8 Best and Free Apps for Shopify Product Bundle

Two main goals for retailers are to increase average order value and reduce expenses.

You might be aware that acquiring new customers is 25 times more costly than keeping an existing customer.

Bundling products together seems to be the best way to increase revenues and not spend money on new customers.

Bundling products generally means that related products are bundled together and sold at slightly lower prices to encourage customers to buy more.

Bundling products can help increase average order value while reducing costs.

This is a winning marketing strategy that benefits both your customers and you. Customers can receive more products at a lower price and increase their average order value.

Shopify bundle apps can be used by thousands top-tier Shopify shops, including LulaFox and Judith & Charles.

We can help you find a bundled app that will be added to your Shopify store.

This article will discuss the top Shopify bundle apps. It will also give you all the information you need in order to choose the right one for you.

What are Product Bundles?

You must first understand the concept of bundling products.

Product bundles include several products or services that are sold together to customers.

Product bundles generally consist of items that are compatible or very similar.

A bundle is usually less expensive than buying the items separately.

Customers may be enticed to buy the bundle even though they only plan to purchase one item.

Bundles can be promoted at any stage of the shopping process. Most commonly, bundles will be generated automatically at the checkout as an “add it and save” promotional offer.

Different types of product bundles

There are many different ways to bundle.

Pure bundles

Pure bundling means that the individual items in the bundle cannot be bought separately. You can only buy it as a package.

This method limits the choices available to customers.

New product bundles

The promotion was to let customers know about the latest products by this technique group.

Customers will be more likely to buy the new product if the product is well-received.

Mix and match bundles

Customers can create custom bundles using the mix-and-match bundling method.

Customers feel more in control of what they purchase, which increases the perceived value of the item.

This is a great way to get your customers to spend more, but not force them to purchase items that they don’t like.

Cross-sell bundles

This is where retailers offer a complementing item to their main product.

The accessory or lower-priced product is usually an extra product that goes with a more expensive product. You might want to purchase a case when you purchase a new phone.

Gifting Bundles

A gift bundle is a combination of complementary products that shoppers can gift to their loved ones. This type of gift bundle is most popular during holidays.

Clearance bundles

This technique combines a faster-selling item and a slower-selling one to clear inventory space.

Customers who are interested in top-selling items will be more likely to purchase this bundle because it includes discounts.

Get-one-for-one bundles

Bundling allows customers to get a second product for free or a discount on a third product when they buy one item.

This is the best way to purchase one-off products.

What can Product Bundles do to help you grow your business?

Let’s look at the benefits of product bundling for your business.

  • Bundling is a great way to increase the average order value of a customer who buys more than one product at a time.
  • Customers are unable to compare prices when they bundle
  • Bundling may encourage cross-selling
  • Bundling is a way to reduce marketing and distribution costs. It involves grouping products that are complementary and marketing them together as one product.
  • Bundling can help reduce inventory waste

This is why Shopify’s product bundles app is so important in taking your business to the next level.

Bundle Products and Discounts

Key Features:

Bundle products and discounts can increase sales. You will see happy customers and a stronger merchandising system.

Bundle Products and Discounts is a way to enhance one product. It creates a bundle that includes all variants of a single product.

Bundle Products and Discounts can help you promote profitless products by bundling them together into a product bundle that buyers love.


  • Bundle Products and Discounts app for Shopify is easy to use and easy-to-learn from the videos.
  • Excellent developer support.


  • Bundle products and complaints about the Discount App are that it doesn’t work well most of the times.

Bundled Products

Key Features:

Installation of Upsell Bundled Products does not affect your stock, costs, or SKUs. You don’t need to code.

You can add packaged goods to your truck in one click: Simply click on Upsell Bundled Products to add packaged items to your vehicle.

Layout completely customizable: The Upsell Bundled Products has a remarkable editing manager that allows you to modify the layout of each item package board.


  • This app allows users to offer incentives to their customers and is very popular with Upsell Bundle Products users.
  • Good customer service.


  • The app no longer offers discounts at the checkout, according to complaints.
  • Sometimes, the Upsell Bundle Products app can be difficult to use.


Key Features:

Bundles Apps help you keep your inventory current when selling items packages, units, and sets.

Synchronization using Simple stock: This is the simplest way to synchronize stock in groups, sets or multipacks via Bundles Apps.

Bundles App allows you to sell more: You can use multipacks or packs on Bundles App. This will allow you to sell more.


  • Bundle App users on Shopify can sell all their products in bundles, which increases their average order value. It also helps them manage inventory since some of their products are made by them.


  • There is no guideline for how to use Bundle.
  • Also, the app UI is not up to par.

Bundle Builder

Key Features:

You can sell more and sell it quicker with the Bundle Builder app. Create unique package pages that let customers choose from a range of items, while still keeping inventory and variants in order.

The Bundle Builders app allows you to create a list of all rules: You can set package conditions, offer customized pricing options and offer fixed-price or percentage discounts.

Bundle Builder is easy to install and has a dedicated support team available. In no time, you can begin building packages.


  • Bundle Builder allows you to create your own bundles.
  • Great customer service.


  • Some reviews claim that the Bundle Builder app no longer works properly.
  • Displays products only for a few days.

Advanced Bundle Products

Key Features:

The Advanced Bundle Product App allows you to create simple, related items (such as coordinating household items or garments) and then sell them all from one page.

Advanced Bundle Product App: Increased normal request value. Encourage customers to shop further with one request.

The Advanced Bundle Product App allows you to optimize stock and transport. Packaged items can be added to trucks/tracked individually, which doesn’t affect stock tracking or delivery diagrams.


  • Advanced Bundle Products App offers top-notch support.
  • Excellent customer service response.


  • The Advanced Bundle Products app design is somewhat poor.
  • Without the bundle, the customer can’t purchase any individual item.

Products Viewer

Key Features:

The Products List Variants viewer app makes it easy to see: Simply show the “Add To Truck” button for all goods in your assortments. This will allow you to add a specific variation to your truck quickly without visiting the item’s webpage.

You can shop faster with Products List Variants Viewer App: Your customers will save time by being able to add their favorite item variant to their truck right from your catalog.

Find out more about the following items. Your customers can imagine various combinations of your products in their assortments using Products List Variants viewer.


  • This app, Products List Variants Viewer, saves you so much that it is unbeatable.


  • The app does not offer a 30-day trial, or similar features. You can only use the app before purchasing.


Key Features:

Dealio supports brain science investment: Purchase behavior is very important and is often used to manipulate supernatural events. Drilling can be fun for us.

Dealio allows you to increase the standard request value.

Dealio offers an exceptional experience. Dealio makes it possible to do anything.


  • Dealio is easy to use, quick customer service response, and prompt resolution of problems.


  • Dealio sometimes fails to work correctly and can also be glitchy in certain instances.

The Bundled App By Appiness

Key Features:

Shopify bundle applications are used to blend products together.

Bundled App allows you to upgrade groups, add multipacks and set up your index easily with the Bundled app.

You can manage item quantities in Bundled App. A storekeeper can view the inventory log to see the updated and old quantities as well as variations.


  • Bundled app is easy to use and navigate.
  • Cost-effective app too.


  • Bundled app customer service is not very good.

Bundle Fast

The Key Features

You can create bundle products in Shopify’s Fast Bundle App. You can create the look and organize combinations for bundled products that are fully integrated with inventory data.

Customers have the option to choose whether or not to purchase a particular product from the bundle. The Fast Bundle app allows you to mix and match bundled products.

Bundle packs can be tailored to offer offers based on quantity and specific buying norms.

Fast Bundle will also help you to cover a broad range of customers with multi-language.


  • This bundle app has a simple setup process that makes it efficient.
  • Fast Bundle app offers adequate customer support.


  • Some features, such as design tools, may occasionally experience glitches.

Bundler- Product Bundle App

The Key Features

Bundler App is compatible with any subscription you may offer to your customers.

Your business can use upsel funnels in order to promote your bundle products via popups that are displayed when a customer adds a product into their cart. You can also automate discounts that are proportional to products purchased together.

Customers can customize their bundle products so that they can mix and match products from different packages.

Bundler app allows you to create a landing page for your bindled products. You can also display your bundles anywhere you like with the Bundler app.


  • This app allows seamless integration with your ecommerce business and is supported by reliable customer service.
  • You can customize the features of the paid version to improve performance.


  • Software glitches can cause pop-up pages to not work properly in the Bundler app.

How to Select the Best Product Bundles App on Shopify

  • Does the app support the type of bundle you are looking for?
  • Can you combine discounts and bundles?
  • Is it possible for a bundle to be viewed and modified?
  • Can you create manual and automated bundles?
  • It is easy to add bundles in your store by clicking a few buttons.
  • If necessary, is it possible to alter the location of the bundle?
  • Are you confident that you would be able to evaluate the app’s performance.
  • Make sure you choose an app that doesn’t break your theme files, and keeps your store tidy.
  • Live chat support is available if you need assistance.

Creating Shopify Products Bundles

Software is the best way to create Shopify product bundles, as we have already stated. Shopify bundles apps are designed to handle one case. But what if you need more types of bundles?

For example, Shopify bundles were created to make it easy to create a variety of Shopify packages. With just a few clicks, you can bundle your products and display them on multiple pages. You can also monitor performance and optimize for better results. How to quickly create Shopify product bundles

  • You can add the app to Shopify’s Shopify store.
  • Once installed, automated Frequently Bought together bundles will be displayed on your product pages under the description section.
  • If you want to be more in control of the contents of your bundles, you can create them manually.
  • Scroll down to add a new bundle manually.
  • You can link products to create a new bundle.
  • Attach a discount code to your bundle.
  • Change the discount percentage or the minimum product quantity: Click on the button to activate the discount.
  • You can adjust the discount percentage by changing the percentage.

Analyzing Shopify Product Bundles

You’ve now made bundles of them and placed them in your store. What now? Now, it’s time for you to analyze the data. Shopify’s product bundles software will help you bundle more products and sell them to your clients as promised.

You can track your daily earnings by simply using the app. Apps that track the number of people who added bundles to their carts and what they spent on them, as well as how much they made, are worth looking for. This will allow you to analyze Shopify Product Bundles.

Which product bundles should be created?

  • To increase sales, promote your top-selling products on the homepage
  • Complementary bundles include a combination of products that works well together. A combination of slacks and a t-shirt is an example.
  • Products with low sales can be combined with underperforming products to offer a discount.
  • Let the world know about your new collection.