9 Best Dropshipping Niches for Shopify, eBay, and Amazon

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Wireless Devices

Take a look at these insane AliExpress orders! It’s safe to say that different wireless pieces are definitely a good choice for your store.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

More importantly, up-to-date statistics show that our predictions are completely correct.

For instance, WhaTech reports the estimate of an industry that has an annual compound growth rate of 8.18 percent during the period 2017-2022, reaching 3200.92 million dollars by 2022.

On the other hand, Business Insider expects a surprising annual growth of compound 45 percent over the next five years in the auditable market, also known as smart headphones.

Finally, the Global Forecast on Wireless Audio Market offers a good reason to list wireless devices as promising niche niches. The research indicates that by 2023, the audio wireless market is expected to reach $31.80 billion. Simultaneously, during the period 2017-2023, it will maintain an annual growth rate of 10.06 compounds.

And why does the market continue to grow?

Since there is nice and steady demand for these items, first!

Wearable Devices

For two reasons, different types of fitness and health trackers have become very popular. The attitude towards healthy lifestyles changes step by step and technology evolves. This makes wearables available to a variety of new audiences. These devices therefore even find ways to niche markets that were not previously touched.

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The number of AliExpress orders above and the Google Trends graph below shows an increase in interest in these articles:

And certainly in the foreseeable future, the niche has a tremendous potential. The Zion Market Research data shows that the wearable sensor market will grow by approx. 34.2% during 2017-2022 at the compound annual growth rate, and the market volume reaches approximately 1,387.04 million dollars by 2022.

At the same time, the market forecast for wearable devices shows that, by 2022, the wider market is expected to reach $24 640 trillion, while the compound annual growth rate for the five-year period will be 25.76 %.

In other words, there is likely to be a good deal of demand for different trackers and other types of wearables over the next few years. It certainly makes them a beautiful choice for your shipping store.

Smartwatch Accessories

The world market for wearables shows a remarkable growth of 7.3% over the course of the year.

For you as a shop owner, what does this mean?

Suppose you won’t sell smartwatches yourself for any reason. You see them, for example, as a technically complex item that can cause problems with returns and refunds. Or, you want to extend the store offering of your wearables. In those cases, by vending the necessary accessories you can benefit from this market’s growth!

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Since wearables are being used increasingly both personally and commercially, it’s no surprise that in the next five years sales are bound to double!

With the increasing requirements for wearable’s and the increased interest in customization and customization, it makes perfect sense to expect smart watch accessories to be a pretty beneficial niche for you. This is a good reason to search your suppliers for dropshipping!

Antistress toys

Do you understand why fidget spinner in the sperm / summer of 2017 became so popular?

Actually, nobody knows for sure.

We can nevertheless assume that people have simply had enough stress almost every day. This is why they are happy to adopt the latest relaxation methods. This problem is solved easily and at a truly low cost by several kinds of antistress toys.

The spinners were among the newest ratings for the best low-budget Christmas gifts, but it wouldn’t be wise to limit yourself to just that kind of fidget. Look at how many exciting changes on AliExpress you can find!

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shopify dropshipping store set up

If you believe this hype has already gone for fidget toys, check out this Google Trends graph:

Tools and practices of anti-stress will definitely be a key element of the lifestyle trends of the following year. The choice of Ultra Violet as a Pantone Color of the Year was partly based on its connection with the practices of awareness that is a solution for “those seeking refuge from the over-stimulated world of today.”

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Art Materials

As we said before, essentially every category of products linked to a certain hobby is a good choice if you look for niche ideas.

People are willing to invest in something that gives them a wonderful time. At the same time, they often try to make their hobbies a bit cheaper. That is why they often search for good arts and crafts supplies and accessories from AliExpress!

Every kind of craft requires expensive materials, which are always necessary. Obviously, artists and craftsmen cannot spend a fortune over and over on costly items.

Therefore, they select online shops where they find high-quality products at a fraction of the price:

It is estimated that the world’s handicraft market will grow 12% on average during 2015-2019, and that the entire handicrafts, toys, hobbies and games industry will reach $23052 million by 2024.

In other words, interest in this industry will continue for years to come; why not take advantage of this constant demand?

Household Goods of Retro Design

The style of Retro never gets out of mode.

Gadgets, children’s toys, and even Alexa products-all types of products are gradually becoming nostalgic and remind us of our childhood joys dreamingly.

Therefore, the demand for retro-style everyday items remains relatively stable. Check the Google Trends chart, which shows the global history of search over the past 2 years.

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Chinese manufacturers are obviously following these trends and adapting to public demand. There is also a lovely vintage touch to such daily boring things like storage containers. Here is a selection of these AliExpress articles to illustrate this example!

Reusable Shopping Bags

A reusable shopping bag is more than a mode accessory, strictly speaking. The idea of sustainability and conscious consumption is supported by a lifestyle element.

One quick look at this chart of Google Trends is sufficient to understand: people are increasingly keen to make good-bye to both plastic bags (these pose significant environmental threats because of their toxic decomposition) and paper bags (though made of environmental friends, their production requires a great deal of resources, plus they can be used only once).

Fortunately, our favored source of inventory offers a large range of reusable packs of every shape and size.

Being elegant, adorable and handy to use every day, they are a great option for every smart buyer!

100% Cotton Clothes

Everyone loves a natural and environmentally friendly touch of clothing! These items from AliExpress prove this statement completely – look at the order number:

In the coming year cotton clothes will be an important element of male and female mode, obviously reflecting the public interest in these items:

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The trend will not soon disappear, and the products will continue to be popular in the nearest future, with cotton becoming the top five in the spring / summer 2019 textile trend rating.


Cost-effective fitness is a big matter.

The development of communication technologies allows people to participate in intensive and efficient training sessions without going home!

By offering people low-cost sportswear to everyone, you can greatly enjoy these digital fitness innovations.

You will aim at two segments at a time in this way. Both the regular gym people don’t want to spend additional money on their fitness robes, and those who are working out at home comfortably. For your dropshipping business, both audiences can be very promising:

Do you not think that your careful attention is worth affordable sportswear?

That’s it! You probably have a few ideas for a perfect dropshipping. This year is undoubtedly the perfect time to start your horse-drawn ride.