Detailed Note About Aliexpress Delivery Methods for Dropshipping

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The evergreen one-day shipping offered by Amazon Prime is raising hope in the minds of many customers all across the world. At this current era, when a customer is buying a product, he/she not only looks of features alone but has consideration on the pricing too. For example, if a customer is ordering a laptop, then he will finalise the order if the delivery time is as per his suitability. Now, gripping this nature of the customer, all the store owners who are intact with drop shipping should enhance their know-how on the topic of shipping marketplace shared by AliExpress.

Let us begin with AliExpress first! This online business platform is known for offering an extensive range of shipping options for the customers. Or in other languages, it is also identified as a drop-shipping site. The reason behind is the option to send the product to an individual client. Now, you only need the customer to make an order without worrying about the storage. 

For shipping, you can either op for international courier options plus AliExpress shipping is already there. Depending on the shipping method, it would allow tracking, and so on. 

Well, hang on for a while, and we can assure you of sharing mind-blowing ideas for saving on shipping and engaging the customers for a longer duration. 

Are you sure about the free shipping option?

Mostly, a question comes “does free shipping option still there?” It might shock you, but anything like free shipping is not there at all. Wondering why? It is because any manufacturer or retailer dealing in the product will add the value of the shipping in the cost of it as well. It is the reason; customers feel there are not being charged with the shipping cost.

Adding the shipping cost with the cost will roll more and more profits plus, we should not forget that customers are fond of free shipping. 

Primary carriers of AliExpress 

If you are considerate about the shipping time and want the ordered product to be delivered within a specific time, then AliExpress has a solution for this too. Many significant carriers such as FedEx are working with this site, and there are government-based postal services of China also. Though the shipping time is low on the contrary, it might cosy you expensive too. 

Check out these shipping carriers of AliExpress

  1. UPS
  2. FedEx
  3. China Post Ordinary 
  4. Air Mail
  5. DHL
  6. EMS
  7. USPS

A glance on the cost-free shipping options 

As we were discussing earlier the free shipping options carried out by AliExpress, here is in-depth info about it. No matter which free shipping option you are planning to choose, it is going to cost you with higher delivery time. Suppose you have picked China Post via AliExpress, where shipping will be free but the time of delivery will be between 20 to 39 days. 

Another side, the delivery of the products shipped by the sellers are free in AliExpress, but the shipping mode or method will be their decision only. The shipping price will be clubbed with the cost of the product and if you are having a word with the seller regarding the time of delivery, possibly the solution will arise. 

Keeping the price competitive will aid you in making the customers wait along with free shipping. 

Why is AliExpress shipping a desirable choice?

AliExpress Standard Shipping is eye candy for all because its shipping is affordable and comes along with tracking time too. The information about the order status is within AliExpress, enabling both the suppliers and customers in validating the same. Also, the security is up to the mark. The time range of AliExpress shipping is 15-20 days.

An idea about AliExpress Premium shipping option 

AliExpress Premium Shipping option is valid for rush orders where you have to fulfil the customers’ expectation causing no delay. The pricing and shipping are similar to FedEx, and DHL, but is better than the AliExpress Standard Shipping feature. This facility is open for 183 countries with tracking and the delivery time stoop with 8-15 days.


ePacket is an excellent amalgamation of faster delivery and inexpensive shipping options. The services proffered by ePacket are from US post office as well as Hong Kong Post. The shipping time from Asia is 10-20 days, and it will only cost a major fraction that will charge around 3-5$. 

From China, there are only limited companies working with ePacket, but it can’t be ignored as a stable shipping option. Furthermore, there is also a limitation with the product order range, which cannot cross 400$ plus meeting the physical requisites is also one of them. 

  • The maximum length of should is 24” or 60 cm. 
  • The overall length and thickness should not go by 36” or 90cm.
  • The maximum weight should be 4.4lbs or 2kgs.

Analysing the shipping time and costing, ePacket is a viable option. Drop shippers working with ePacket have a great list of benefits and profits. Customers also hold the liberty to keep an eye on the ordered products too. 

Should shipping time be given importance? 

Customers expect their shipment to be delivered as soon as possible, whereas, on the same board, they also look for the right deal. Now, if the customer is comfortable with a delivery time of around a month or so for a particular product, then you will not get bothered with their frequent emails. All you need is to share the word with the customers from the initial days to enjoy a fruitful relationship with the customers. 

Added to this, you should also keep a piece of extra baggage of safety. Let us give an example; suppose the shipment time is 10-15 days then you must enter the disclaimer 12-20 days. Likely the customers will be happy if the shipment reaches them before time. The probability of the same customer making more orders will rise. 

So, it can be assumed the time of shipping is not a matter of concern if the expectations of the customers are properly met. 

The tracking process of AliExpress

The process is clearly based on the chosen shipping method either by the drop shipper or the customers. For this, a tracking code will be provided using which the status of the shipped product can be known. To send the tracking number or code to the customers, you will have to take the help of emails or phones. 

Various kinds of tracking methods available in AliExpress

Tracking of free delivery orders 

This option is accessible when the shipment is sent via AliExpress Standard China Post Small Packet. Once the order is generated, you will be given a tracking code which is visible on the My Orders area of the AliExpress account. Kindly make a note of this code to Global Order Tracking site. Moreover, if couriers like UPS are involved, then enter the tracking code to the company’s tracking page. 

Tracking with ePacket

To confirm the status of your order, ePacket will share a unique tracking code that can be further sent to the customer as well. The codes generated by ePacket are country wise like for China a specific code will be there. When the shipment reaches the United States, then USPS will become active. 

AliExpress and Drop Shipping 

AliExpress has made it big for the drop shippers, and similar words can be used for the customers too. On this site, there is no membership fee, and the entire process is seamless. A customer makes an order from you will be the beginning of your task. You have to buy the product from this site and then ship it to the customers. 

Options for enhancing the profit ratio will be done by the ePacket shipment. It is a good option if your target country is the United States as the shipping is faster and sales will be reasonable.

Drop shippers are now turning into tech-savvy by listing down the products directly in front of the customers through new marketing tricks like email campaigns etc. therefore, drop shipping is far more profitable than what is looks. 

Can’t customer opt directly from AliExpress?

After going through all the information, you might be thinking, why a customer will go through all the resist when they can order directly from AliExpress?

First of all, AliExpress is a massive website enough to toil down the customers. Secondly, it is created for connecting the buyers on one set pattern with an enormous amount of products. 

With marketing, and bringing the expectations with customer service will add up brand value and engross profit margin. Personalisation and hand-picked product through a niche market will also perform the task. 

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