Shopify Select Multiple Products as Combo Package

What is a product set, bundle or kit?

You might consider grouping products from your store into one product. You’ll need to make as many sales opportunities if you have multiple products in your Shopify shop. You might want to give discounts on specific products, or group several products together.

There are many benefits to grouping multiple items into sets, bundles, and kits.

What’s the difference between product sets, kits and bundles? Not much.

To achieve the same goal, they can all be used interchangeably. They could be distinguished if you tried.

  • Product sets: This would likely apply to products of the same type as a complete cutlery set.
  • Bundles This could be a group of products such as a kitchen set, tablecloth, or candle holders. The “complete the look” type.
  • Kits These kits are accessories based. A waterproof kit could be created for your Action camera and would include certain products.

Confused? Don’t be. Let’s not get too complicated. Do you want to be able to sell more products by bundling more products together? You can increase the average order value.

Product sets have many advantages

You can create product sets that allow you to sell more products in one transaction. That’s it. This allows you to increase the Average Order Value, or ” AOV”, which allows you to spend more money to acquire customers. This opens up many doors to growing and scaling your Shopify business.

Disadvantages? There are none. Inventory management, the initial work required to create sets, photography, and so forth are the only things that might be of concern.

Combine multiple products to create sets with Shopify

We will be looking at three possible ways to achieve this.

1. Manually grouping multiple products into one product

You may have multiple products in your Shopify shop that you would like to combine into a single product set. This is possible by combining your product sets into one product in your Shopify store and giving each product a separate SKU. You’ll know that one of these products sells in your store if it has a related SKU.


An inventory app is required to manage inventory. You can set up a rule to reduce the master’s inventory count by selling a single sku, or a new set. This will prevent you from selling too many items. It’s even better if you don’t have to worry too much about inventory!

2. Variations on a Product

Merchants can also use the built variants Shopify offers for creating Product Bundles. The first method is the same, but instead of creating a single set/bundle, Shopify offers the option to create a specific set using variants.

You could, for example, have a set of Standard Knife sets. You could also add a variant type, called “Make it a Set”. For your first variant, the Knife Set could include “Knife Set Only”. A second variant is “Knife + fork set”. The final variant is “Full Cutlery Set: Knives and Forks+ Spoons Set”. Each variant can be assigned a different image, as well as a price or inventory level.

The only thing to be concerned about again is inventory management, similar to the previous method.

3. You can bundle other products with an app

You have. Shopify can be a great product right out of the box. However, merchants will want to look deeper and find the best way to immediately achieve the functionality they are looking for. Apps are the strongest, most efficient, and often the highest ROI option.

It’s a great way to increase sales by combining your products under the original Add to Cart button. You could complement a set of golf balls with a tee. Both are related, and both are associated with golf. To put on tees, you will need to have golf balls! This can be done by listing product bundles on the product page.

SellUp offers additional options for you to add on

sellUp allows you to create upsells on your Shopify products. You can find the Shopify app store easily and install it directly on your store. SellUp can be set up to display on your product pages, under the Add To Cart button. This places it in the eyes of your shoppers and encourages them to choose the product being up-sold.

This is another way to increase sales of your products. Action offers can be used to offer a discount right after a customer has added a product into their cart. When you pair them with related products, these convert very well.

It’s also an excellent app that allows you to create a “Shop the Look” experience directly on the product page.

With Crate, you can create bundles

is another great app. Crate lets you bundle products directly on the product page, allowing you to sell more. You might have seen the Amazon technique where the lead product is bundled with complementary products. Sometimes, the discount is applied. This allows customers to add multiple products to their basket with just one click. This allows you to sell a lot more products per click.

Crate allows you to place multiple product bundles on one page, creating an engaging selling experience. Crate can be downloaded from the app store. It is available for free up to 500 times per month.

You can also add multiple “shop the looks” options to the product page.

What are Shopify combination products?

Shopify combo products, unlike product bundles and kits, are add-ons that include separate products that can each be purchased separately. Instead, they are products that are combined into a single product pack.

The Shopify product package is considered one product and has its own page. It’s not added to any existing products.

Shopify combo products: Why create them?

Shopify combo products are a great addition to any store and can significantly increase your revenue. Shopify combo products allow customers to instantly purchase multiple products you have grouped together into a product package. Customers may not see any individual items and do not have to select add-ons to buy additional items.

You can encourage your customers to buy more products by making them the default choice. You can treat combo products the same as any other product in your shop. To promote your combos, you can either create a separate collection or add them to your Facebook and Google product feeds.

Shopify should be used to create combo products

Shopify combo packs can be beneficial to merchants from all industries. A combo pack could include a dress, blouse, and jacket for fashion shops. This will give your customers the opportunity to create a matching outfit with just a few clicks.

A Shopify combobox could be created by home decor retailers that includes wall decor and a matching rug. There are many options, and the only limit is your imagination and the products you have in stock.

Shopify combination products: When should they be used?

Shopify combo products can be added to your shop whenever you want. A combo pack can be very effective in certain situations.

Shopify combo products can be added to sales and promotions

A Shopify combo product can be a great option if you need to move inventory from your store. A combo can be made from the products that you want to sell most. Then, watch them fly off the shelves.

Customers will be more inclined to buy combo packs than one item. This will increase your AOV. This is especially effective for sales in the Black Friday/Cyber Tuesday period.

Shopify combination products available for holidays

Shopify combo packs can produce great results when is added to your store for holidays. Your holiday shoppers may not have the time to browse your store and are more likely to buy a combobox that can be easily given as gifts.

Combination products from Shopify are available in gift boxes

Many consumers are choosing to shop online for holiday gifts. It is a great way to prepare for the influx in gift shoppers by having products that are specifically designed to be gifts already in your shop, ready to go.

Shopify combo packs make great gifts. They are more personal than single items and can be arranged in a box that is ready to go. This great idea for beauty retailers. You can combine soaps, lotions and facemasks to make the perfect product combination box.

Shopify allows you to create a collection of Shopify combination products

The best thing about combo products is their ability to be used just like regular products in your catalogue. You can add combo products into your collections just like you would for existing products.

If you sell swimwear, for example, you might create a combination product of matching bottoms and tops that you display in collections to encourage customers to buy a whole set.

You have complete control over the combos displayed. Customers can be assured that they only receive relevant offers based on what collection they are looking at. This dramatically increases your conversion rate.

Five of the best Shopify combo products

These Shopify combo products are great examples of Shopify combo products (created with PickyStory).

Pair of Thieves

Pair of Thieves is known for its bold and colorful men’s undergarments and staples. These products are perfect for multipacks. Why sell one pair when you can sell three? Pair of Thieves uses PickyStory Combo Products in order to offer pre-defined products to their customers. Often, there is a discount to sweeten the deal.

PRx Performance

PRx Performance has a loyal customer base thanks to its wall-mounted squat rack. This makes it even easier to work out. Many customers are not familiar with their products and they offer complete home gym packages.

PickyStory’s Combo Products allow them to create a home-gym package that includes up to 20 products. This makes it easy for customers to buy everything they need in just one click. PRx Performance has had amazing success with PickyStory Combo Products. They have increased the AOV for home gym packages by as much as 300%

Lush Decor

Lush Decor offers beautiful home decor and furnishings including bedding sets. These products can be sold in a set because they come in a variety of matching styles. PickyStory has enabled Lush Decor to create curated bedding sets. Customers buy entire sets and not just single products. Their AOV has increased 54% with this strategy.


Zenbivy’s revolutionary sleeping beds make camping more enjoyable than ever. There are many products that make up the Zenbivy bed experience. If a customer only requires one or two products, they must be available as separate items. Zenbivy customers can purchase all the products they need by purchasing them as combo bundles (Combo Products). This promotes more sales – Zenbivy has a remarkable 42% increase in total revenue from their PickyStory Combo Products.

Huon Aquaculture

Gift boxes and hampers from Shopify are a great way for you to sell more products. PickyStory allows Huon Aquaculture to offer a range of products in a gift basket. A second important technique, as seen in all of the above examples, is to use an image that shows multiple products in action so your customers can see the benefit in buying a product package rather than individual products.