MYR POS System Review Quick Service Restaurant 

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This is the definitive MYRPOS review. No matter how big or small your business is, you will need a point-of-sale (POS) system that can help you manage your brand and process orders. POS solutions are flexible and offer many functionalities that allow businesses to move away from the traditional cash register to a point-of-sale system capable of handling more than just sales transactions.

You must choose the right POS system for your business, especially if it’s in the fast-service sector. Because the quick-service model is growing, so has the revenue generation. Without a POS system, it’s almost impossible to stay afloat.

We don’t mean that you can accept credit cards, process online and in-store orders, or check inventory. You need a system that can do more than the regular options for quick-service customers.

MYR POS is the solution. MYR POS was created to address the problems of this new quick-service restaurant concept. MYR is a quick-service POS system that integrates mobile and regular orders with tons of business management functions.

POS systems were not available for quick-service restaurants in years past. MYR POS was created to reduce order queues and process more orders in a shorter time frame. The solution was to create the fastest POS system in the market. Reimagine the way that certain businesses use point-of-sale systems.

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We will answer the following questions in our MYR review: Does this solution do what it says it does? And how well does it do it?

Let’s get started.

What is MYRPOS?

Master Your Rush POS, also known as MYR, was launched in 2016. It is a cloud-based point of sale solution that’s 100% cloud-based and designed for quick-service and take-out restaurants. MYR was the first point of sale solution to allow restaurants in quick-service areas to seamlessly bridge mobile, regular and online orders. The POS can also be used with an iOS platform, which streamlines order entry and creates one the fastest and most reliable solutions for restaurants with long lines or order queues.

MYR used to be called Koomi, but MYR began operations under the new name Master Your Rush (MYR). This was a rebranding effort in response to the growing demand for cloud-based ordering systems as businesses shift from in-person to online dining.

MYRPOS Pros and Con

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this POS solution.


  • MYRPOS accomplishes exactly what it was designed for, which is to speed up order processing.
  • This solution allows you to manage your employees easily, and goes beyond permit processing.
  • MYR integrates with third-party apps for seamless partnerships
  • It has a mobile POS function, which allows you to reduce lines by placing orders in line.
  • It is very easy to use the user interface and sell your products.
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  • You will need to add them as an add-on in order to get the additional features like inventory management or employee management. You can’t just take them out of the box.
  • Small businesses may find the initial pricing a bit steep.
  • This solution is only applicable to quick-service restaurants and it does not work for all types of restaurants.
  • MYR currently allows the quick-service solution only in Canada and the United States of America.


MYR POS has powerful features that make it a great choice for small and medium-sized restaurants such as pizzerias and bakeries, salad bars, pizza bars, sushi bars and ice cream shops. These features work well for quick-service restaurants, not retail or full-service restaurants (floor plan).

Let’s take a look at them.

Online ordering

MYR offers a free online ordering platform that allows you to reach more customers. MYR technology means that your customers don’t have to download an application. The system can be customized to your liking, with the ability to add brand colors, photos, and logos. You can also choose the type of online orders you want, such as curbside pick-up, delivery and take-out. This feature allows you to connect all of your online orders directly to your POS system. You can make your website, social media and Google profiles a branded mobile order-ahead app and get all orders directly to your POS system.

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It gets even better. You can integrate with brands such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, and SkiptheDishes to send online orders directly into your point of sale system. This makes it easy to integrate both online and in-store orders. This feature is available on Android, Windows, IOS and Windows platforms. It also allows you to manage your menus and view analytics.

Telephone Ordering System

You can speed up the number and processing time of phone orders by using the phone ordering system. This feature allows you create a customized database of customers that you can search by name and phone number. You can also view your customers’ past orders and favorite orders to speed up processing. You can even send orders directly to the kitchen and engage with customers on the phone. This feature also allows you to integrate with food delivery platforms such as Uber Eats. You can even receive orders directly from these platforms to your kitchen.

Streamline Multi-locations & Franchise

MYRPOS allows you to centralize your franchises and streamline your business. You can have one dashboard that covers all of your business locations. You can sync your pricing and menu reports through MYR’s admin panel. Additionally, you can receive and process third-party apps orders from your MYR dashboard.

A single screen allows you to view all details of each location and can even compare them. You can also set up a new business location in just one click. This feature lets you control vital business information from different locations, while still respecting their individuality.

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MYR automates the most difficult part of managing an inventory business. This feature allows you set up products and options that will be replenished when they are returned. It also keeps track of the ingredients of any products that went to waste. You can reduce or eliminate the risk for being out of stock and overstocking certain products by keeping track of which ingredients need to be replaced. This feature allows you to effortlessly keep track of inventory management.

Drive-thru feature

MYRPOS includes this feature that allows you to connect your drive-thru, back office, kitchen operations, and other business functions on the most secure cloud point-of sale platform. This feature allows you to quickly take down customer orders using an easy-to use drive-thru POS and send them to the kitchen display system. You can also accept contactless payments through the drive-thru window. If necessary, orders can be sent to multiple pre-stations.

Kitchen Display System

Kitchen Display System features help to improve kitchen efficiency. You can track customer orders and improve your restaurant’s operations with the display system. This function allows you to optimize staff productivity by sending orders directly to the kitchen. Your employees won’t need to travel to the kitchen to place an order. Once the order has been processed, staff can simply swipe to confirm it. View all orders history. This feature has another great advantage: you can send different parts to different stations to ensure that your orders reach the right station. This function allows you to track each order’s status.

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Ingredient Tracking

You can view every product you sell using the ingredients tracking feature. You can also track the number and type of products that are connected. You only need to set up the ingredients for a product, and then connect them to the item. You can also set items to be replenished on the next day. You can also use this feature to make better decisions.

Employee Management

MYRPOS allows you to set up a system that allows employees to clock in and leave, create reports and manage costs.

This allows you to seamlessly schedule and track shifts, manage punch-in and out, and even supervise overtime and holidays. You can easily schedule shifts, track their hours, and even keep track of them from wherever you may be. This tool allows you to easily compare labor cost vs. sales cost per hour to increase revenue and streamline your payroll service by providing labor reports.


Integrating all the tools necessary to streamline your business is essential in today’s business world. MYRPOS allows you to integrate your business into third-party services such as Uber Eats and Intuit QuickBooks. Shopify, SkipTheDishes. Doordash. Ritual. 7shifts. Ackroo. Piecemeal.

QR Code Menu

MYRPOS has a QR code feature that allows you to serve customers quicker. Customers can scan the code to view the menu and place orders online. Customers waiting in line or at tables can scan the code to get their menu and pay for their order. This will speed up order processing.

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Contactless Payments

MYRPOS makes it easy to increase sales by offering integrated payment solutions. These allow you to seamlessly accept credit and debit cards. You can also choose from a range of payment processors. You can also receive funds within the next business day.

MYR POS Pricing

The monthly price for this POS solution is $79 and it is billed annually. The $79 monthly initial plan includes an iPad at $0, sales reporting, technical support, one point-of-sale license, access to technical assistance, terminal integration, three modules (ingredients track, inventory and punch clock), as well as gift integration.

You will need to add them to your order for additional access to other modules such as employee management and kitchen display system.

Customer Support

MYR POS has three support channels or channels: phone, SOS and a knowledgebase. It has a search function that allows you to search specific issues. It’s also very easy to navigate. SOS support is available to provide technical and troubleshooting assistance. Generally speaking, the POS solution offers adequate customer support for all pricing plans. There is no tiered support. If you need direct assistance, you can just give them a call.

It’s easy to use

MYRPOS was designed to help users speed up order processing. Fortunately, its ease of use doesn’t stop them from achieving that goal. Even for beginners, the solution is simple to use and can be used in just a few clicks or swipes. It is easy to use and understand the dashboard.

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This POS solution is exactly what it was designed for, which is to cater to quick-service industries. You can see this through features such as drive-thru and in-line order processing. Contactless payments are also available. This doesn’t mean that restaurants offering more services or not in the fast-service sector will not be able to benefit from the solution. This POS system is perfect for those who want to make sure that quick-service orders are processed.