Dropshipping Competition Research and Analysis Guide

You must always be one step ahead of your competition to succeed.

This is why eCommerce competitive analysis is today’s topic. This is the key to your online business’ success.

Dropshipping: Why is it important to conduct a competitive analysis?

What is the key component of a successful dropshipping business?

Right. Marketing.

It is vital for all types of businesses. Dropshipping is your bread and butter. Your competitors will outsmart you if you don’t have an effective marketing strategy.

Your number one goal should be to stand out from the rest. You should therefore know your strengths and weaknesses so you can show them off, as well as your strengths and how to improve them.

You can’t compare your online store with other stores unless you have some superpower. An eCommerce competitive analysis is required.

You will be able to:

  • Find new ideas and inspiration for your business
  • Try to imagine yourself as a customer and assess the market better.
  • Stay current with industry changes

You can now see how important eCommerce competitive analysis is!

How to conduct a Dropshipping competitive analysis

Before you begin your competitive analysis, it is important to understand the basics of the process. This includes how to use the information you get and what you should do with it.

Let’s take you through each step.

Identify your competitors

Imagine you are the CEO of a huge company like Microsoft.

That would be amazing, right?

This would not only save you money but it also means that there is no need for you to dig into your competitors. You would be the only one with the same company – there would be few.

Get out of the cloud and start to think about your actual business. You can find many online shops similar to yours, and there are many more on the horizon. Do you have a list?

It’s not possible, I think. But you will be able after a while.

You can easily locate your competitors using a variety of tools.

  • Google

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to do it.

Pick your keywords when you were selecting your dropshipping niche. These keywords can be used to locate your competitors.

Simply type these keywords into the Google search box and browse through the results. This is how to see which competitors are most successful.

  • Amazon and eBay

Amazon and eBay are huge online marketplaces that millions of people use every day to shop.

It’s a smart idea to search Amazon and eBay for sellers in the same niche that you are.

  • KeywordSpy

This marketing tool allows you to identify pages and websites that rank for certain keywords.

Simply type in your keywords and then click on “Organic Competitors”.

That’s all! The list of your top ten competitors will be displayed as shown in the image below. If you upgrade to a paid account, you can view more of them. Ten is enough.

  • Searcher for IP owners

It is possible that Shopify is used by many of your competitors for Dropshipping shops. We have good news for your.

All of them can be found with just a few clicks, unlike WordPress-based shops.

In this article, we detail the process of finding them.

Check out the websites of your competition

Once you have a list of competitors, you can begin your Dropshipping analysis.

You should first do a thorough research on the competitors websites.

  • Take a look at the design of their websites
  • Compare their prices to yours
  • Check out the products they offer
  • Check out their contents
  • Learn more about their marketing strategies (email marketing and discounts, etc.
  • Check out their product pages (descriptions and images, reviews, etc.).

These steps will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in comparison to your competitors and give you new ideas for your online shop.

Amazon and eBay, for example, can offer you attractive images and descriptions of your products. You can also see the average price of your products there.

You can discover new product ideas by visiting the websites of your competitors. Here’s a tip to help you find the bestsellers of your competitors. This life hack was mentioned in an article. Let’s try it again.

On the main page of a Shopify-based online store, just add “/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling” to the website’s URL address. Click the Enter button. You will now see which products are most popular!

Look into your competitors’ SEO

Your online store may be fully customized with great product pages and attractive descriptions. You can’t beat your competitors.

Why is this?

SEO. They are also more SEO-friendly . They are often found by customers searching the Internet for the items they need.

This makes SEO research essential for your success.

We have already spoken of KeywordSpy, and other tools that help you find your competition.

It’s now time to talk about other tools that can be used for SEO analysis.

Search engine optimization is complex, but that won’t surprise anyone. There are many things you can learn.

I won’t bore you with endless ramblings about the whole thing. It’s enough to give you a quick report on “Domain authority”.

It’s simply a measure of the site’s rank in search engine results pages. It can range from 0 up to 100. This complicated calculation depends on how many and what quality other domains lead to it. Link building is a great way to increase your domain authority.

The bottom line is that the higher your score, the better your store rankings.

It is essential for our survival.

You can’t compete with websites that have a lower SEO score than you or at the very least an identical one. It doesn’t make any sense otherwise.

How do you figure it?

Go to moz.com and click on the “Moz Pro Tab”. Then, go to “Link Explorer”.

Next, enter the URL address in the search box and click the Enter button.

This is it.

You can now eliminate rivals whose domain authority makes it difficult to compete.

Next, compare your website’s SEO structure to those of your competitors. These are the things that you need to pay attention to:

  • The page title
  • The URL architecture
  • H1 tags
  • Content
  • Links to internal resources
  • Etc.

It seems difficult to me?

There is an easy tool to help you do a more thorough analysis. It’s Internet Marketing Ninjas.

You might have two identical product pages, one for you and one for your competitor. This tool will help you determine why the page of your competitor ranks higher.

How do you use it?

Navigate to the SEO Tool tab of the website. Click on “Side-by Side SEO Comparison Tool” to get there.

You’ll find the search box on the left side of the new window. You will need to enter the URL of your product page and the address for your competitor’s product pages.

We will take, for example, this page from a niche store and another page on AliExpress. We will take their addresses and copy them, then paste them into the search field.

There will be many comparison tables on the results page that show how these pages differ. This will allow us to see how we can improve our page rankings and then proceed with SEO Optimization.

Do your research on social media

Social networks have billions of users. It’s growing every day. Social media promotion is an important part of digital marketing, it’s not surprising.

All companies should have accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They can target customers based on their interests and location.

Your competitors may also run promotions on these platforms. So do you, don’t you?

The next step in your Dropshipping competitive analysis will be the social media research.

It’s not difficult if you know your competitors. You will find the icons that link to their social media accounts at the bottom of their pages.

Click on each one to learn more about how your competitors promote their products.

Let’s use Facebook as an example. The “Info and Ads” tab can be found in the left sidebar of any company page. Click it, select the location, and enjoy.

Click on each one to learn more about how your competitors promote their products.

Let’s use Facebook as an example. The “Info and Ads” tab can be found in the left sidebar of any company page. Click it, select the location, and enjoy.

It was not difficult, wasn’t it?

Find your competitors’ ideas and create your own.

Take the Dropshipping competitive analysis and add them together

You now have the knowledge and skills to conduct competitive research. Now it’s time for you to put this knowledge into practice.

It’s easy to identify the things that need to be changed, improved, or continued if you have the right tools.

Keep in mind, however, that competitive analysis should not be a one-time job. To make your dropshipping business grow, you need to keep at it.

Competitor Research on Dropshipping

Dropshippers still need to do some research on eCommerce competitors. You need to be aware of the activities of other businesses so that you don’t fall behind.

While we don’t advise you to copy dropshippers completely, you can still get good ideas from researching what they do that you aren’t.

These are great places to begin your research!

Dropshippers can use competitor analysis as a tool and an art. Although it is not the most important factor, I believe that dropshippers who are the best at competitor analysis are the best.

This skill requires you to be constantly looking for new tools and being curious to improve your skills.

We hope you find this article helpful!

Sumo is a master at spying and uses a variety of tools to modify your Google search to find dropshipping shops you are competing with.

This is where you reverse engineer what other people do, based on your knowledge of eCommerce so that you can use the information to your advantage.

It’s not the end of competitor research. It is to inspire ideas and increase confidence in your endeavours.

You can cut the curve by doing competitor research. This will allow you to get ahead of your competition. It is possible to find out what your competitors are doing well, and save tons of time.

This guide will help you identify your competitors and show you their websites, SEO strategies, and social media strategies.

You’re bound to discover some new ideas to help you get closer to your goals with all this information!

How to Find Dropshipping Competition?

E-commerce is rapidly developing. It is crucial to have the right trading tools. There are many competitor research tools on the Internet. However, not everyone uses the same tools to analyze competitor data.

It will not benefit your business development if you do the same things as everyone else. Your product sales growth will be minimal and you will struggle to be different from the rest.

This article will teach you how to monitor Shopify’s competitors. These strategies are different from those used by others, I promise.

Strategy: FindNiche Did you ever wonder how other Shopify customers did it? How do they improve the design experience and the user experience on Shopify? Today you can quickly and easily find the answer. FindNiche makes it easy to quickly find the answer that you are looking for.

Next, enter www.Findniche.com into the address bar. Select the Shopify store navigation. You will be surprised to find many Shopify store rankings. There are also direct store addresses in column one. Go to the competition store to learn more about the products. Or, search Shopify stores using keywords.

Click on the URL to visit Shopify’s competitor. All the network tools that have been installed on competitors’ websites can be viewed. We then use FindNiche for the competitor’s Shopify URL.

What specific information can you check after we enter the store? You should know at least the following information:

1. What tracking and analysis tools are they using to track the behavior of website users? You can determine the source of Shopify store traffic by monitoring the behavior of visitors. You can then adjust your marketing plan.

2. You can copy the widgets that they use to make your site look or perform an activity. Good user experience can result in positive purchase behavior.

3 What can they do to speed up website access? Which CDN should they use? Google is very proud of the website’s speed. If your website is slow, visitors will not be able to access your Shopify store on time. This can lead to losses.

4. How can they enhance the shopping experience for a variety terminal devices? Usually, your website must be mobile. Mobile Internet is huge now, with a lot of mobile terminal traffic.

5 What are their payment methods? This will provide you with ideas and guidance if you are looking to expand your business internationally.

6. The email service provider you use will assist with future adjustments.

7. If a website has an insecure link, Google Chrome will warn you that it is not safe and not recommend that you open the site. Customers will close their websites regularly. It is important to determine if the website is secure and which SSL certificate you should use.

FindNiche is working to capture all Shopify stores. He will also capture data from millions of dropshipping niches that are currently available with detailed information. This makes it easy to find competitors.

You can also find marketing data for millions of top-selling products in Shopify by reinstalling FindNiche.