7 Best Christmas Trees Wholesale Suppliers

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Christmas is fast approaching. This article will help you find answers if you’re a wholesale Christmas tree seller looking for wholesale christmas trees.

An evergreen Christmas tree is one that has been decorated with pine trees or eucalyptus with lights and decorations. The modern Christmas tree, which is one of the most important elements of Christmas, was created in Germany. It has since become a well-known tradition in the Christmas celebration.

The Christmas tree was first seen in the Saturnalia, an ancient Rome middle of December. People decorate Christmas trees with colored lights and evergreen plants, such as pine trees, by putting them in their homes or outdoors during Christmas. You can also add a star or angel to the top of your tree.

This is the most sought-after type of wholesale Christmas tree

Americans spend $3.2 Billion on Christmas trees each December, and that’s just the tree. Let’s now look at the most sought-after wholesale Christmas trees.

1. White Christmas trees

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White Christmas trees accounted for 13% of all Christmas tree sales (approximately 420 million US Dollars) in 2017. What is it that made the white Christmas tree so popular and surpassed the traditional green tree?

Instagram is all about beautifying photos. The background will be a white Christmas tree, so it will be much easier to create the composition than with a green Christmas tree.

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It is much easier to decorate white Christmas trees than green Christmas trees. Many ornaments can be easily incorporated into green colors. Artificial Christmas trees are also becoming more popular due to the lack of real trees.

2. Christmas tree made from real living material

Every Christmas, many dried Christmas trees are left on the side of roads. It is quite frustrating. Parisians now have the option to rent a live Christmas tree.

The school’s four students are the ones who came up with this environmentally-friendly option. Families can book a live Christmas tree online and someone will be sent to their home. Someone will return it to you after Christmas and plant it again. Put it in and wait until the new year.

Treezmas is a company that rents Christmas trees. Treezmas was founded by four young men who thought of ways to reduce Christmas tree waste two years ago. Statistics show that 4.8 million Christmas trees aged 5-10 years are being cut down each year. These trees are then transported to their families and discarded after five weeks. Treezmas’s method of operation is that trees are planted in containers and given names, such as Arnold. The tree will then be tagged with an identification card and will have the chance to live another life in the woods.

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3. Black Christmas trees

People tend to think only of Christmas trees and red and green when it comes to Christmas. But this Christmas season, there has been a surge in black Christmas trees. The Wal-Mart black Christmas tree was sold in 7 stock lots, as shown in the photo below.

Wayfair.com, an American home shopping website, reports that black Christmas trees have seen a 70% increase in search results. Although it may appear that traditional colors are less popular than they actually are, the black Christmas tree is a striking choice. The black Christmas tree has an artificial appearance that is another advantage. It is convenient that consumers don’t have to throw away the Christmas tree or water it at all.

The simple black and white Christmas decorations have also seen an increase in popularity due to the black Christmas tree’s swaying effects. There are many decorative cases for black Christmas trees on Pinterest. These accessories are very likely to be in high demand during Christmas season.

The current sales situation shows that the black Christmas tree is very popular and well-received by consumers. Treetopia (Christmas Tree Retail Site) customer message stated that she loves this full-bodied Christmas tree and its hidden green light line. She also loves all the decorations. These decorations can be highlighted in black.

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These are the most sought-after Christmas decorations

The Christmas season is fast approaching and it is a tradition to decorate your home with a Christmas tree. We don’t need to have elaborate Christmas plans, but we can make our home more festive by using this opportunity. We will next introduce wholesale Christmas tree decorations:

1. Tree Top Star

The Christmas tree top star is a star that has been inserted into the Christmas tree. It’s very flashy. The Christmas tree’s top will emit a stronger scent. Additionally, the star at the top can be charged and lit up. It was eye-catching.

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2. Puppets:

You can decorate the Christmas tree with dolls. This is Santa Claus’ puppet. I think the children will love hanging this beautiful doll on their Christmas tree.

3. Snowflakes:

The most popular Christmas tree decoration is snowflakes. It is easy to imagine white snowflakes covering the Christmas tree. It is romantic and gives you the feeling of winter. You can also buy large snowflakes to hang on the roof and enjoy the snowy landscape outside.

4. The bell:

The Christmas bell was meant to announce the birth of Christianity. The bell is also a symbol of joy from heaven. Ringtones can be used to help people get back to God without becoming lost. You can also hang a bell from the Christmas tree.

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5. Apple and ruby

Wholesale christmas tree ornaments can also be made from rubies and apples. The fruit of wisdom in the Garden of Eden is the apple. The red jade symbolises the tree of life.

Five wholesale Christmas tree suppliers

Many people will ask where to buy Christmas trees wholesale, but they won’t know until you read this. Next, we’ll list the top five wholesale Christmas tree suppliers.

Balsam Brands

Balsam Brands, a company that specializes in artificial Christmas trees is one of the most sought-after designs in the Balsam Hill Christmas tree family. It is approximately 7 feet 5 inches high (or 2.26 meters), and has more than 1000 LEDs. Although it can be split, the price is $1,349 and it is extremely popular.

The United States has 100 million Christmas tree-decorating families. 81% of these families use artificial Christmas trees. Balsam is focused on customers who are looking for high quality Christmas trees.


Borktreefarms is a well-known wholesale Christmas tree farm that supplies thousands of Christmas trees every year from its farms around the globe.

Bork Evergreens was formerly Bork Tree farms and is a wholesale grower of nursery stock. Bork Evergreens was established in 1968. It now has over 50 species of trees under development. Bork Evergreens is also the main supplier for many retail Christmas tree lot lots in the Midwest. Bork Evergreens ships wholesale nursery stocks and Christmas trees to the Twin Cities and other locations in the United States, Canada, Illinois, Kansas and Iowa.

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Bork Evergreens offers Christmas trees wholesale. We have a wide selection of Spruce, Pine and Fir trees that you can choose from. You can also choose from different sizes such as 12″ 24″, 4, 16″ 30″, 4, 20″ 34″, 4, 20″ 36″, 4, 24″ 40″ 4, 24″, 38″ 4, 24″, 38″ 4, 24, 24″ 42″ 4, 36″ 48″, 2, 36″ 48″, 2 or 48′ 60″. Delivery (within 40 Miles of farm), planting, and a 1-year guarantee will be included in the price.


Christmaswarehouse is a wholesale supplier of Christmas ornaments. We also offer other products such as Christmas bell decorations, Christmas bows and pine cone decorations, star decorations and snowflake decorations.

They can deliver Christmas decorations anywhere in Australia. If you are located in a remote area, or cannot visit one of our Christmas shops, our online store stocks the largest selection of Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and fairy lights in Australia.

Pines and Needles

Pines and Needles is also a wholesale Christmas tree farm that supplies Christmas trees and other products to florists, garden centers, market stalls and convenience stores in London and the UK.

Pines and Needles grow acres of Christmas trees throughout Scotland’s Perthshire. To meet the needs of their customers, they work closely with professional Christmas tree growers.

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The best Christmas marketing and drainage strategies

These 6 clever and simple Christmas marketing strategies and drainage strategies will help you create and successfully implement a strong and manageable holiday marketing plan.

1. Season greetings to all loyal customers and most valued customers

A holiday greeting message from your company will make everyone feel happy and joyful, especially when they are all absorbed in the festive atmosphere.

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2. Include holiday keywords in the product description

You can get more holiday traffic by using keywords such as “holiday gifts”, gift for him, “holiday gift guide” and “Christmas”.

3. Take advantage of the “lazy shopping” mentality and give them holiday products and gift guide suggestions.

Many shoppers shop last-minute or will find the perfect gift for someone they care about. You can show your appreciation for the time you can save by giving holiday gifts.

4. Organise a sweepstakes or contest on social media about holiday themes

Although competition is an outdated marketing strategy, it’s still a useful and effective last-minute holiday marketing campaign.

5. The “limited price” should be set

Customers will be more motivated to purchase your product if the holidays begin and end at the same time. You can use this opportunity to offer limited-time promotions and product offers.

6. Limit the number of products you offer

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You can also benefit from limited-time offers. To motivate shoppers to buy as fast as possible, you can offer information like “Limited Stocks”, and “Only this Holiday Season”.


The Christmas season is a great time for e-commerce sellers. Even if you don’t plan ahead, it is possible to create a targeted holiday marketing strategy that will result in good sales. You have only a few days left to prepare for Christmas.