7 Best Shopify Kit Custom Product Builder Apps

The Best Shopify Product Customizer Apps based on hundreds of Product Customizer reviews (Shopify Apps Store and Shopify Apps), as derived by AVADA Commerce Ranking, which uses AVADA Commerce scores. Rating reviews. search results. social metrics. The following reviews were manually selected by AVADA Commerce professionals. If your app is not included in the list, please contact us. The top Product Customizer apps are ranked, with the result starting at $0. There are also paid and free Product Customizer apps.

Infinite options

ShopPad Inc. now offers Infinite Options, which allows customers to design the product they want. Customers can customize their products with Infinite Options. They can add text, numbers and calendars to the product. All options are made by you. Infinite Options offers a product bundle option to increase sales and charge additional costs for certain aspects. You can set all the fields for your products as required or optional. Additionally, you can also control the placeholder and default values of your store. This makes it easy for you and your customers to customize your products. Install Infinite Options to get all these amazing features for your customers.

  • Unlimited customization options available for products
  • Customers can customize their products
  • To increase sales, use product bundles
  • You can set fields as required or optional.
  • You can control placeholder and default values

Customily product personalizer

The best solution to personalize products is Customily. You can add text, upload images, choose fonts and colors and even create clip art. Your customers can create their products and see a live preview. After completing a purchase, you will be able to download a ready to print file to complete the order or to send it to your POD supplier. This is a great way to automate your process and increase sales by personalizing your products.

  • Unlimitless personalization options
  • Style options that match the look and feel of your store
  • Print ready
  • Laser cut or engrave files in various formats
  • Printful Connects to POD Services
  • Printify
  • CustomCat
  • You can get dedicated customer support to help you configure your products

Product Infinite Options

Tech Dignity created Product Infinite Option, an app that allows store designers to optimize their stores. Product Infinite Options allows online shops to create different categories on their product pages using short/long text, dropdown and images. The app will collect the emails of purchasers who visit your site to send them to the store’s database. Administrators can use the app to send polls or surveys to find out what buyers want. Customers can also search for the product they are looking for by simply entering key descriptions. Product Infinite options will suggest items based on keywords and present them to merchants. The app’s best feature is its ability to display items in a particular location and offer more customized products. The app can fit the right goods to certain locations in order to guarantee quality and delivery time. You can capture the hearts of shoppers and increase your revenues by spending just $1.99 per month.

  • Find out what customers are looking for
  • Show items in the display area
  • Display at a specific place
  • You can describe the details to find products
  • Radio button and dropdown menu

Products Options and Customizer

Product Options and Customizer from Product Customizer is a 4.8 star app. It allows you to create unlimited variants, user customizations and custom file uploads. You can also add radio buttons, text inputs, dropdowns and other options. This will allow you to make your product section more personal and personalized. This app makes managing your store much easier than ever. It also increases your revenue. Product Options is unique among other apps in its class because it offers superior customer support with free installation and an excellent support system.

  • There are infinite variants
  • User customizations and options
  • Per-option pricing can increase revenue
  • Sync your options settings across products
  • Conditional logic
  • Excellent support system


Big Van Studio’s Qstomizer app allows customers to create their products in your online shop. There is no need to do anything. This app will take care of everything. It creates designs from the ideas of your customers. It also creates templates that can be used by clients. These templates can be useful for clients who might not have a particular design style. You can also apply automatic filters to images to create effects like colorize, leather, and others. Qstomizer also allows you to create pricing rules. You can also add a price to the items that clients have added, such as clipart or images. To ensure that photos are displayed at their best, the app will set a minimum resolution. Qstomizer is a great app. Get it today.

  • Generate designs made by customers
  • Create pre-made design templates for clients
  • Automatic filters can be applied to images
  • You can set pricing rules
  • To make photos look better, set the minimum resolution in pixels

Bold Product Builder from BOLD

Do you work full-time and have little time to consult your customers’ needs? Bold Product Builder from BOLD will make it easy for your customers to create their desired product and then purchase it on your website. Customers can now create their own products using the options provided. They can also customize existing products to suit them best. Bold Product Builder will display the customer’s product as they build it. This will give customers a better idea of the product and Bold Product Builder will set the condition logic so you don’t have to do any complicated things when making it available for sale. Bold Product Builder allows you to track the inventory of parts in your store. The app will also automatically assign the price for the product based upon the build. This can help reduce the amount of work. Get a 14-day trial of Bold Product Builder to make your business easier.

  • Customers can customize their products
  • Show image based upon the customization
  • Conditional logic
  • Keep track of inventory for the parts you have chosen to build
  • Based on the build, assign the price


Customify offers an app called Customify-Product Customizer that can help you sell products. You can offer personalized items to your clients in a unique way with this app. It will be easy to use from the first time you set it up. It is easy to set up and use. This app allows your customers to access a translator tool that can translate into their native languages. This app is available to clients worldwide. Customers can upload unlimited images to Customify – Product Customizer. They can save any customized items to be able to return later. This allows them to have plenty of time to decide whether to place an order. Clients also feel more at ease when they can see the previews of the product in real time. This allows them to ensure that the products they are interested in purchasing are in good condition. This app can be installed to make it your amazing supporter.

  • Live previews are displayed to show clients the item in action
  • Your customers can use the translator tool to help them translate
  • Your customers can upload unlimited images
  • Your clients can save their customized items to continue later.
  • Upload products quickly and easily


ProductsDesigner released Inkybay – Product Customizer. This app allows customers to create their own products. This allows clients to create their desired products and saves you time when producing. You can also avoid customers being unhappy about items that they have customized. This app allows customers to see the product in real time. They can see exactly what they are creating and what they will receive. They can use the Inkybay products as a basis. The Inkybay Product Customizer manages everything backend, including the downloading of production-ready vector files such as PDF, JPG, and SVG. This app also allows clients to create their own product names. It has a font library and clipart that can be used for this purpose. Install Inkybay – Product Customizer immediately to enjoy these amazing features.

  • Let clients design their own items
  • Customers can view real-time product visualizations
  • No matter what type of item, you can still work effectively
  • Download print-ready vector files with configuration and design details
  • Clients can choose from a variety of fonts and clipart

Tailor Suit Shop

You’re busy and don’t have the time to make a suit. Tailor Suit Shop can help you. Tailor Suit Shop allows you to offer customers the ability to create custom styles. The customers would have two options: either buy an existing suit or make one. Customers who want to create their own design would first choose a fabric. Merchants can choose from single breasted, double-breasted or Asian styles. Next, buyers can choose additional details. The chest pocket is optional, but buyers can choose between one and four buttons. You can also choose from a center vent, side vent, or ventless style. The price of tailor-made suits can differ from the available suits. An admin panel will receive the additional price. Customers have the option to view their designs before making a decision on whether they want to order the suit. You have 30 days to test your designs before paying $29.99 per month.

  • You can customize the suit form online
  • You can choose between single breasted or Asian styles
  • Measurements of the suites
  • Take a look at the design from both sides
  • Set extra price for custom design

Installing Kit Builder on Shopify

Step 1

Login to https://YOUR-SITE.myshopify.com/admin

Click Apps at the bottom left

In the top right, click “View Private Apps”.

Click “Generate API credentials”.

You can create a private app name, e.g. If you’d like, Kit Builder can be set up with an email address.

All rights to No access

To read and write Products, variations and collections

Click Save

Step 2

Copy the password from the Kit Builder backend into the “Private App authentication Password” field, and then save.

Shopify can be used to add the HTML under the Shopify Authentication Tab in the Kit Builder backend. Make sure to change the distributor ID.

Step 3

Click Online Store to add a new page. Next, click Pages.

Click To add page to the top right

Enter the Title page e.g. Kit Builder

To insert the code, click on the > button at the top-right Content area.

This will display the HTML code that you can copy and paste. It should look something like this after you have copied it:

Click Save

Next, click View

Step 4

Visit the new page you have just created, the url should be similar to this: yourwebsite.com/your-url

Click here if you need assistance with inserting the Kit Creator into your Shopify Google Shopping ISBN, UPC, GTIN no Number site. Include as much information as possible and a link to your site.

Shopify product builder to combine products

Combining products can increase your order value, and even generate more revenue. This feature is not available in Shopify so you will need to download an app.

Upsell bundle products

Bundled Products Offers bundle products to your customers and discounts.

Because it integrates with Shopify’s existing inventory system and products, it is very simple and safe to use.

You can make unlimited bundles of the same product. You can also set fixed or percentage discounts and customize the design.

Upsell Bundled Products start at $19.95/month with an 8-day trial.


Bundles allow you to sell multiple packs of the same product, and keep your inventory current.

Bundles does not require any updates to your template files or liquid files. This does not slow down Shopify’s website and is completely independent of all sales channels.

It offers multi-pack pricing with tiered pricing and is easy to set up.

Bundles start at $14/month with a 10-day free trial