 per month to register your first account and $32.7 per each month for additional accounts. These packages come with 24/7 support and can be used in conjunction with existing payment systems.

The Nobly Restaurant POS system can be used easily. You can secure your business with the help of dedicated accounts and passwords. You can set permissions for employees. This makes communication easier by sending automated messages from the front-of-house to the kitchen. It can be integrated into the card reader.


  • Table management
  • Real-time ingredients tracking.
  • Kitchen Display Unit
  • Sales and Inventory Reports

VerdictNobly restaurant POS gives you a quick overview of your restaurant or allows you to view each order individually. You can integrate it with Zero, Deputy and QB.

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Simphony Cloud Restaurant POS

The product tour is available. For pricing information, you can contact the company. It will cost around $5000 for a one-time fee, according to the reviews online.

Simphony is an Oracle Hospitality Management platform. Both the cloud and mobile platforms have back-office functionality. It can be used to manage a variety of food and beverage operations. It can enforce brand, menu and employee management standards worldwide. It also allows for localization.


  • Inventory Management
  • Reservations for tables
  • Reports.
  • Loyalty and gift

Verdict SIMPHONY is a cloud-based, POS system that caters to modern hospitality. It provides real-time reporting as well as financial analysis capabilities. This platform allows you to keep your menu and prices consistent across the globe.

Kitchen CUT

Price: CUT offers a 14-day free trial. There are four pricing options available: There are four pricing plans: Basic, Regular Premium, Premium, Ultimate.

The online Kitchen CUT food and beverage management platform is an online platform that allows for restaurant management. It offers software for Chef, Recipe and Food Costing, Menu Planning as well as Restaurant Management, Kitchen Management, Restaurant POS, and Restaurant Management.


  • You can add additional properties to suit your needs.
  • It will instantly provide insights and analytics.
  • It keeps track of sales and GPs.
  • The group performance will be visible at a glance.
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Verdict KitchenCUT restaurant POS uses cloud-based technology to provide features such as billing and invoicing, inventory management, menu management, reports, and reporting.

Toast POS

Cost: ToastPOS software will set you back $79 per terminal. Get 0% financing on hardware starter bundles. Installation costs start at $499

Toast POS is a point of sale and management system for restaurants. You can customize it to suit your needs, including Fine Dining, Bar & Nightclubs, Cafe & Bakery and Casual Dining.


  • It’s scalable and simple to use.
  • It supports Tableside ordering.
  • It offers cloud-based reports.
  • It also works offline.
  • There will be a flat-rate payment processing for any transaction.

Verdict – ToastPOS system is simple to use. You can use it for any type of food service business and has a Quick Order feature to speed up transactions.


Price: Lightspeed provides a free trial. For a quote, you can reach them. Lightspeed’s most popular plan starts at $103.18 per monthly.

Lightspeed is an ePOS system that can be used for quick and full service. It also works well in cafes and hotels. It offers unlimited support 24/7, One-on-One Onboarding, webinars, demos and videos. It includes features such as inventory management, tableside ordering, staff management and multi-store management.


  • It can be used offline with fully featured backups and syncs.
  • It offers the necessary features to provide on-the spot service.
  • It supports all types of transfers and swipes.
  • It can also handle tips and taps. You can also set tip redistribution to your team.
  • All data and reports can be accessed on iPad, mobiles and desktops.
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Verdict Lightspeed can handle everything from one location. Lightspeed offers an uninterrupted service, working both with and without the Internet.


Payment terminals, touch screens, as well as other hardware and software, are all part of a restaurant POS system. We have seen that Nobly and TouchBistro make the best restaurant POS systems.

Toast POS and Lightspeed work well for all types of businesses. Simphony, a cloud-based platform for modern hospitality management by Oracle, is available. Kitchen CUT is an online platform that allows you to manage food and beverages.