6 Leading Backpack Dropshipping Suppliers from the US

Are backpacks a popular niche in dropshipping?

Global backpack market value was 17.4 billion USD in 2019, and it is expected to rise to 19.6 billion by 2022.

Backpacks are an integral part of every day life. They can be used to carry school supplies, work supplies, outdoors trips, and even baby stuff. There are many backpack suppliers who will dropship your orders, from simple designs to more sophisticated fashion items and those with lots of storage options.

Dropshipping backpacks is a great option, with the market expected to grow. You can also create niche shops to capitalize on hot trends in backpacks and make a profit.

Do you love the outdoors? You might be able to start your own outdoor backpack shop. Maybe you prefer stylish backpacks for young professionals. It’s now easier than ever to start your own office backpack shop to grab a piece of this lucrative market.

Backpacks aren’t just for students. Because they can carry a lot and are lighter, backpacks are a popular choice for many people.

Let’s look at some other needs of backpack users:

Computer backpacks

Millions of people use laptops every day and need to take them with them everywhere. Computer backpacks are essential for students and professionals. These backpacks are designed to hold laptops. Many backpacks have charging ports and other cool features.

Photography Backpacks

Photographers have a lot of gear so backpacks that are able to accommodate their needs are crucial. Even beginners need a bag that can hold all their equipment.

Hiking backpacks

A large number of backpackers are hikers. The backpacks for hiking are different than the typical backpack. A store solely dedicated to backpacks for hiking could be a success. This is a very popular niche in the backpacking market.

Messenger bags

Messenger bags don’t have to be a backpack. They can still be carried on the shoulder or back. These bags are easy to access and can be used for travel around the city.

Travel Backpacks

When traveling with my parents, I always take a backpack. A backpack is easier to carry onboard an airplane than a bag. People like to travel light, and backpacks make it easy.

Backpacks for children

Many parents prefer to keep a small backpack for their children. You can store snacks, coloring books and tablets as well as games or any other items that your child might need during the day.

Gym bags

Some gym bags are more like a duffel bag. Many gym-goers prefer to use a backpack to transport their gear. A backpack is easier to transport and can be stored in a locker than a larger duffel bag.

Backpacks are a fashion statement. You can choose from leather or canvas. Some can be carried one-shoulder. Many backpacks can be complimented by their design.

How to Find the Main Wholesale Backpack Distributors?

Backpacks are all the rage, and it’s easy to find good suppliers and vendors who can source your backpacks and ship them for you.

A quick Google search for backpacks on AliExpress results in over 540,000 products, Amazon returns over 200k items, eBay returns more than 1,122,000 products, and Etsy returns more than 157,000 products.

Dropified allows you to import backpacks from thousands of suppliers and manufacturers to your store in seconds.

What is the most important thing to bring with you on vacation or a trip?

It is your backpack. Your backpack is what you use to transport all your clothing and essential items when you travel. Without a good backpack you’d end up like a soup.

Many brands make different types of backpacks. There are many brands that make backpacks. Some are cheaper than others. It is essential that you get a sturdy and durable backpack for your needs. You don’t want your backpack falling apart on the road.

There are some things you should keep in mind when choosing the right backpack. For example, what purpose is the backpack used for? How big do you need it to be? How many storage compartments are it equipped with? These are all important considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a backpack.

Many people carry backpacks with them to school or work. These backpacks are usually smaller than those used for trips.

There are many sizes and shapes of backpacks on the market. There are many wholesalers who can supply backpacks at bulk prices for businesses. This article will help you find the best backpack suppliers if you own a backpack company.

The Basics of Backpack Sales

In the United States, the backpack industry is worth $2.7 billion. It is therefore a lucrative business to invest in.

You can save money by buying backpacks in bulk if you have a retail shop. This is because the same amount of backpacks can be purchased at a lower price, and you can order more from the wholesaler.

Online wholesalers can sell backpacks to their customers. Let’s now look at some of the best wholesale backpack suppliers out there.

Now that you are aware of the market for backpacks, it’s time to learn how to start your own online shop.

You remember how I said earlier that you won’t need to purchase inventory or handle shipping and handling on your own?

Dropshipping makes this possible. Dropshipping has become a very popular model for online businesses. It allows people all over the world to start their own eCommerce business.

Dropshipping works as follows:

  • Dropshipping suppliers can be found for your inventory.
  • Place the items you are selling in your store.
  • You order the product from your dropshipping supplier after a customer places an online order.
  • Dropshipping suppliers then ship the item directly to you.
  • Your profit is the difference between the price you charged the customer for dropshipping and the price you paid to the supplier.

You don’t even need to touch the product. There is no need to hold onto inventory that might not sell.

There are no need to store inventory at home or rent storage facilities. Dropshipping can be a low-cost, low-risk method to sell online.

Dropshipping Suppliers

It can be difficult to find dropshipping suppliers by yourself. When conducting a search, there are many things you should keep in mind:

  • Do they offer wholesale pricing?
  • Are there registration fees?
  • Dropshipping fees are they charged?
  • Is there a limit on the number of items you can sell?

AliExpress.com is a popular and easy way to source products.

AliExpress is an online retailer that has large merchants. Its headquarters are based in China, but they also have locations all around the globe.

There are no registration fees or requirements for selling their products. There are no restrictions on the amount of products you can sell or on your profit margins.

Many of their products can be offered at low prices so you can offer your customers great deals while still keeping your markup high.

Due to the longer shipping times from China, many people hesitate about ordering products from AliExpress. But, shipping times from China are not an issue.

List of wholesale backpack dropshippers/suppliers

Bags in Bulk

This wholesale backpack supplier is the best. This site has all the backpacks you could need. This site has everything, from small backpacks to large backpacks.

The site has an extensive stock of supplies, including school supply kits and pencil cases. This site even offers affordable prices. This means you can order as many items as you like from the site at a reasonable price.

This wholesaler is ideal if you want to offer your customers the best backpacks. You will also find discounts on many of their products.

Tote Bag Factory

This site is best known for selling Tote bags. This site offers a variety of Tote bags. Because they can hold a lot of things, and are large and spacious, totes bags are a favorite of women.

These bags are mainly used for shopping. The products are also of high quality. This is the best site to offer your customers a variety of tote bags.

Made In China

You can find a wide range of trendy backpacks on this wholesale website. You will find the most recent trends in backpacks here. This site offers backpacks of top quality. This site offers backpacks for both men and women.

You can actually find many of the most unique backpacks right here. You can sign up for the site free of charge and start placing your orders.

Backpacks USA

Another great online wholesale backpack supplier is this one. You can find any type of backpack here. They have everything, from printed bags to solid-colored bags.

The site is well-known for its colorful backpacks. You will find some of the most trendy bags on the site. This site is a great option if you are looking to expand your retail business and offer your customers the best choices,

Bulk Backpacks

This company’s tagline is “quality backpacks, always low prices”. This statement is clear evidence that this company offers quality backpacks at a reasonable price.

This site has some of the most popular backpacks. It is well-organized so it will be easy to browse through the various backpack categories they have. The website’s homepage lists all the backpack categories. Browse through the categories to find your backpack and then order.

Kole Imports

This company has been around for over 30 years. You can also find backpacks for kids on this website. You will find a variety of backpacks in a range of styles and designs.

You only need to create an account and then place your order. This will show you how easy it is to order on this site. This site is a great place to order quality products.

Which UK wholesale backpacks can I buy? Or Canada? Or the USA?

You can order your backpack from a variety of online wholesalers.

Firelable UK and JC Unique Wholesale UK.

Canada: Alibaba, Wordans etc.

Bags in Bulk, Wholesale Central, etc.

Do you know of any wholesale suppliers that sell backpacks for school?

Wholesale backpacks suppliers can also supply backpacks for schools. Kole Imports, for instance, is one example. This site has a variety of school bags that you can offer your customers.

Anti Theft Laptop Backpack Dropship

The perfect anti theft backpack dropshipping is available for short trips, college commutes, and even short vacations. Anti theft backpack dropshipping is a popular choice for storing valuables. They often have bottle meshes on either one or both sides. Backpacks are available in many styles, sizes, colors, and designs. Alibaba.com offers a wide range of backpacks, so you can choose the anti theft backpack dropshipping that suits your needs.

Anti theft backpack dropshipping are suitable for any occasion, whether you’re going to a group study session or working in an office. These backpacks will protect your valuable possessions and essentials. Anti theft backpack dropshipping have been creatively designed to meet one’s high standards. These backpacks can be hung on the shoulders with their strong, padded straps. Anti theft backpack dropshipping is far more convenient than other shoulder bags because they are easier to carry. These backpacks are the ideal model.

Anti theft backpack dropshipping has enough sections with sufficient space to hold your supplies. As objects in our daily lives become smaller, so do backpacks. Anti theft backpack dropshipping is a great option as they can combine style with adequacy. Alibaba.com offers a selection of anti theft backpack dropshipping options that are available to all manufacturers and retailers.

Alibaba.com offers anti theft backpack dropshipping and a wide selection of authentic products. You can also choose to have your backpack custom-made if you need a specific design. You will find everything here, just type it in and it will be there.

Where can I buy diaper bags backpacks wholesale?

You can find wholesale diaper bags backpacks on the internet. You can also visit these websites: sandoo.com and dhgate.

There are many diaper bags backpacks available on these websites. You can also order bulk quantities of these products because the prices are very low.

Do you know of any Indian suppliers that sell backpacks at a cheap price?

There are many suppliers who can supply backpacks at a cheap price in India. The internet is the best place to find out about these suppliers.

Here are some links to sites like indiamart.com and exportsindia.com for your convenience. You can find backpacks of all shapes and sizes at an affordable price here. The quality of the backpacks is not necessarily low-quality, but the price does not mean it is inferior. These sites can provide high-quality bags.

Are there wholesale suppliers of waterproof backpacks for women?

Most wholesale backpack suppliers offer waterproof backpacks. Check out the websites listed above to find waterproof backpacks.

Waterproof backpacks can be a great help during rainy seasons, when you don’t know when it might start pouring. You can protect all your belongings with waterproof bags.

Where can I buy wholesale backpacks for men?

You can search the following sites for high-quality backpacks for men if you’re looking for travel bags for men. The sites have a large selection of backpacks for men and women. You can search the internet to find more information.

Is it possible to find a durable backpack wholesale for college?

You will find a lot of quality and durable backpacks suitable for college on the websites mentioned above, and all at very affordable prices.


These are the details about wholesale backpacks. You should order from the above-mentioned backpack suppliers if you have a retail shop or an online business you wish to grow. You can choose from a variety of wholesale bags.