Aliexpress Standard Shipping for Dropshipping Explained

AliExpress is the largest e-commerce marketplace in the world and has become the most trusted source for outsource products.

Although many manufacturers offer quick shipping, dropshippers prefer to receive them free of charge or at a lower cost.

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Low-cost shipping can be slow.

You are likely to use the standard shipping as a dropshipper. However, there are many things that you should know about Aliexpress shipping.

This will allow you to make better business decisions and keep your customers satisfied.

What is AliExpress Standard Shipping?

AliExpress Standard Shipping allows you to ship your items using AliExpress’s own shipping method. Amazon FBA is a similar service.

FBA stands to Fulfilled by Amazon. This means that sellers ship their products directly to Amazon. Amazon then stocks the products in its warehouse.

Amazon handles shipping for customers who order products from it.

Standard shipping is the most affordable option when compared to other Aliexpress shipping options. It is usually free shipping. The price for shipping is from $1 up to 3. Most suppliers will offer standard shipping and tracking at no cost.

Who is the AliExpress Standard Shipping Delivery Agent?

AliExpress does NOT have any ships or airplanes to transport packages to international destinations.

It has partnered with numerous shipping companies around the world. These include Singapore Post, DHL and Direct Link.

These companies offer AliExpress at lower rates and many other benefits, such as door-to-door shipping.

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Some cases may also include the payment of customs duties, but this is not always true for all shipments.

This is what happens if you order a product through AliExpress and choose this shipping method.

  • AliExpress employee looks for product in warehouse
  • The package is picked up by the shipping partner
  • The package is shipped by a shipping partner
  • The package is delivered to the warehouse in the destination country
  • The package is delivered to the customer by the office in the destination country

The package must go through multiple steps but it is safer and more reliable because the company handling your package has been trained in this field. It also has an AliExpress special rate, which means shipping costs are cheaper but not free.

AliExpress Standard Shipping costs between $2-$3. Delivery can take between 15 and 20 days, but depending on where you are located, it could take up to 60.

Standard Shipping can be tracked.

If you choose the AliExpress Standard Shipping option, there is an online tracking system. To track your order, go to AliExpress. Log in and check your order status.

AliExpress Standard Shipping has one problem. Not all shipments come with a tracking number. AliExpress cannot track the status of an order.

If you have customers who need tracking information, this is going to be a problem.

You will have to provide a screenshot of AliExpress’ shipping status as you are unable to provide one.

The customer may see that the item was purchased from China and ask for a return if they do not like the products.

AliExpress will often provide a tracking number. This tracking number can be used on 17 Track.

This tracking number can be given to your customer to enable them to track their order.

Global Cainiao is another tracking system you can use. It is a shipping partner for AliExpress and works in the same way as DHL or FedEx.

You will get a tracking number from AliExpress. This number can be used to track the shipment status.

How to Find Aliexpress Tracking Number

AliExpress allows you to check the status of every order you make.

These steps will help you locate the tracking number.

  • Click on the product you like
  • Click here to see the shipping options
  • You will see a page that shows you whether a tracking number has been assigned.

If you do not have the tracking number, there are no other options than to take screenshots from AliExpress of the shipping status.

Your customer might start asking for a refund after two weeks of waiting.

This is a problem as the seller may not offer a refund if an item has already been shipped and is on its way.

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This problem can be solved by telling your customers when the item will arrive, from where, and what your return policies are.

This agreement must be signed by the customer. AliExpress will not accept any changes or if the customer does not consent to the order.

This will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Pros and cons of AliExpress Standard Shipping

You would be wise to take advantage the free shipping offer if you are a businessperson. It offers many benefits. These are some of the benefits of standard shipping.

  • AliExpress has the lowest prices. It is usually free of charge or costs $1-$3.
  • Tracking is available to help you track where your package is at all time
  • This option is available from almost all suppliers so it’s always possible to use
  • Good quality packaging is used to ship products

Shipping is cheap, but it can have some drawbacks that may be of concern to your customers.

  • Delivery time can be up to 60 days
  • The shipment will be delivered at the country’s Customs Office and may need to be picked up.
  • It is possible for items to get lost in tens of thousands of packages.
  • Customers might be required to pay Customs duties

These facts will help you to see that you face important problems and that you need to fix them.

Are customers willing to wait 60 days for their product? What should you do if your shipment is lost?

We need to help you understand the basics of AliExpress Standard Shipping.

What is ePacket Shipping?

The label “ePacket”, which is available on many AliExpress products, will be visible. What is ePacket exactly?

ePacket, a type of shipping, is one that is paid for by the government.

ePacket, a shipping option available only to sellers and manufacturers from China and Hong Kong, is called ePacket.

China reached an agreement with other countries in order to cover shipping costs. This helped the country’s economy. Residents of other countries can order goods from China without having to pay shipping costs.

This allows China to continue manufacturing, exporting goods to other countries and then making money for its citizens.

Are there any limitations to AliExpress ePacket

If the product weighs less than 2 kg or 4.4 lbs, ePacket cannot be used as an option. The product must be less than 2 kilograms or 4.4 lbs.

Minimum dimensions for the package must be 14 cm by 11 cm.

Why ePacket is a Good Choice

This shipping option has many benefits for both the merchant and the recipient of the package.

  • You can expect your product to arrive within 10 to 20 working days if you choose this option for dropshipping. However, this is not the same as local competitors who ship to the same country. Drop shippers prefer to source locally as shipping takes only three days.
  • Low cost – Not all ePackets come at no charge. Shipping costs can still be charged by merchants. Bubble wrap and extra foam in the boxes to protect the product against breaking are two examples of these expenses. The shipping cost is still much cheaper than other methods.
  • Door-to–Door – as the seller, you have the option to choose door-to–door tracking. This option is completely free and the product you ordered will be delivered to the customer’s home.
  • Many Countries Accepted – ePacket shipping can be used in 42 countries. These include the USA, UK and Russia. You should also know that shipping times can vary. For more information, see below.
  1. Brazil: 20-30 business days
  2. exico: 20 business days
  3. Vietnam: 5-7 business days
  4. Russia, Ukraine, and Saudi Arabia: 7-15 Business Days
  5. All other countries supported: 7-10 business day

ePacket differs from AliExpress Standard Shipping. Many dropshippers confuse these two. ePacket is a special relationship between China, other countries.

It is free or cheap because the government maintains a schedule for flights to these countries. If your package is on this schedule, it will be shipped at that time.

AliExpress also offers other shipping options

What other shipping options are available than AliExpress Standard Shipping or ePacket Yes. However, they can be costly.

Additionally, shipping times that are faster cost more. AliExpress offers many shipping options. Each seller or manufacturer offers different shipping options as they ship to different countries.

Click on the shipping option to see if the manufacturer ships to your country. The drop-down will show you the available options.

After you select a country, you’ll see a list of shipping partners, shipping times, and the cost.

You can compare prices and check the table to offer your customers more options.

The screenshots below show that the product can be shipped to the United States in a variety of ways. You have three shipping options available: ePacket Special Line, ePacket and China Post Airmail.

Different shipping times are available for different shipping methods. Not all shipping options offer tracking numbers.

Scroll down to see the options for AliExpress Standard Shipping. Then you can choose DHL.

Both have tracking numbers. DHL shipping takes longer. The package will be delivered to the customer within 13 days, however, you must pay $57.54 for it.

AliExpress Standard Shipping Vs ePacket

  • ePacket: Free shipping for 25 days, with tracking number
  • AliExpress Standard Shipping – $2.44 for delivery for 25 days with tracking number

ePacket is the better option. You get the same shipping time, plus a tracking number.

Are Long Shipping Times Really a Problem?

Dropshippers can face long shipping times. Your competition is Amazon in America, Europe, and Lazada Asia.

These two giants each have their own fulfillment centers and offer very fast shipping.

What do you do?

First, don’t panic. Numerous studies have shown that customers are happy to wait for their product to arrive.

You need to be open with your customers. A customer who knows what to expect and what he’s paying for will be more patient and won’t complain.

These are some ways to speed up shipping.

  • It must be stated on product pages that shipping times can exceed 30 days. This should be explained clearly.
  • It is important to mention that shipping is free. You can add DHL shipping rates to your product pages. Then add $57 for shipping. Shipping will take less than 13 days. Add that price to the FREE SHIPPING which will take longer than 30 days. Customers will choose free shipping over any other option.
  • Send an email to customers who place orders. Inform the customer about shipping guidelines. Tell the customer about the shipping rules. Why 60 days? This is to protect you. Some shipments get delayed.
  • AliExpress will ship the product if the customer is willing to accept it. You can cancel your order and get a refund.

Are Buyers Put Off by Long Shopping Time?

Non, not really. International products can take time to arrive at customers. You must be open and honest. Promises that you can’t keep are a recipe for disaster.

Drop shippers will tell you that customers will begin to inquire about their orders or packages after two weeks.

You can tell them upfront that it will take 30 business days for shipment. Then all they need to do is inform them that the item has been shipped and that they are not complaining.

False promises can make them angry and will demand refunds.

Be honest from the beginning to avoid customers getting frustrated. You should be patient with them when they ask and offer great customer service such as politeness and responsiveness to their questions.

Don’t make them wait to hear back.

Different Shipping Status

AliExpress will allow you to track the purchase once you have completed it. You can move a shipment from one status to the next.

It is important to understand the meaning of status in order to explain it to your customers.

These are the various statuses of orders:

  • You are still waiting for payment. This means that you have not yet purchased the product. Click on the product to access your AliExpress dashboard. Next, complete the checkout process.
  • AliExpress requires payment verification to verify that the payment is genuine. If your buyer name is different than the one on the credit card, this will happen. To avoid suspicions of fraud, we strongly recommend that they be the same.
  • Waiting for Shipment – Once the payment has been verified and processed, AliExpress will pack and ship the product or the seller. You can wait for the seller’s job to be completed during this status. Some sellers take up to seven days to pack and ship. This information can be found in the product details.
  • This status means the product is still in transit. This could take several days or even weeks. If the tracking number is available, you will be able to get one from the seller once the item has been shipped. You can also use Global Cainiao or 17 Track to track your shipment status.
  • This status indicates that the product has been received and is confirmed by the buyer.

Sometimes you’ll see the status of your shipment. Sometimes, the shipment status will show that it was lost or returned. In other cases, you may also receive notification that the product wasn’t delivered.

This could happen if you ship to difficult-to-reach areas or if the product is left at the country’s postal office without anyone claiming it.

Common Shipping Mistakes Sellers Make

These are the most common mistakes sellers make when ordering products from AliExpress.

Receipt Orders are marked

AliExpress will not allow you to mark an order as received by a seller even if it has been shipped. If you do this, you cannot get a refund if something goes wrong.

Your customer may report that the product was lost in shipment.

This is because AliExpress cannot accept a claim for a refund if you have already received the item.

Incorrectly Filling out Forms

You will need to complete a shipping form if you place an order on AliExpress. Make sure you spell everything correctly when you fill out the shipping form. Also, ensure that your ZIP code is correct.

You can check the address of an online seller by using Google Maps. Sometimes it’s your customer who made the mistake.

If you find an error, contact your buyer. You cannot reverse an item once it is shipped.

Beware of bad suppliers

Some sellers will convince you to do something wrong. In return for money, some sellers will ask you to give them a high seller rating.

This decision is entirely up to you. Sometimes it’s not the seller’s fault the item was lost or not delivered. If the problem is that the seller shipped an incorrect item, would you want to deal with them again?

AliExpress Shipping Final Words

AliExpress is a huge marketplace, but there are still problems. Remember that you are responsible for understanding the process behind the scenes as a dropshipper.

Protect yourself from bad sellers and give honest feedback to them so that other dropshippers don’t become victims.