Mixpanel Product Analytics Review and Pricing

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It’s crucial to choose the appropriate analytics software for your company. You want to gain a deeper understanding of your clients and potential clients. Because of this, you must monitor their online activity, particularly their engagement and purchase trends, to use this information to inform your sales and marketing tactics. This article will examine Mixpanel, one such analytics program, focusing on its price schemes.

But first, let’s quickly go over who Mixpanel is in more detail.

Who’s Mixpanel?

An analytics tool called Mixpanel was created to simplify businesses’ comprehension and interaction with their clients. This platform examines users’ routes to access your website or mobile application. Additionally, it keeps track of all interaction potential customers have with your business.

For instance, Mixpanel will record it if a user shares a tweet from your Twitter profile on one of their social media sites. Mixpanel analyzes and analyses everything, for instance, if they upload an image or stream a movie you’ve posted.

Regardless of their size or financial resources, businesses can purchase Mixpanel, first introduced in 2009 by Suhail Doshi and Tim Treffen. It has offices in Austin, New York, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Barcelona, London, and Singapore and its headquarters in San Francisco.

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Its goal is to “empower everyone to receive the answers they need to take meaningful action,” and its mission is to “raise the rate of innovation,” according to its press materials. And based on what we can gather from our research, they appear to be succeeding in both areas!

Mixpanel’s Pricing

There are three pricing tiers for Mixpanel. Naturally, the price varies according to what your business wants Mixpanel to accomplish. An MTU system mostly determines to price for Mixpanel. If you don’t already know, this is an acronym for Monthly Tracked User System. As a result, rather than taking into account specific user profiles or events, price rates are based on the total number of users that “conduct a qualifying event each month.”

Let’s take a closer look at their plans.

The Free Trial

Users can request a free trial of Mixpanel, but you must first speak with a sales representative.

The Starter Plan

  • Users have free access to the following resources thanks to this package:
  • An unlimited number of employee accounts
  • 90-day data timeline
  • 1,000 tracked users each month
  • All analytics features, such as flows and cohorts, and more

The Growth Plan

This plan’s annual price range begins at $799. Customers can alter this Mixpanel plan to suit their needs when they purchase it. A helpful pricing slider is available on the Mixpanel website so that users can accurately estimate their bundles’ cost before making a decision. As we’ve already mentioned, the prices vary based on your needs.

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Users of the Growth Plan receive all the benefits of the Starter Plan plus:

  • Up to 25,000 MTUs
  • Data for the past 12 months
  • Ten forecasts can be made at once.

Prices vary, but paying annually instead of monthly might result in savings of up to 30% for the consumer. The price starts at 1,000 MTUs and increases as you believe you will require more MTUs. A Mixpanel price plan, for instance, costs $304.08 a month or $3,649 annually if you use the slider on the Mixpanel website and have 10,000 monthly MTUs.

You can include extras in this pricing scheme. For instance, starting with the 1,000 MTU option, you can add the “Messages and Experiments” option for an additional $19.48 per month. This enables you to email, push notifications, and send SMS messages to users who are very specifically targeted.

You may get Mixpanel Data Pipelines for an additional $12.98 per month. This enables you to maintain data synchronization. Data from Mixpanel can be exported to your personal data storage programs, such as Azure, BigQuery, Redshift Spectrum, and Snowflake.

The Enterprise Plan

At the time of writing, there are no rates listed on their website because the pricing for this plan is customizable. This strategy is intended for bigger enterprises that have bigger finances.

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Anyone who purchases this price plan receives everything in the Growth Plan in addition to:

  • A single sign-on portal
  • Roles and permissions can be set.
  • Individual data history
  • B2B and Group Analytics

Under the Growth Plan, you can also access the add-on choices mentioned above.

Additionally, there is a different add-on called Group Analytics. Thanks to this, users can analyse data by business, device, and account (or by any other category you use to define your customers).

According to Mixpanel, this enables businesses to “monitor and enhance the health of their accounts.” In other words, a company may observe which consumers interact with them and which appear to be considering moving on to other vendors.

Users of Mixpanel may keep tabs on the usage of the items they are renting thanks to this feature. It will display data on the frequency, cost, and other aspects of renting out that item. They use a rental bike as an example, but you can use this for any product, like renting a tool or a car.

Every Mixpanel pricing plan offers certain features. Here are some of them:

  • Advanced data management enables you to classify events and deeds to handle your data more effectively.
  • Access to infrastructure, connectors, and APIs that allow Mixpanel and other products to share data.
  • Automatic monitoring and alerts: These are prompt notifications that let you know when metrics unexpectedly increase or decrease. Additionally, you’ll observe which users make changes.
  • Thanks to codeless maintenance, users may solve frequent issues, such as duplicate data, without writing a single line of code.
  • Core analytics: This enables you to examine what motivates your website or mobile app users to interact with you.
  • Dashboards made to order for email, mobile, TV,
  • Similar web-based gadgets. This allows you to check your KPIs and share them with colleagues while you’re on the go.
  • Exploratory reports that enable users to analyse the patterns of behaviour of their consumers
  • GDPR adherence.
  • Predictive analytics informs you of the factors that increase a user’s likelihood to stick around on your website.
  • Security improvement using two-factor authentication.
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The Summary Dashboard

You may track individual KPIs, daily and monthly active users, conversion rates, customer loyalty, and retention rates using the overview dashboard that users see.

Even if they don’t have Mixpanel accounts, team members can still access the Dashboard.

Users can find where and why people leave their website or app here. You may optimize the client journey more effectively to increase engagement with this information at your disposal. Additionally, you may view how a user interacts with your app, website, or product in real-time.

Additionally, you may categorize people into cohorts, such as occasional or first-time users, allowing you to spot trends in your advertising and sales.

Which users are more likely to interact with your items further are also identified by Mixpanel. This allows you to target those users, which raises your conversion rate directly.

These gadgets are compatible with Mixpanel:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • SaaS, cloud, and web
  • iOS portable
  • Android smartphone
  • Ones who enjoy Mixpanel

According to their website, 26,000 businesses are huge supporters. They identify the heavy hitters, which include 30% of the Fortune 100. Their website lists Uber, Twitter, Hinge, Samsung, and Expedia among the companies they represent.

However, freelancers and small- and medium-sized businesses both use the software.

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Given everything above, prospective consumers might be excused for selecting the Mixpanel pricing plan they require.

Mixpanel Integrations

A large variety of programs are compatible with Mixpanel, including:

  • Adjust
  • Customer.io
  • Gainsight
  • GitHub
  • Integrating iOS
  • Ionic
  • Integration of Javascript
  • LiveChat
  • MailChimp
  • Optimizely
  • Segment.io
  • Monkey’s Survey
  • Tealium
  • Website Visual Optimizer
  • Zapier

Please Continue

Mixpanel makes it easier for businesses, freelancers, and startups to understand their clientele better.

An online presence is insufficient in today’s industry, where every company has a website, an app, or both, and a social media presence. You must know who, how, and why they are being used.

When this happens, Mixpanel can help by examining and monitoring your customers’ behavior. You can get away with using its free pricing plan if you’re a startup or freelancer.

Because Mobile Analytics powers Mixpanel, you can write emails without running SQL queries on the data in your app. Mixpanel doesn’t require much technical knowledge, which is perhaps one of the reasons it’s so well-liked.

Yes, as we’ve already established, Mixpanel allows users to see who has viewed their website and items. However, it goes further by allowing users to see:

  • Who looked at a product and left that page?
  • Who left a wagon behind?
  • Who has purchased anything?
  • Who is interacting with your brand, for instance, by subscribing to your email or setting up an account with your company?
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Retention statistics from Mixpanel help customers gain a better understanding of their client base, which in turn makes it easier to design both marketing campaigns and a more customer-focused company strategy. When used properly, Mixpanel provides you with the data you need to expand your company.

What about the customer service at Mixpanel?

First of all, using its website is simple. However, some jargon may sound chewy to those unfamiliar with it.

However, a ton of resources are offered, such as:

The Content Library

Access to Mixpanel events, webinars, reports, and product updates is available here.

The Support Desk

The center of Mixpanel’s customer service is located here. You may get tips and directions on setting up, using analytics and managing accounts right here.

The Mixpanel Community

It states on the tin precisely what it is. You can interact with other Mixpanel users by posting queries, exchanging knowledge, learning, and working together.

Mixpanel Partners

To assist its clients with their analytics approach, Mixpanel has partnered with other businesses. Partners can be found based on their tier, global location, and category.

The Signal Blog

From this page, you can browse blogs on a range of topics, including:

  • An increase in conversion rates
  • Is your product progressing as it should?
  • An 8-step program for data governance
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These are just a few examples.

Customers may communicate with Mixpanel around the clock through the live chat widget. Along with webinars, Mixpanel also provides in-person training.

What Do Users of Mixpanel Say?

It’s generally a good thing. Mixpanel receives a 4 to 5-star rating across a range of internet evaluations, with most reviewers stating that they would suggest it to others. Those that grumble focus on the pricing strategies. If your organization has a lot to track, they claim it may get expensive. Most users say it’s simple to use, set up, and has useful integrations.

Users appreciate how Mixpanel streamlines their professional lives. Thanks to its software, it can target certain segments of its consumer base with real-time data and information. What is there to dislike about that?

Please Provide Mixpanel Statistics

The figures look decent considering that it has 26,000 enterprises on its roster and a customer from around the world. Almost 250,000 apps and websites use Mixpanel, and an astounding 4.5 billion users are monitored daily.


Even if Mixpanel’s pricing appears high, it is impossible to dig deeper for more data without knowing which businesses use the pricier solutions.

Smaller businesses can benefit from Mixpanel, though, as it offers many features with the free option. In reality, they should quickly gain a better knowledge of who their customers are!