Best ePacket Alternatives for Aliexpress Dropshipping

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How ePacket Ships Dropshippers Help?

Dropshippers must ensure that they deliver on time. Your customers are the most important thing for your brand. Your customers will receive their products in ePacket within 12-18 days. You can build long-lasting relationships with your customers by delivering products quickly.

Customers who do not receive their orders within the specified time frame get frustrated and request refunds. Dropshippers know that refunds can lead to poor ratings. This is especially true for online payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe. If your rating falls, PayPal may block your account. It has happened with some dropshippers before and you shouldn’t put yourself at risk.

Dropshipping with ePacket makes this possible. You can be sure that your orders are delivered on time with ePacket dropshipping. Customers can also access the tracking ID for any order by sharing it with you. This allows them to track their orders easily.

Dropshippers will find ePacket a valuable asset. They can improve their business processes by using ePacket. Dropshippers who choose ePacket for their shipping solution have seen PayPal refund requests drop by nearly half in certain instances. They were able to establish a strong brand image within the industry by delivering their orders in a timely manner.

Tip: Take advantage of the power and flexibility of dropshipping with ePacket. Ensure that you clearly mention the estimated time for an ePacket delivery on your product page.

Also Read  How to Import Car Parts and Spares for Dropshipping? is one example. You will find a separate page for tracking and shipping details. Customers can also access these details to determine how long it takes for their order to arrive at their door. ePacket shipping tracking ensures customer satisfaction and allows them to place more orders.

Dropshippers: Key Benefits

  • Dropshippers can use ePacket for increased retention and decreased refund requests
  • Dropshippers can easily mention the delivery time in their stores for each product.
  • Dropshippers may add an “order tracking” page to their online store. This will allow customers to track the status of their orders and prevent them from receiving emails asking about delivery times.

How can dropshippers offer ePacket shipping

Many of the major ecommerce platforms based in China, such as AliExpress and DHGate , offer ePacket shipping. Dropshippers are intermediaries between merchants and customers.

When placing an order on the merchant’s site, customers can choose ePacket delivery. Customers will also receive an ePacket tracking code. The customer will be able to view details such as the status of their order, remaining delivery times, and current status. The dropshipper’s order tracking page allows customers to verify the time duration.

If the store does not provide a tracking page, customers can still go to China Mail’s tracking site to get updates.

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AliExpress dropshipping providers offer a variety of shipping options to ship products from China to any part of the world.

Dropshipping products to China can take a long time. However, during holidays or times of crisis it may take up to a month. Dropshippers rely on ePacket for their products. It offers faster shipping times and lower rates than other shipping companies. Dropshipping businesses find ePacket alternatives when ePacket has problems shipping products from China to the USA.

AliExpress offers multiple shipping options depending on your needs and budget. You can choose free shipping, but longer shipping times are available if you’re looking to lower your product costs. If faster shipping is important to you, you can find shipping companies that have branches in China. You are willing to pay more for expedited shipping than with ePacket or slower shipping services.

What are the shipping options available on AliExpress?

AliExpress offers many shipping options, including expedited shipping and delivery methods that are free or with additional fees. These include:

  • China Post Air Parcel
  • China Post Small Packet Plus Ordinary
  • China Post Registers Air Mail
  • DHL
  • DHL Global Mail
  • e-EMS
  • EMS
  • FedEx
  • HongKong Post Air Mail
  • HongKong Post Air Parcel
  • Russian Air
  • S.F. Express
  • Singapore Post
  • Special Line-YW
  • Sweden Post
  • Swiss Post
  • TNT
  • TOLL
  • UPS
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Visit their websites to find out more about their shipping costs and estimated delivery times. AliExpress allows you to find the fastest international shipping method by visiting the seller’s product page and looking at the dropdown menu under the shipping option. This should be the result.

Shipping with ePacket can be made faster by looking for alternatives. Shipping delays are common during holiday season and critical times. Customers cannot be guaranteed faster delivery if they choose other methods of delivering packages.

Any shipping companies that are going to the country due to logistical issues will be delayed if this happens. If this is the case, higher shipping costs to FedEx or DHL will not guarantee fast delivery. You can reduce shipping times without spending more and still make customers happy.

How do you deal with long shipping delays?

Dropshipping products from China can lead to long shipping times. This problem can be solved by choosing a faster, but more expensive shipping option. However, if shipping companies experience longer shipping times and shipping delays than usual, changing the shipping method won’t make matters better. Exorbitant shipping costs will cost you extra.

Here are some suggestions to help you avoid customer complaints if they don’t receive their orders in the time promised.

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Dropship to the country where you have customers.

You have two options. You can choose to ship from any country AliExpress ships to. Find an AliExpress supplier that ships to the USA if you are selling products to the USA. Dropshipping suppliers can also be a way to reduce shipping time. This article will show you how to find dropshipping suppliers.

Create unique products that are difficult to find.

People will buy your product if it is unique and not available anywhere else. You should find a niche or product that isn’t available in any brick-and-mortar stores. This will help reduce, if not eliminate, the shipping time.

Be transparent about your shipping times.

Inform the customers about the estimated shipping time. It is a mistake to conceal it as the consequences can be very detrimental for your business. American customers don’t like waiting so long to get their items. If they don’t know, they will likely charge you additional fees, have a bad reputation and be very angry. This article will show you how to prepare your dropshipping shop to avoid this.

  • How To Handle Shipping Delays

Package delivery can be delayed by customs delays, manufacturer delays, or logistical problems. Follow the instructions to reduce the impact of dropshipping on your business.

The Key Takeaway

When dropshipping products to China, there are multiple shipping options. If ePacket has shipping issues that don’t affect other shipping services then choosing one of the ePacket options listed here might be a good option. You can expect to pay more for shipping costs if you choose a faster shipping option. Make sure to include them when pricing your products so that they are not underpriced.

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If you experience shipping delays or longer shipping times due to an increase in holiday deliveries, or because of import and export restrictions, these are reasons to consider the methods recommended in this article. Dropshipping doesn’t have to be a problem. There are solutions, so take a look at them.