Zik Analytics Review Free eBay Dropshipping Tool

You are a knowledgeable eBay seller and you’re always looking for ways that to increase your sales. To make your shop stand out, you will need to compete against hundreds of other sellers.

This Zik Analytics review covers everything you need to win the eBay competition. Zik Analytics manual scanner provides accurate information about your competitors. Their worldwide support team will be able to answer any questions.

This post is a thorough Zik Analytics Review. eBay Dropshipping is a popular choice for marketers for quite some time. There are many programs that automate or assist you in this process.

You can also find software programs that will help you find the most popular products on eBay.

Why is Zik Analytics the Best Search Tool for eBay?

These are some of the main reasons Zik Analytics has been chosen as the best software for finding products on eBay.

Created by dropshippers: is designed by people who have real dropshipping experience. This makes it an effective way to find products that you can sell on eBay.

Category Search: This allows you to search for a specific category and locate the top-selling products in that category on eBay.

Market Research Check the date to find out when a product was originally listed. Zik’s market research tools can help you determine whether an item is selling well online. There’s no need to guess!

Competitive Research Find other dropshippers and see what products they have had on eBay in the past 7, 14, 21 or 30 days.

Store Analytics This is a great tool to analyze the most important statistics about your eBay store such as sales share, number of products sold, income and so on.

Online Seminars As mentioned, Zik Analytics’ owner is himself a dropshipper. Through a series online seminars, he is able to provide the most current information on dropshipping.

Private Facebook group: You can stay in touch with this amazing community to ask questions and get answers. This community is active and supportive on all topics related to selling on eBay.

Private Mentoring to Help You Skyrocket your eBay Dropshipping Business. Gurus can sometimes charge a lot for private lessons. You’ll find many dropshippers who can help you build your eBay business. This is far better than any random YouTube gurus or Facebook gurus who charge minimal fees for their expertise.

The Best Tool To Create A Business on eBay:

Zik Analytics is a suite of software tools that enable eBay sellers to sell profitable items.

Search Tool to Conduct Competitive Research

This tool provides unique insight into other eBay sellers’ performance metrics. This tool allows users to see the strategies of other eBay sellers, giving them a greater understanding of the types of products being sold on eBay. It also ensures that they stay current with marketing trends.

Product Research Tool

The Product Search Tool allows sellers to analyze all current eBay products in order to determine if they are a profitable opportunity. This tool allows sellers to quickly see the speed at which an item sells, its competition, average selling price, success rate of eBay ads, and more.

Title Analysis

The securities analysis tool allows sellers to view a list long- and general keywords that help in efficiently titling products, which results in better placements in eBay search results. This tool displays both the number and the competition for each keyword. It allows sellers to determine which keywords work best for their listings.

Category Research Tool

The category search allows sellers to quickly browse through the most popular categories and niches. With market research data, sellers can further analyze each niche’s revenue potential using different statistics such as eBay’s total revenue and the most recent revenue trends.

Store Analytics

ZIK’s store analytics features allow sellers to reach their sales goals by showing a visual view of the last 30 days of sales.

Dropshippers can use the tracking system to determine when to list items in order to achieve the best results. They can also create a new page to display the items in their store and where they can find other items.


ZIK Pro, an optional upgrade to ZIK Analytics, adds market research tools.

ZIK Pro features an instant search engine to analyze competitors for the most recent opportunities. A recently published tool allows sellers access to the 500 most-sold eBay items within the last 3 hours – all of this in real time!

ZIK Analytics Today

Zik Analytics currently has over 4,000 members and is growing rapidly. From two tools, eBay now offers a full suite of tools that enable sellers to start their own business on eBay.

ZIK Analytics believes that its members should be treated as partners. They provide excellent support to ensure their success.

ZIK Academy is an online video course that provides everything you need to launch your eBay business. Members can also access webinars and tutorials, and participate in regular Facebook Live events where they can ask questions to the active ZIK Facebook group.

4 The Benefits of ZIK Analytics:

Quickly find millions of new products

Profitable items will fill your eBay shop! Find out which products are most likely to sell on eBay by analyzing the sales data. To find lucrative earning opportunities, filter for comments, sales, and prices. Save the products that you have found and then export them to your listing software.

Learn from the leaders in the market.

Keep one step ahead your competitors. To get new product ideas, scan all competitors that use the competitor search tool. Soon you’ll see which products sell well and what strategies are used by successful sellers to dominate eBay.

Find the most-sold article categories

Find the top categories for products. You can access the sales potential for each category by combining important data (such a total number of sales on eBay, average price of a item, and Google trends in sales) to make informed decisions.

Your competitors are outranked in search results

Your products should appear on the first page in eBay’s search results. The top keywords for each eBay product are sorted by sales metrics and competitors. Next, create titles for your listings to rank high in search results.

Why should eBay dropshippers use Zik Analytics?

eBay’s site allows you to search for products that you can sell. These are the top reasons to use Zik Analytics instead.

Zik Analytics can help you quickly understand what you can sell to eBay. You can also create titles with proven methods to increase sales and get your product at the top of search results.

You can also scan the eBay store of your competitor in minutes and find their most popular products, which you can then load into you own store.

A 7-day free trial gives you ample time to learn the software, locate the top-selling items on eBay and then list them in your eBay shop. Give it a shot!

How to Find the Best Keywords for Your eBay Listings:

dropThis is the way to create the most-sold titles using the best keywords

Long-Tail Keywords

When creating a listing title, you should think like a buyer.

Consider what you might be searching for in order to find your product.

Here are the “long-tail keyword” solutions.

What are long-tail keywords?

In short, long-tail keyword usually consist of three or four very specific keywords.

This is an example of what the difference is between a generic keyword and a long-tail keywords:

Using the ZIK Analytics TitleSearch Tool

Now it’s time for you to combine our market research with ZIK to create a compelling, keyword-rich selling story.

You can place your long-tail keywords into the product search at ZIK Analytics. Next, click on the top 100 results, then click “ZIK Selection”, then choose “Title Analysis” for a market analysis.

ZIK Analytics Shows you:

  • These are the 3 most-sold titles in this niche.
  • A list of long-tail keywords and their competition levels.
  • The lists include a list of the most popular generic keywords.

This is how to create the title.

You can have up to 80 characters in your eBay title. ZIK allows you to click on different keywords to create titles without exceeding the limit.

You can begin by adding the original keyword “Long Tail”, to our title. It was previously “Weekly Meal Planner”. This is the term that buyers are searching for.

We can then search for the best-selling long-tail keywords. We aren’t just searching for high-tail keywords with high turnover. We are looking for long-tail ZIK keywords that have low competition and high revenues.

Although a keyword with 100 competitors and 100 sales may seem appealing, it’s not a keyword that has a long history. A keyword with 10 competitors would be better. 75 sales would be more beneficial. The key is to find the right balance.

The ZIK’s assessment column facilitates analysis.

It is more sensible to use the magnetic menu dry instead of the weekly dry erase because, even though their sales are the same, the competition for them is lower.

We’ll also be looking at keyword patterns on Amazon, and eBay. If we have the space, “Family Preparation” was one of the most popular long-term keyword trends.

After we have found all long-tail keywords phrases, we can add creativity to the title by looking at the generic ZIK keywords.

After you have done this, you will be left with the PERFECT title that is optimized for high sales.

ZIK Analytics How to Find the Best Sellers Items on eBay

How to Integrate ZIK Analytics with Salefreaks

Salefreaks, an advanced retail arbitrage program, automates the process of creating lists and optimizing prices, communicating to buyers, and completing orders. Direct shipping of Amazon products to eBay, Bonanza and Shopify is possible at the moment.

Some Advantages of Using Salefreaks to List ZIK Products:

There are many places to list your items. You should do your research. Here are some key features about Salefreaks.

  • To increase your search engine rankings, list templates that are optimized for SEO
  • Automatic re-evaluation to reduce the chance of price fluctuations and beat the competition
  • Integrated CRM allows for quick communication with buyers.
  • Automated processing of eBay orders, including the uploading of tracking information and purchase on Amazon

Why should you integrate ZIK Analytics and Salefreaks?

Salefreaks is seamlessly integrated with ZIK Analytics, so you can easily export all your listings and create eBay ads.

After you have configured ZIK Analytics, you can easily download the listings from SaleFreaks. This is a huge time saver compared to manually adding items.

Edit information such as eBay prices or ZIK Analytics titles can be edited to make it appear on Salefreaks. You can also download the CSV file and edit the titles in a spreadsheet before uploading your items to Salefreaks.

You can also do this if you have multiple eBay accounts linked to your Salefreaks Account. Once you have loaded your listings into Salefreaks you can choose the store where you wish to create the lists.

Before you can sell your items on Salefreaks, you must first create a list.

Create a Folder with Items

You will need an item folder to organize all items that you wish to list on Salefreaks. You can use the ZIK Analytics tools to save any active item once you have created an item folder.

Zik Analytics Review: Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZIK Analytics?

ZIK Analytics, a leading e-commerce platform, provides a range of tools that help eBay sellers find profitable items to sell. They can also rank them on the first page in search results. The research tools allow users to find the most popular and profitable items. They also provide data and insights about competitors. ZIK Analytics has many dropshippers who can help you grow your eBay business. They are willing to pay a small fee for their expertise, making them much more reliable than other YouTube or Facebook gurus who don’t disclose their credentials.

ZIK Analytics: Who should it be used?

ZIK Analytics is an essential tool for eBay businesses. ZIK provides all the tools that you need to sell on eBay. All the information you need to sell on eBay. You should only sell products that you are confident in selling on eBay. Prioritize your products over your competitors. Search for the most relevant keywords and item categories. This platform provides you with all the knowledge and tools you need to be successful on eBay. ZIK offers a free online course that teaches you how to build and grow your eBay business.

What are the top-selling products that I can find for my company?

Make sure you stock up on profit-producing items for your eBay store. Find out which products are most likely to sell. Filter for comments, sales, and prices to find lucrative earning opportunities. Save and export the products that you find into your listing software.

ZIK offers competitor analysis.

Look at the competitors to get ideas for new products. It will quickly become clear what is selling well and which tactics are used by successful eBay sellers to dominate the market. You can also look at the products of other dropshippers and see which have been on eBay within the last 7-14, 21 or 30 days.

Why should I use ZIK Analytics

ZIK can help you outrank your competitors in search results. Make sure your items are on the first page in eBay’s search results. Compare the top keywords for each eBay product, sorted by sales data and rivals. Next, use the information to create titles for your listings that will improve their ranking in search results.

How much does Zik Analytics cost?

ZIK Analytics costs $29.99 per month. There is no free version. ZIK Analytics offers a free trial. There are two payment options for ZIK Analytics plans. One is monthly billing, which occurs once a month. The other is yearly/annual billing, which occurs once every twelve months. Annual and yearly plans require a commitment of one year. Once the year is over, they cannot be refunded.

What can I do using the Product Research tool to help me?

To determine if a prospect is a potential profit, sellers can use the Product Search Tool. Sellers can find out in a matter of seconds how quickly an item sells and how many competitors it has. They can also see how high its average selling price is. What percentage of eBay advertising is successful.

What is the ZIK Category Research tool for eBay?

With the category search, sellers can quickly browse through the most popular categories and niches. With market research data, sellers can examine the potential revenue of each niche. This includes information such as eBay’s total revenues or the most recent trends in revenue.

How do I calculate my eBay profits and fees?

ZIK now offers a tool that will allow you to calculate your eBay profits and fees. Zik’s eBay fee calculator will help you navigate the many costs of selling on eBay. For more information about the ZIK free eBay Fee Calculator, visit their official website.

What is the policy’s 14-day limit for $1?

ZIK Analytics offers 14-day full access for $1. All of these include competitor research, product research, title analytics tools, and store analytics. Access to the ZIK Academy and unlimited support from us will be available if you have any questions or problems. When you sign up, they will ask you for permission to charge your PayPal account. After your 14-day trial, you will be able to continue using ZIK Analytics.

Are all eligible for the trial offer?

You are not eligible for this offer if you haven’t tried ZIK Analytics before, even if it was through a separate account. ZIK allows you the possibility to create multiple accounts but you can only have one trial. Although you are allowed to create another account, it is not eligible for a trial. You will also be charged the full price of the plan that you choose during signup.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

There is no obligation to continue and you have the right to cancel your trial at any time. You can cancel your membership anytime by accessing the control payments option within ZIK Analytics.

How do I change my payment method?

Before changing your payment method, you must cancel the automatic payments. If you wish to discontinue automatic payments, you must cancel your ZIK Analytics membership. Go to the left and click on the Management Panel. Management panel, Manage payments, Cancel. This email will allow you to log in to your account, select a plan and then make a payment using a different payment method.

What is ZIK Pro?

ZIK Pro, an optional update to ZIK Analytics, adds market research tools. ZIK Pro includes a search engine that analyzes competitors to find new opportunities. It also has a tool that merchants can use to view 500 eBay best-sellers within the last three hours.

Are there any additional fees for ZIK Academy access?

To gain access, you must subscribe to ZIK Academy. ZIK Academy is a 25-video online training course that provides members with everything they need to start an eBay business. Members have access to tutorials and webinars. They also have the chance to take part in regular Facebook live events, where they can ask questions to the ZIK Facebook group.

Can ZIK Analytics be integrated with Salefreaks

ZIK Analytics and Salefreaks work seamlessly together, allowing you export all your listings and build eBay ads quickly. After they have been configured, ZIK Analytics listings can be downloaded from SaleFreaks in just a few mouse clicks. This saves you a lot of time compared to manually adding items. To list your items, click on Salefreaks and update information such as eBay prices or ZIK Analytics titles. After downloading the CSV file, you can manually upload your items to Salefreaks by editing the titles in a spreadsheet.

How do I find my referral link?

Are you interested to join the ZIK affiliate program? Are you unsure where your referral link is located? Navigate to the Management Panel, Affiliate manager to find your referral link. You’ll find your affiliate program-related information under My referral URL.

What can I do if my referrer forgets to use my affiliate number?

If the person who you recommended to ZIK failed to register under your code and you want him to do so, just give him your ZIK Email and tell him to go to Management panel settings, Email of referrer. You can register by using the link provided to you by the person who referred. Simply go to Management panel and settings, then fill out the field Email of referrer.

Is there a ZIK Analytics Facebook Support Group?

Yes. Yes! This group is made up of many experienced and new members, who can offer their advice and thoughts on the topic and help you with any problems you might be facing. You can find more information at the ZIK Analytics International Community facebook group.

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