Detailed Note About Aliexpress Delivery Methods for Dropshipping

Amazon Prime’s evergreen, one-day shipping is bringing hope to many customers around the globe. Customers are now more concerned about the price than they are about features when purchasing a product. If a customer orders a laptop, he/she will place the order only if the delivery date is within his time frame. Now, gripping this nature of the customer, all the store owners who are intact with drop shipping should enhance their know-how on the topic of shipping marketplace shared by AliExpress.

Let’s start with AliExpress! AliExpress is a well-known online business platform that offers a wide range of shipping options. Or in other languages, it is also identified as a drop-shipping site. This is because you can send the product to a single client. You only need to place an order from the customer and not worry about storage.

You can choose to have international shipping options or AliExpress shipping already available. It would depend on the shipping method and allow tracking.

We can share mind-blowing ideas to save shipping costs and engage customers for a longer time.

Do you have any questions about free shipping?

Most often, the question is “Is there a free shipping option?” This might surprise you. You might be wondering why. This is because any retailer or manufacturer that sells the product will also add shipping costs to it. Customers feel that shipping costs are not included in the price.

We should remember that customers love free shipping and will add the shipping cost to the profit.

AliExpress Primary Carriers

AliExpress can help you if you care about shipping times and need your product delivered in a certain time. This site is supported by many major carriers, such as FedEx. There are also government-based Chinese postal services.

These shipping carriers are AliExpress

  1. UPS
  2. FedEx
  3. China Posts Ordinary
  4. Air Mail
  5. DHL
  6. EMS
  7. USPS

Here’s a look at the shipping options that are free

We have already discussed the AliExpress free shipping options. Here is more information. It doesn’t matter what free shipping option, you will pay more for it due to the longer delivery time. Suppose you have picked China Post via AliExpress, where shipping will be free but the time of delivery will be between 20 to 39 days.

Another side, the delivery of the products shipped by the sellers are free in AliExpress, but the shipping mode or method will be their decision only. If you have a question about the delivery time, the shipping cost will be added to the price of the product.

You can make your customers wait by keeping the price low and offering free shipping.

Why AliExpress shipping is a popular choice?

AliExpress Standard Shipping is eye candy because it is cheap and offers tracking. The information about the order status is within AliExpress, enabling both the suppliers and customers in validating the same. The security measures are also up to the mark. AliExpress shipping takes 15-20 days.

A look at AliExpress Premium shipping options

AliExpress Premium Shipping is available for rush orders, where the customer’s expectation must be met and there should not be any delay. Although the AliExpress Standard Shipping feature is more affordable than AliExpress Standard Shipping, it offers shipping and pricing that are comparable to FedEx and DHL. This service is available for 183 countries and includes tracking. Delivery time is between 8-15 days.


ePacket offers a great combination of fast delivery and affordable shipping options. The services proffered by ePacket are from US post office as well as Hong Kong Post. Shipping time to Asia takes between 10-20 days. It will cost around 3-5$.

Although ePacket is not widely available in China, it cannot be overlooked as a reliable shipping option. There is also a limit on the product order range. It cannot exceed 400$. Additionally, it must meet the physical requirements.

  • Maximum length for should be is 24 inches or 60 cm
  • The length and thickness of the overall length should not exceed 36 inches or 90 cm.
  • Maximum weight should not exceed 4.4 lbs or 2 kgs

ePacket can be considered a viable option after analyzing the shipping cost and time. Drop shippers working with ePacket have a great list of benefits and profits. Customers have the right to monitor the products they order.

Shipping time should be considered.

Customers want their shipment delivered quickly, but they also seek the best deal. If the customer is happy with a delivery period of about a month for a product, you won’t be bothered by their constant emails. To build a lasting relationship with customers, you just need to spread the word from the beginning.

You should also keep some extra safety baggage. Consider this: If the shipment takes 10-15 days, then you will need to enter the disclaimer 12-20 day. Customers will likely be pleased if their shipment arrives on time. This will increase the likelihood of customers placing more orders.

If the customer’s expectations are met, then it is safe to assume that shipping time will not be a problem.

AliExpress Tracking

It all depends on whether the drop shipper or customers chooses to ship the product. A tracking code is required to track the product’s status. You will need to email or call the customer to get the tracking number/code.

AliExpress offers a variety of tracking options.

Tracking free delivery orders

This option is available when the shipment is sent via AliExpress Standard China Post Small Packet. After the order has been generated, you will receive a tracking code that can be viewed in the My Orders section of your AliExpress account.  If couriers such as UPS are involved, you can enter the tracking code on the company’s tracking webpage.

Tracking with ePacket

ePacket will send a tracking code to customers in order to confirm your order’s status. ePacket codes are country-specific, so for China a particular code will be generated. The USPS will activate the shipment once it reaches the United States.

Drop Shipping and AliExpress

AliExpress has made it big for the drop shippers, and similar words can be used for the customers too. There is no fee to join this site and the whole process is seamless. The first step in your job is when a customer places an order with you. The product must be purchased from the site, and then shipped to the customers.

The ePacket shipment offers many options to increase the profit ratio. It is a good option if your target country is the United States as the shipping is faster and sales will be reasonable.

Drop shippers are becoming tech-savvy and listing the products directly to customers via email campaigns, among other marketing techniques. Drop shipping is more lucrative than it looks.

AliExpress allows customers to choose directly.

You might wonder, after reading all of the information, why would a customer go through all that resistance when they can order directly through AliExpress?

First of all, AliExpress is a massive website enough to toil down the customers. It is designed to connect buyers with a single set of products.

With marketing, and bringing the expectations with customer service will add up brand value and engross profit margin. Personalisation and hand-picked product through a niche market will also perform the task.

AliExpress offers several shipping options for products purchased. This is because many shipping companies are able to fulfill the delivery process.

Every shipping company has its logistics and estimated delivery times. It’s up you, the seller, to decide which shipping method is best for your buyers in order to receive their packages on-time. All this while maintaining a good profit margin.

This article will explain the various AliExpress shipping options, delivery times, as well as how to choose the best option for your business and customers.

What Shipping Options are Available on AliExpress?

Apart from the shipping services, which will be covered soon, there are several shipping options available: free shipping, paid delivery, and shipping with or without tracking information.

Let’s look at the pros and cons for each option.

Free and Paid Shipping

Shipping methods can vary. Some are free while others may cost you a few dollars or more. Shipping is not always free. However, it doesn’t mean that shipping is cheaper. You may choose to have free shipping in some cases and pay for shipping elsewhere.

It all depends on your delivery time and overall profit margin. Customers should receive their packages as quickly as possible, but not at the cost of losing money. We’ll soon have those options available.

Shipping with and without Tracking Information

It is important to track all orders. Tracking information provides protection for both you and your buyer. Tracking information displays the delivery status at each stage.

If there are any issues with delivery, you can contact AliExpress to get proof.

If your buyer claims that they didn’t receive the item and you ship it without tracking information, you must reimburse them for the transaction. It is impossible to prove whether the buyer received the package.

You should choose shipping companies that offer tracking information even if they cost a little more.

What Shipping Companies are Available on AliExpress?

AliExpress offers several shipping companies. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of delivery time, tracking information and pricing.

Each seller chooses the shipping company he would like to work with. You will therefore see different shipping options depending on the product.

This is the latest list of shipping services on AliExpress. What do they offer?

AliExpress Standard Shipping Tracking Available. Paid Shipping + No Delivery Charge

AliExpress Premium shipping – Tracking is available Paid shipping

DHL Tracking available. Paid shipping

Tracking is available. Paid shipping

Tracking via ePacket. Paid Shipping + No Charge

Seller Shipping Method – Paid/Free Shipping Information and Tracking Information Depending on the seller

FedEx Tracking available. Paid shipping

Cainiao SUPER Economy – Cainiao, a logistics company belonging to AliExpress, is called Cainiao. Tracking can be done through the AliExpress Global Order Tracking website. Paid Shipping + No Shipping Charge

Cainiao Super Economy Global – Tracking unavailable. Paid + No Shipping Charge

China Post Air Parcel Worldwide shipping. Tracking is available.

Every shipping method has its own delivery time. These factors are dependent on the seller and product’s geographical location. You can see the delivery time on the product page by clicking on the location you want to ship to. This button is located just above the “Buy Now” and “Add To Cart” buttons.

Click on the link to see a complete list of shipping companies with their shipping costs and delivery times. You can then choose the shipping method that suits you best.

You can also select different “ships from” locations (see the above image) to see shipping and delivery options from different warehouses. You may be able find faster and cheaper shipping options in some cases.

Remember that every product comes with different shipping options, prices and delivery times. If you find a product that has high sales potential, but slow shipping rates, then it is worth looking at the next product in this line. Every seller will sell his product with different shipping options, so each product may be slightly different.

What are the Top AliExpress Shipping Methods for You?

After extensive research and comparing all available shipping options, we found the winner of AliExpress’s best shipping service. AliExpress Standard Shipping (or ePacket) are the winners. Both are relatively inexpensive (sometimes even free), deliver quickly, and have track information.

If you have both of these options, it’s more likely that you will choose one of them. Even if the shipping time is a bit slower, you should choose the fastest option. Satisfied customers are more likely to refer friends or buy again from you. This is more valuable than any dollar.

Filtering AliExpress Products Based on Shipping Methods

Filtering your search results can make them more relevant to shipping options. You can filter your search to choose the country that you wish to ship from. The two most preferred options are China and the United States.

You can also find more warehouse locations like the Russian Federation and Turkey in other search results.

You can also filter for products with free shipping. You won’t find cheap products that have high shipping costs. AliExpress sellers may offer products at a low price.

Once you have chosen your product variant and shipped from where you want, the shipping costs will be high to compensate for the low price. This is where the option of shipping from overseas can be especially useful.

The top bar also allows you to change the’shipto’ location (see the picture above). By doing this, you will only see products that are available to ship to the specific address in your search results. This means that if you are targeting the US market, the “ship to” option should be set to the United States.

You can also change the currency that will be displayed on search results pages. You can also change the display language if English is not your native language.

How can I track my AliExpress dropshipping orders?

It is easy to track your orders. AliExpress allows you to track most orders that have tracking information directly from the orders page.

Go to the “My orders” section. Next, look to the right for the “track order” button. To view all tracking events for this order, click on it.

Each tracking event related to a particular order will be displayed in the tracking information. This means that you will have the date, time and actions that occurred in each event.

You will also be notified via the tracking events if there is any problem with delivery. This will allow you to save time and effort by reaching out to the buyer to inquire about the delivery status.

17TRACK is another website that allows you to track your packages. This website is one of the most trusted for tracking all packages from China.

Sometimes you will find more information about the tracking events on AliExpress than you can find on AliExpress. Other times, shipping information may not be available on AliExpress even if you select a shipping option with tracking information. In both cases 17TRACK will be your solution.

You just need to copy the AliExpress tracking number on the right side.

Copy it to the text box on the main page. You’ll be able to see the events in just a few seconds if you click ‘Track’

You might also notice that AliExpress does not offer tracking for orders made using the “Cainiao”shipping method. Cainiao’s tracking site can be used to track packages in this situation.

Tracking information should only be provided for your own personal benefit. This information provides proof of delivery and protects you from claims that the product didn’t reach its destination. Shipping with tracking information is worth the extra cost.

AutoDS will automatically update your tracking information when it becomes available for all orders. Automating the tracking update process will allow your customers to track their packages faster than they would expect.

You will get more customers and return customers if you do this. Automatic tracking updates are a great option.

Raise Quantity, Get Free Shipping

AliExpress offers free shipping on certain products if you order at least one unit. However, if you only buy one unit, your order price will not be met. You will usually get shipping free if you buy 2 or 3.

You should increase your product quantity to at least one unit for every product in your shop. You’ll be able to increase your overall revenue by having many customers buy more than one unit. This is not only true for AliExpress products. You will also get free shipping which will increase your profits. You will be amazed at the results!