Minden Sourcing Dropshipping Overview and Fulfillment Method

Dropshipping is a quick and easy way to make money. To start a new website to sell products around the globe, you only need to pay 30 USD per month on platforms like Shopify. The built-in APP Oberlo makes listing products easy. Drop shippers begin filtering dropshipping suppliers to find niches on AliExpress.com. This is a great place to start.

There are some issues. Dropshipping suppliers often delay picking and packing for shipping, which is a major concern. It is not possible to drop ship your product with a private label.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Mindensourcing was a China product sourcing agent and received many requests from dropshipping sellers asking for our assistance. Mindensourcing immediately set up a dropshipping fulfillment centre. What can a drop shipping company owner do with the service?

Transfer Your Inventory to Our Warehouse

Mindensourcing will assign one agent to every drop shipping owner. The first step to moving your existing inventory to Mindensourcing is to order stock products from dropshipping suppliers. The warehouse cost is also free. Mindensourcing can help you source products in China if you don’t have a specific niche yet. If AliExpress is still your preferred dropshipper, you can source and dropship at 1688.com.

Why source from 1688.com 1688.com is China’s version of Alibaba. It is an online wholesale marketplace that supplies China. It is also part of the Alibaba group. You can find more information about 1688.com at The Best Guide to Buying from 1688.com. Comparing to AliExpress 1688.com offers a better price. Instead of purchasing hundreds of stock items in bulk, you can purchase 1-3 pieces at a minimum. Our dropshipping service does not require a minimum order quantity. Why not drop ship directly from 1688.com? 1688.com suppliers don’t speak English well and sell bulk products. They won’t sell you individual pieces, and they will need to ship the products internationally. Dropshipping 2019 is possible with 1688.com

Connect your Dropshipping Shop with Our ERP

Dropshipping stores must be connected to our ERP system in order to fulfill drop shipping orders. Dropshipping owners used to send us orders details by Excel. This is inefficient. An ERP system can help you save time. It’s easy to track the shipment orders, inventory, and orders.

An ERP called Dianxiaomi can also be installed directly into Shopify. It is already seamless connected with more than 20 e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, eBay and Shopify. Shopify is an example. There are three ways to connect Shopify with Dianxiaomi. It is simple to authorize. Search for ‘Dianxiaomi” in the Shopify APP Store and then add the APP.

Once it is successfully installed, it will go to Dianxiaomi’s login page. The representative will provide you with login details. Once you have completed the authorization, it will be successful. To authorize Dianxiaomi, you can also create a subshopify account. If you don’t want to do all the work, you can share your Shopify store code and address with us and we will connect. However, the information is kept private. Dianxiaomi can be used by millions of ecommerce sellers as a secure platform. We will then manage your Dianxiaomi account to fulfill your orders. One Shopify store can only authorize one Dianxiaomi Account. The authorization will be automatically canceled if the password is changed.

Dropshipping Team – Pick and Pack

All orders will be synced with our Dianxiaomi accounts. Our pick-and-pack staff will complete the order processing within 24 hours. Once the pick & package is complete, the tracking information will automatically be scanned and uploaded into Dianxiaomi. You can then access the tracking information within a matter of minutes. It is a good idea to have enough inventory in case you need it.

Our pick and pack center staff can change the packaging of products, insert cards, bundle different items into one package, etc. These services require a minimum MOQ because the packages/inserts might need to be customized. Dropshipping with AliExpress is similar to receiving multiple suppliers’ products. However, dropshipping with us allows you to send multiple products out of one warehouse.

Dropshipping Parcels to Buyers

Drop shipping orders are mainly sent via ePacket (also known as EUB). EPacket delivery is the fastest and most cost-effective way to ship e-commerce orders. Dropshipping parcels can be sent via EUB to the USA in large numbers. It takes about 10-15 days for the parcel to arrive.

There are also limitations to ePacket delivery to China. It can only be delivered to 39 countries around the globe; a maximum weight limit of 2 kg is acceptable.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

Mindensourcing uses DHL, FedEx and other shipping channels, too. It is more expensive than the ePacket. We don’t recommend that sellers use EMS small parcels as they take too long to ship, even though it is cheaper.

Dropshipping Service: What is the cost?

Dropshipping orders can be picked & packed. The cost is calculated based on the number of orders per week. There is no minimum order quantity. Some sellers send 5 orders per day to us. If you ship 100 orders in a week, our handling costs will amount to US$1.2*100=US$120. It includes product warehousing and inspection, product pick-and-pack, as well as free shipping OPP bags.

We can also organize labeling, bundling and repackaging, as well as package inserting, and other product preparation services. These services may be charged separately and may require a minimum order quantity.

* Products can be inspected piece-by-piece for 0.16 USD per piece.

* Packaging inserts, labeling and poly bagging can all be done in our warehouse prior to shipping. It costs 0.09 USD per work.

* Each bundle will include two products. Additional accessories will incur additional charges.