7 Best Wholesale Indian Hair Suppliers and Distributors

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Many people consider human hair unusable and dump it in trash bins. There are many ways to make a living selling high-quality human hair.

If you are interested in purchasing human hair extensions or wigs, then please continue reading. Wholesale Indian hair is a great option if you want to buy hair extensions that you can use for a long period of time.

Indian hairs are considered the best in fake hair extensions. They are very durable and can last for many years without any damage.

Because of their quality and lustrous appearance, every young lady will purchase them again after she has tried them.

This article will help you find the best suppliers for Indian hair extensions and wigs.

How do you find a hair wholesaler who offers real human hair extensions?

There are more people selling synthetic hair than those selling human hair. It is important to know the difference between synthetic and human hair before you buy hair extensions.

Here are some ways to avoid being cheated.

Check for Chemicals

Virgin hair is real human hair. It’s hair that has not been dyed or treated with chemicals. You can test this by doing a sniff test. This will check for any smells from the hair. You can also check for any smells by applying a small amount of a neutralizing shampoo to wet hair. It is possible that the hair has been treated with chemicals if it turns pink.

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Cuticle Testing

Virgin hair is hair that has not been treated with chemicals. They have cuticles. If there are no cuticles, it is likely that the hair was chemically treated with chemicals such as acid bathe.

Running your fingers along the hair shaft is the best way to check for hair cuticles. You will feel the cuticle present if you run your fingers along the shaft. If it is not, you can feel the smoothness of the hair shafts. It indicates the presence of the cuticles.

Smoke Test

You can use a matchstick or a lighter to lighten the ends. If the hair becomes ash when they burn, or if white smoke is emitted from them, it means that they are real hair.

However, if the hair had become sticky and emitted black smoke, it could have been an indication that the fibers are synthetic or artificial hair fibers.

The Best Indian Hair Wholesalers That You Need to Know


Chinabrands is the best-known wholesale website for hair extensions and hair wigs. With more than 25 shipping partners, they can ship worldwide. Sellers are very pleased with their fast shipping methods. They receive their order within 24 hours of payment.

They have happy customers in over 200 countries and have changed the way it was done previously. It is now easy for sellers to purchase products wholesale and then sell them on their local markets.

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Chinabrands offers its customers a membership at an affordable price. The seller becomes a member to access their very detailed catalog and all of the services such as their fast delivery service. They ensure that their sellers are free from any import, customs or legal issues in their respective countries.

This is the best place to start your own business. It doesn’t require a large capital investment and can bring you maximum profits. 

* Indian Hair

Indian Hair is the largest provider of human hair extensions and/or wigs in the United States. They are experts in Indian Virgin Remy hair. This hair is donated by Indian donors.

They have 40 years of experience and have a loyal customer base.

India Mart

Indiamart has been a prominent international wholesale Indian hair extension site for five years. Their commitment to providing high-quality wholesale human hair extensions and wigs as well as hair weave to large numbers of clients is what made this miracle possible.

You can also join for $5 and view the wholesale list of human hair distributors and suppliers.

* Indian human hair factory

Indian Hair Factory was established in 1990. They are involved in Indian Human Hair Manufacturing. Indian hair factory that deals in Remy Virgin Hair. Their mentor was an intelligent man who guided them to expand their hair extension business and made sure that all their clients were happy.

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Indian hair factory offers a wide range of color options to suit any style.

The hair factory in india can also help with hair coloring or highlights. If this is not possible, highlighting can be done quickly at home or in a nearby salon.

Beauty for ever

Beauty forever was established in 1999 in Xuchang, China. It has 15 years of experience. It was started in a small textile factory at a low level. They slowly built it up to become a global brand for women’s fashion. They were experts in service, sales, set design, and production.

Their website was built in 2016 and they have become known worldwide as professional hair suppliers.

* Global sources

Global Sources, a well-known platform in Hong Kong that was founded in 1970, is still in operation. Since its inception, this platform has experienced a rapid and positive growth. You can browse through a wide range of Indian hair extensions and wigs from various suppliers. Global sources verify the legitimacy of every manufacturer so that one does not have to question the quality of their products.

* Dhwarak Indian Hair Supplier

Dhawarak Indian Hair Supplier is a Chennai-based human hair extension company in India. It is spread over a 3200 square foot manufacturing unit. This includes both modern machinery and traditional manufacturing machines.

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They mainly use hair from Indian temples to make their hair extensions. These hairs are then split at the state-of-the-art factory, and then shipped worldwide.

They pay special attention to hairs and make sure they don’t mix the head and tail. They do this to preserve the originality of the hairs until they are shipped.

* Indian mermaid hair Extension

Indian Mermaid hair is a well-known distributor in the human hair extension industry. They also sell hair accessories and virgin Indian weaves. They are the fourth generation of people who have been in the business of human hair extensions and wigs for four generations. They have a lot of experience and know how to keep their products high quality while keeping it affordable.

They serve a broad range of customers, including wholesalers and distributors, hair salons, hair stylists, and human hair vendors.

* Cute Indian hair supplier

Adorable Indian hair supplier offers virgin Indian hair wholesale. They also offer Brazilian hair extensions. They have extensive experience in the supply of human hair worldwide. They are well-respected as hair product exporters and distributors. Their quality is also a major plus.

They collaborate with many hair salons around the world to provide the highest quality hair extensions and wigs.

Is it possible to buy cheap, good hair for wigs in other countries?

Many are available, including Alibaba, Ted Hair Factory, JC Hair factory and Aliexpress. Chinabrands offer different hair extensions to people who are in the wig industry. Chinabrands has all hair extensions. Wholesale customers get discounts and points if they need it.

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Hair Distributors Vs. Hair Factories

Hair distributors are more convenient because they offer many benefits such as home delivery, free shipping, exchanges, and quick refunds if necessary.

Here’s a list of some famous Indian hair factories:

* Lagah Exports, Ludhiana

* Raj Impex, Chennai

* Gupta Hair Chennai

* A. L. Kishores Chennai

What styles of hair extensions would you recommend for my salon?

Tape-ins, Clip-ins, Weaves, fusion, Pre-bonded, micro-link, etc. The list goes on and on. You can try so many styles of hair extensions and even wigs that you’ll be amazed at the variety. You must decide what your client likes.


It is difficult to identify a single brand among the many Indian hair wholesalers. Chinabrands stands out from all the rest. While all are well-respected brands that offer quality products at affordable prices, Chinabrands is the best.

Chinabrands customers get support in quality control, delivery network, and after-sales services. They deliver to the USA, Europe, Australia, and China. To reduce delivery costs for Buyers, they have arrangements with many postal service departments in many countries.