China EMS Epacket Shipping, Tracking, and Delivery Guide

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What is ePacket delivery to China?

ChinaEMS is the parent company of ePacket. It can be used for lighter packages (less than 2 kg). This service is designed for eBay merchants who ship from China to the USA. Many merchants choose ePacket as their default delivery method because it is affordable and reliable.

Chinese sellers may also use the term ePacket (EUB) or e-Youbao, as an alternative to ePacket. Other names for ePacket include Suzhou EUB (SZ-EUB), FY-GZ EUB and HZ-EUB.

What are the requirements to ship ePacket?

These are the requirements:

  • The following countries can be shipped to: Australia, Austria and Belgium, Brazil. Canada. Denmark. Finland. France. Germany. Greece. Hong Kong. Hungary. Ireland, Indonesia (currently in trial run), Israel.
  • A package cannot exceed 2kg in weight. Israel is an exception to this rule, which allows parcels up to 3kg.
  • A parcel can have the following dimensions:
    • The sum of length, width, and thickness must not exceed 90 cm. A package’s longest side cannot exceed 60 cm.
    • Flat mail pieces should not exceed 14 cm in length and 9 cm in height
    • Roll-up packages must be less than 104 cm in length and diameter. The length of the package should not exceed 90cm.
  • Fillers may be contained in small- or medium-sized packages. These include spare parts, accessories and tools, as well as household appliances.
  • Packages must not exceed $400 in value
  • You can track your order with a tracking number (Shipment Id).
  • The weight of the package determines the freight rate. The minimum weight threshold for the US, Russia, Japan and New Zealand is 50g, while the threshold for Ukraine is 10g.
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Is there any restriction on ePacket shipping

Yes, this shipping option has some limitations. Universal Postal Convention prohibits the shipment of items such as aerosols and explosives, gasoline, poison, and other dangerous substances. Unless shipped by licensed dealers, they are prohibited

Who delivers ePacket?

China PostEMS first delivers a package to the Chinese border, and then forwards it on to the destination country. The items are then picked up by the national postal services (e.g. USPS in US, Canada Post in Canada, etc.) Finally, it is delivered to the nearest post office to the customer.

Where can I order an ePacket Delivery?

After you receive delivery confirmation, you will be able to pick up your ePacket from a local postal office or check your PO Box. If your national postal service allows for this delivery option, the package can be delivered directly to your home.

Is ePacket able to deliver to my home?

ePacket guarantees delivery within 24 hours to the country of destination. The order is then handled by the national postal service. If your local postal service allows, you can have your shipment delivered directly to your home.

Is ePacket free delivery?

It’s not true. If you see a free shipping option when you place an order, it means that the merchant has included the delivery cost in the item’s price. It costs on average $1-3 for small packages, and $4-6 for large ones.

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Is it possible to track an ePacket

Customers can track their shipment via ePacket. You can track your delivery here or check the status of your shipment on the China Post EMS website.

As a rule, ePacket tracking numbers start with LM, BZ or LX, LN. LZ, LF, LK and LL. Then, nine digits are followed by CN. :

  • LS039769770CN
  • LT947052932CN
  • LN832125508CN
  • LW910983731CN

What should I do if my ePacket has disappeared?

An incorrect tracking number could be the cause. You may notice a different location when tracking your order. This could mean it is referring to another package. For a tracking code, get in touch with your merchant.

Ask the merchant to notify you if your ePacket is lost.

What is the average time it takes to receive an ePacket in China?

Delivery times can vary depending on the destination country

  • Delivery to the USA takes 10-20 working days
  • To Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Ukraine: 7-20 business days
  • To other countries: 7-30 days.

Please note that bad weather, holidays and other factors can delay shipment.

My ePacket is taking too much time — what should you do?

First, get in touch with the merchant to clarify the details. You will need to purchase package insurance and wait for your item to arrive. If you declare your package a loss, then you may be eligible for a refund. Marketplaces require merchants to refund all packages that are lost.

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ePacket vs China Post Air Mail

ePacket offers a quick and easy shipping method. Most items are delivered within 2 to 3 weeks. However, some packages sent by China Post can be delayed or stuck at customs and arrive damaged or lost.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping vs ePacket

The obvious advantage of AliExpress Standard Shipping is customer security. The transaction involves a merchant passing an item to AliExpress logistics, where it receives a tracking code and then the package is sent to courier services. Standard delivery costs are paid by the merchant. Delivery time estimates range from 20-40 days. The customer has the option of paying extra to have a package delivered quickly or for a small delay.

Here are the pros and cons to ePacket (compared to Aliexpress Standard Shipping).

China Postal Express & Logistics specializes in international express, domestic express, contract logistics, LTL, and international express. International and domestic express offer premium, standard, and economy shipping products with a fast delivery time. They also provide some value-added services such as COD. Contract logistics is the entire supply chain process, which includes warehousing and transport.

The company’s service philosophy is “Treasure Every Moment. Serve with Heart at Every Step.” It strives to provide customers with fast, reliable, safe, secure, and reliable door to door express and logistics services. This will allow it to become a nationally competitive Express & Logistics company that offers the best integrated service.

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ePacket shipping is a service offered by Chinese and Hong Kong merchants to customers who shop on Chinese marketplaces such as Aliexpress or GearBest . These merchants can offer light packages a quick and inexpensive shipping option with ePacket shipping.

The United States Postal Service officially announced the new shipping service and agreement in 2011 with Hongkong Post China and eBay China. This allows ePacket shipping tracking to China and Hong Kong, and receives USPS First Class Mail Service with a delivery confirmation.

ePacket was established in China and Hong Kong as a fast and economical shipping option from China to the United States. ePacket expanded to 30 countries in the past, including Canada and Australia.

Is it possible to track an Epacket in China?

Tracking ePacket shipments to your door is possible. Our web site can help you track any ePacket shipment.

Track ePacket shipment shipments using USPS and ePacket China Post. You can also use our postal tracker. ParcelsApp will track ePacket using USPS and China Post EMS. It will also translate any statues from Chinese into English and estimate the delivery time.

Tracking numbers for ePacket

China Post EMS and ePacket tracking numbers look something like Lx000000000CN or Ex000000000CN

Tracking number format

The EUB tracking number is composed of 13 characters that begin with “L” followed by another letter, then 9 digits, and ending with “CN”. i.e. LK987654321CN

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China Posts EUB tracking

eBay sellers often use EUB to ship items to the USA, Australia, and UK. The maximum weight of the items is 4.4 lb (2kg). The outer package’s total length, width, and height must not exceed 35 inches. The length, width, and height of the outer package cannot exceed 24 inches. A EUB parcel arrives at its destination within 7-10 working days. An EUB parcel sent from China starts with “L” or A and ends with “CN”. The EMS tracking system provides the tracking information.

China EMS ePacket EUB (EUB) – What is ePacket/EUB?

China Postal Express & Logistics Co., Ltd offers E-commerce express services to meet the requirements of individuals and businesses involved in online trade. The E-commerce express service also includes ePacket or e-EMS.

ePacket, also known as EUB (eYou Bao ), is a fast and affordable shipping option that merchants in China or Hong Kong offer. It’s primarily used for small parcels below 2kg (UK less than 5kg). The shipping service was created for ecommerce, hence the “e”Packet” name. This shipping service is only available to merchants who are registered on Aliexpress and eBay. Online buyers can track the status of their packages shipped from China and Hong Kong with ePacket.

What is the delivery time for an ePacket?

Estimated delivery time to Mexico: 20 working day

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Estimated delivery time to Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Ukraine: 7-20 working days

Estimated delivery time to other countries: 7-30 working days.

This is the average ePacket arrival time. Holidays, bad weather and other factors can delay some parcels. It should usually arrive within two months in most cases. If you don’t receive your package within two months, it is best to contact China EMS immediately. This is not a normal time.

Limit weight for ePacket Packages

Each ePacket parcel should weigh less than 2kg. Shipping to Israel or the UK is an exception to this rule. For packages to Israel, you can send up to 3kg and for packages to the UK up to 5kg.

International EMS (Express Mail Service).

China Post is a subsidiary that operates EMS (short for Express Mail Service). It is China’s largest provider of express services. It has built a network that links the entire country of China, including the rural areas, and is constantly growing. It currently covers more than 200 countries, regions, and as many as 2000 Chinese domestic cities.

China Postal Express & Logistics offers a shipment delivery service called the China International Express Mail Service. It can deliver documents, materials, urgent letters and samples to all countries including Macao, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Hong Kong. The service can also be tracked in many ways.

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Format for EMS Tracking Number

The tracking number (ShipmentID) of EMS consists of 13 characters. It starts with “E” (represents Express Mail), and ends with either “CN” or “CS”. There are 9 digits between them.

EMS Shipping Time

An EMS parcel should reach its destination in 3-7 working days. It may take up to two additional days for remote areas.

Within 3 Days: To Southeast Asia and South Asia Areas

Within 4 Days, Australia

Within 5 Days to European and American Countries

International e-EMS

China EMS has created an e-EMS business to meet the high quality merchandise delivery requirements of individuals and businesses involved in online commerce. This new service, which was launched in 2014, is a convenient, economical and quick shipping option for cross-border e-commerce sellers. Similar to epacket/EUB the service charges for 50gm. This reduces the logistics costs for sellers and improves market competition.

International e-EMS coverage

Currently, e-EMS can be used in 50 countries, including Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea.

International e-EMS Delivery Time

Japan, South Korea, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan: 2 – 4 days

USA, UK, France and Australia: 5-7 days

Canada, Russia, Brazil, Belarus, Ukraine: 7 – 10 days

South Africa: 10-15 days

Parcels app allows you to easily locate the exact location of any packages or shipments sent by China Post EMS ePacket.

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FAQ for China Post ePacket shipping method

Q1. Why choose China Post ePacket as our shipping method?

A: China Post ePacket is the fastest way to ship merchandise from China to the rest of the world. If you do business with China Post ePacket, China Post ePacket is the best option for you.

Q2. Can I track my order after it has been shipped?

A: Of course, you can. You will have seen that your merchandises were shipped. China Post will provide you with a tracking number, which allows to track your parcels online.

Q3. Are there any ecommerce suppliers worth considering for my ecommerce business, as China Post ePacket is doing so well between China and other countries?

A: While there are many e-commerce suppliers available to your business, AliExpress should probably be the most well-known. Chinabrands is also a major supplier to China., a global drop shipper based in China, provides over 1,000,000 products to its members.

Chinabrands has also developed an API system that allows members to upload bulk product listings to AliExpress. This should make it much easier for you to manage your daily operations between suppliers (Chinabrands), and stores (AliExpress).

You can also register as a Chinabrands official member now for free. This is free to try and will not cost you a penny. To register for a free account, click the link below.

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Q4. What languages are available when using ePacket

A: China Post ePacket shipping customer support team supports all languages related to the regions available for delivery. The ePacket order operation system supports only Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.

Q5. Which regions are most popular when using ePacket

A: ePacket China is a China-based shipping option. The following 5 top regions also use China Post ePacket shipping methods:

a. China Post ePacket U.S.

b. China Post ePacket Canada

c. China Post ePacket UK

d. China Post ePacket Australia

e. China Post ePacket Japan

It is concluded that the China Post ePacket shipping option should be preferred by sellers who want to ship small-sized and lighter-weight goods, especially from China to other parts of the world.

You are likely to get supply from China, and then need to ship it around the world. Why not look into China-based suppliers like or AliExpress? This will save you a lot of money on delivery and offer tons of benefits.

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