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Enjoying Rich Life with my Alidropship Store

I enjoy a healthy life in the richest city of the world with My AliExpress Store

Welcome, Michael— one of AliDropship’s customer who are prepared to share his wonderful achievement. This is truly magnificent!

Hey all, Michael, and I’ve been living in Dubai, UAE, for the last five years.

I suppose you know Dubai is a crazy town to live in. It is known as Arabian sheikhs and billionaires ‘ top favorite place of residence worldwide. Nevertheless, I like this city’s living standards and my girlfriend really feels safe and comfortable.

Although living costs are unbelievable, I found a way to provide us with a high quality of life. I have not even got to be an oil tycoon. It turned out. Without even selling my heart to the devil, I can go!

How I first stepped on dropshipping?

I spent a few years living far from my family and decided to help my girlfriend move and start to live together in time.

I was certain that my salary would be sufficient to cover both of us, but I was sadly wrong. The money was hardly enough to pay for housing and food, and we struggled to achieve both ends. Because she was not fluent in English in that time, my girlfriend could not get a job.

I began my search for additional sources of income to put an end to this misery.

I already knew of the AliExpress dropshipping concept and read a number of stories.

For several things, the scheme seemed really attractive.

  • I didn’t have to create stocks; as a beginner.
  • I didn’t need a significant investment of money; money would be spent on my account quickly–in the affiliates business, for instance, I would have to wait months for that money to come.
  • I have therefore begun to closely monitor this issue.

One day I read a well-known and influential international Internet marketing forum, and I found myself stumbling upon a topic created by Yaros from AliDropship. I liked the way the thread patiently described all his steps to create and encourage its own dropshipping stores. His story was something.

I was so impressed I contacted Yaros through Skype immediately. We have had several interviews with the counseling and then I ordered it. I have ordered my own dropshipping AliExpess store-AliDropship has fully operative websites ready for use. I’ve always worked in business & retail, so I have no website construction experience. Service hit the spot, of course!

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The selection of the niche plays an important part in your store’s success.

For a long time I was looking for a right idea, and even before I placed the order on a shop I started my search. I took a bunch of factors into consideration and finally decided to sell beach accessories.

I decided to promote this shop in Dubai–I already know about the local mindset and I’m able to take advantage of the affluent people of Dubai.

My niche choice was based on the following factors:

Summer in Dubai is generally known to last year, so there is always demand for beach accessories; a vast amount of these themed items are sold on AliExpress. This results in a large premium. It is sold. Even if I increase the AliExpress seller’s price by 300-500 percent, my offers will still be less affordable than those sold in local ordinary stores.

I love beaches! I just love beaches! I am passionate about beach recreation so I know what kinds of items I want to sell and what ones.

I can understand that I am totally correct in my choice with the current growth of my business!

How do I promote my dropshipping store?

It took about 10 days to develop my drinkshop fully. I’m really grateful to the team-it’s been done rapidly and professionally. It took AliDropship about 10 days to complete its development. I also paid to build and integrate the social networks that were required, so I had ready to start promoting the website when it was handed over. It was a great time saver! It turned out!

I began to identify my target group. I have decided to include young expatriates, as well as children’s expatriates. These are essentially the people who are the most common beach people in Dubai, apart from tourists.

For a few reasons I did not initially believe that I would include Dubai’s native citizens in my audience.

  • I only thought that they would buy stuff in premium luxury stores, they only account for about 10% of the Dubai population, all the rest of who are expats.
  • But later it turned out that I was wrong. Arabs are a significant part of my clients.
  • So I decided to make a list of on-line media that was relevant to my potential customers and then I started making them up for the target audience.

This list included: Facebook groups, Local forums, Dubai forums for expats, local blogs, and local classifies, Instagram and Twitter, and YouTube. Local forums were also available.

  • The promotion is really simple if you know who your target audience is and where you can find it.
  • I have been through the list of all of the media to leave my shop’s information: create threaded material and leave your comments to forums.
  • I have made advertisements on Facebook groups. I have been writing gift posts on a variety of blogs. I have created advertising with my articles on classified websites.

In addition, thanks to careful search engine optimization, I get around 30 percent of traffic.

It’s not that hard to promote your web store, what I’m trying to say. You will be more than fine if you know your products, if you understand your target audience, if you know how to spread the word about your shop.

What’s the outcome?

In the first 3-4 days after it was handed over, I ordered my store at the beginning of April. I still worked in my regular job at full time and my day of work was about 10-12 hours a day, one day off a week. I know that sounds insane. I had only 2-3 hours a day for my shop to promote and handle all orders.

In May I had 3-5 customer orders a day already, with my profit being approximately $3,000. So I decided it’s time for this business to involve my girlfriend. In Dubai, she could not find a decent job at full time, but with my shop she was perfect. I took her to add new products and answer customers ‘ letters to the store.

I have to tell Dubai’s lengthy story: my sales reached 11,000 dollars in June and my net profit reached around 7,000 dollars. I also thought that I might not have to work full time–my current job takes 70 hours a week and I would like to have a little more freedom, as you know. I still think of quitting anyway and the decision has not yet been made.

My turnover reached nearly $25,000 in September. So I decided to tell this story in detail because for everything they’ve done for me, I wanted to thank that outstanding team. I am so grateful to the company that they show themselves how to do dropshipping. The managers of AliDropship support helped me a lot, and their advice on the initial stage was invaluable.

I’m now working in two other shops in other niches, and I hope I can write my success stories in the nearest future.

I hope my company’s story will help a lot of people, and I hope it will get them to build their own shops. There are millions of niches similar to mine; I’m not scaring of competition. It’s only your imagination to choose one!

Wishing you the best of luck.

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